Up to the Minute Snippet, by Linda Harden

Happy almost November everyone. I apologize nearly every time I log on to “Greetings” and this time is no different and I will tell you why at the end.

This epistle will be brief because there is BIG NEWS to tell you about. As I told you in my last post, Bleu Provence – one of our most favorite restaurants in town, was in the process of being sold to David Hoffman, a very wealthy guy who has been buying property and business all over Naples. Well, the sale has been called off and Mr. Hoffman is selling off many of his purchases in Naples. There is a lot of mystery still going on with this sudden change in direction but the good news is that Jacques Cariot is retaining ownership of Bleu Provence and we are thrilled about this news. Bob and I have been to the restaurant several times since this news broke and the food and service are better than ever. More later as details are revealed.

Not far down the road, the “green gauze” has gone up around what is soon to be the boutique hotel on Third Street South which means work will FINALLY be starting sooner rather than later.

The Four Seasons on Gulf Shore is rising from the sand at warp speed with cranes everywhere and the event center which was across from the former Naples Beach Hotel is now dust. Wow – what a transformation.

About my absence – on August 4 and ending on August 23, my family went through a very dark time as my sister died a very tragic and untimely death. I still cannot believe it. And then about 3 1/2 weeks ago, I collapsed at Whole Foods and was rushed to NCH North where I resided for 5 days due to a VERY unexpected heart incident. I was given EXCELLENT treatment and am blessed that the event was not worse than it was. I am on the mend from my physical heart incident but not quite from my sister’s sudden passing – that will take some time.

I will do my best to be more vigilant going forward and bring you the news of our paradise in a more timely fashion. Until then.


Cheers –


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