Bob Harden

About the show:
Each weekday, I strive to create a pleasant and positive listening experience that keeps you informed on the issues and helps you enjoy life on The Paradise Coast. While I stand for limited government as envisioned by the Framers of our Constitution, I’ll balance the political discussion with interviews of community and business leaders, with authors, and with columnists from leading magazines and web sites…both local and national. While my show will be streamed live each weekday morning from 7 to 8 am, you’ll be able to listen at you convenience to podcasts that will be archived on my web site for the past week. I value your input and feedback. Please register to I can keep you informed on upcoming attractions…I hope you enjoy the show!

About me:
After a career in financial services, I retired as Group Vice President of American Express Financial Advisors in 2002. My Dad, Frank Harden, was a radio professional for over 50 years in Washington D.C. on WMAL  on The Harden & Weaver Show. After retirement, I wanted to try radio to see if I could create as much listening pleasure for my audience as my Dad did in Washington D.C. Bob Harden Show
I did a Saturday show in Naples, Florida for five years and a weekday show during drive time for another three. I learned a lot from that experience…and I realized that the future of talk programming is on the internet. I strive each day to make your listening experience entertaining and informative.
I’m a graduate of Brown University and I have two Masters degrees in management and finance.
I’m happily married with three sons and four grandchildren. I’m the former Board Chairman of Gulfshore
Playhouse and currently serve on the boards of the Optima Foundation and the Foundation for Government Accountability. I enjoy biking, golf, talk radio, theater and life on The Paradise Coast.

Governor Rick Scott comments on Bob Harden and Gulfshore Playhouse, see video below.