Universal Cures for Specific Problems, by Andrew Joppa

Universal Cures for Specific Problems

by Andy Joppa


What is a, “Universal cure for a specific problem?”  As I define it, this is a situation in which a problem has been identified, or perceived, and the “cure” that is offered is to eliminate the entire class in which this problem occurs as a method to end the actions of the few “miscreants” operating in that class.” This is the “tried-and-true” and method that has been used quite successfully in many Leftist tyrannies.  I would note here that this “universal” approach to “problem” solving is but a specific form of collectivism; a circumstance where the individual doesn’t matter but only large group related actions are taken or sanctioned. In fact, “collectivism” is the totalitarian tool of choice… and universality is but one weapon in their arsenal. Keep that in mind for what follows.


Pol Pot killed all “intellectuals” as that is where he thought all resistance to his regime came from. Intellectuals included anyone who wore eyeglasses, as this suggested that too much high-brow reading had occurred. Stalin threw anyone in a Siberian gulag who existed even in a context where they might resist his power or commit a crime. Stalin a was a devotee of anticipatory incarceration. That is… they haven’t committed a crime, but they might.  I say “tried-and-true” because this approach actually accomplishes its purpose. Of course, even by considering my two examples, the amount of human carnage that results is enormous and, in the long run, these regimes fall, or are rejected, because of their blatant excesses.


It is this universal approach that is being sought by the elitist Left as their destination in the debates over the right to bear arms. They aren’t there yet but we all know that is their intent. That is, to remove guns from all, to prevent the negative actions of the very few. Putting aside the impossibility of reaching that destination, and ignoring the blatant unconstitutionality of that action, and suspending the incredible level of positive benefit that gun ownership contributes…putting aside all reason and logic and legality…this would actually accomplish the purpose of eliminating all deaths by firearms. Even hearing those last words in this essay would send millions of Leftists into a torrent of tears and emotional “yelping.” (If WAPO and the NYT quote this essay they will say, “Joppa writes that total confiscation will end all deaths by firearms.” That is the way of the Left)


It is this realized destination that drives the elitist Left as it drove Pol Pot and Stalin. I won’t even mention the comparable confiscation of weaponry that occurred in both of those regimes as a prelude to other universal approaches. In all circumstances, by stating only the destination and minimizing or eliminating all attendant negatives, there is a certain seductiveness to the universal approach.  This is particularly true when the control of all information sources produces an intellectually, legally, and morally neutered population, as we have in America.


While Pol Pot, Stalin, and gun control, have much in common, and all of their actions are categorically absurd, perhaps by creating some hypothetical universal approaches, even those who are but one step from the total loss of reason, might be able to see the folly in this universal approach.

As I create these hypotheticals, they will all sound patently ludicrous…and will be.  That is my intent.  I contend these will be no more ludicrous than the actions of Pol Pot, Stalin, or the American Left and gun control. I ask my fellow Americans who emotionally support the total confiscation of all firearms to consider, within that same logic, the other universals that I present below.  My only fear is…they might.


As I present these hypotheticals I will, in no way, attempt to minimize the basic problem that exists.  My intent is only to attack the universality approach to resolution by creating absurd variations. All of these universals would actually end the problem. All of these are approaches that might only be chosen by children (of any age) or demented adults. Universals, as I’ve defined them, have no place in a free and rational society… or world. If nothing else, I ask those who favor the universal approach to gun control to explain the differences…if any…that might exist between that…Pol Pot, Stalin, or my hypotheticals below:


We could universally label all Donald Trump supporters as domestic terrorists and, thus, eliminating all “threats” by incarcerating all of his supporters (Wait…scratch this one, as it’s not a hypothetical)


We can eliminate all rape by excising all male genitalia (UGH). Yes…this would get it done.  Rape, in its strictest definition would be behind us. Aside from a few extreme radical feminists we all realize this is absurd…even if it ended all rapes.


We can eliminate all child pornography by blinding all men…no…blinding everyone.  There it is…the end of child porn. I can’t even create anyone who would support that universal…perhaps those who would be titillated by auditory stimuli.


We could eliminate sexual harassment in the military…or at least dramatically reduce it… by barring all practicing heterosexual males from duty. Of course, this doesn’t end “same on same” harassment…but it’s a start. You go girl and X and ZX.


We could eliminate the incredible cost of health care for the elderly…thus freeing up more funds for abortions…by putting anyone over the age of 75 (make that 85) …on an ice-flow in the Hudson Bay. I’m quite sure this hypothetical would gain a substantial amount of support as there is already talk of comparable actions.


We could eliminate homelessness by declaring single family occupancy of an apartment or a home illegal. Everyone in these selfish categories would have to drag in some reeking bipolar to share their abode. I’ve already heard this type of thing being bandied about.


OK…you get the idea. There are many universal approaches that might be used to solve a problem or the perception of a problem. I pray you found my hypotheticals unacceptable and grotesque even though they would succeed in accomplishing their purpose. I also hope that you see the universal confiscation of guns as being as absurd of all that I’ve offered…for it surely is. We can’t let collectivists have their way with us…for that is surely…and always…their real destination.

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