Trump Doesn’t Want to “Terminate” THE Constitution, by Andrew Joppa

Trump Doesn’t Want to “Terminate” THE Constitution

by Andy Joppa


There has been a unified drum beat condemning President Trump for what they described as his desire to “terminate” THE Constitution. I have put “THE” in capitals to emphasize they indicated he was suggesting the entire Constitution should be terminated. Of course, he neither said, nor wanted, anything of the sort. When will we learn that every comment of Trump can be, and has been, warped by the Left into unintended meanings?


The Left has immersed us in platitudes about the sacredness of this document and how it must be protected at any cost. While I certainly agree with those positions, I must reject these hypocrites from the Left who made them…and their reasons that were offered. I found their appeals to be shallow, as it is they, who have been the most consistently willing to work around, thru, over, or under, The Constitution. They have been doing this by making The Constitution into what they call… a “living document.”


What that means to The Left is that the Constitution can be…must be…altered … reinterpreted… to reflect and fulfill the demands of current “needs.” This is tantamount to saying our Constitution is a dead document whose written requirements…it’s absolutes… should be rejected if some greater purpose, by The Left’s definition, needs to be served. They have ignored that founding charter whenever they were able to get away with it. With little opposition, that has been quite often.


We have seen, over the past week, revelations that clearly documented the hand in glove relationship of the FBI with Twitter and, within all logic, all other social media platforms. Polls indicate that 16% of the Biden voters would not have voted for him had they been aware of the political suppression of the vaults of information that it contained.


I believe it is unreasonable, based on what we do know, to believe The Left didn’t do everything in their power to steal the 2020 election from Donald Trump. We cannot, at this point, document whether enough votes were fraudulently cast for Biden or taken from Trump to have altered the result of that election. However, we do know, that by every bellwether circumstance, Trump won that election… and won in a landslide.


Trump has been condemned for not letting go of the 2020 election, as if it were only his hurt ego that was his provocation. I believe his steadfastness has been driven by his understanding of what would lie just ahead for America with a Biden Administration. He knew that a party that would use gross irregularities to put this old fool in office, would not hesitate to apply the same corruptions in their attempt to create totalitarian control over America. He has been prescient in that regard. But the Never-Trumpers want him to shut up. Why is that?


With few others even being willing to discuss any of this, he also knew that the 2022 elections and then 2024 would be in jeopardy. I believe the 2022 election, where the strong voter polls for the GOP did not manifest themselves in actual wins, was an indication of that position’s validity. But the Never-Trumpers want him to shup up. Why is that?


He was supposed to go quietly into the night and watch America being destroyed by the Left, using the corrupted election process to accomplish their nefarious ends. It wasn’t like there were many others willing to take up this fight.  In most situations it was Trump alone fighting the battles for America’s future. As was the case for his entire political career, The Left knew he had to be destroyed. But…thank God…he just refuses to give up the fight for our nation’s very existence. But the Never-Trumpers want him to shut up. Why is that?


His most recent foray into this war for America was his attempt to indicate a significant deficiency with our Constitution. Our founders were not naïve, and they were wary of the evil that men are capable of committing, but that only went so far in their design of our Constitution. They never considered that the American political/election process, with all its safeguards, could eventually become so illegal, so immoral, so manipulated, so corrupted, that it would be allowed to succeed with little, if any pushback.  But the Never-Trumpers want him to shut up. Why is that?


I have a thought that that they probably believed, if that were to occur, America was lost anyway.  If so, they were wrong about that, because they never considered that someone like a Donald Trump would be willing to single handedly take on the complete apparatus causing it.


Trump recognized, that if a circumstance were to exist, identified after elections had been certified, that the Constitution made no allowance for rectifying these rigged elections. To put it succinctly…if information were introduced that an election, in every one of its particulars, was criminally fraudulent, nothing could be done to reverse that certified outcome.


Trump couldn’t accept that our founders, given that kind of situation as a potential, would not have built in an appropriate safeguard to undo all of the fruit of the poisoned tree. I totally agree with the logic of this position. I presume any rational person would.  But the Never-Trumpers want him to shut up. Why is that?


If we reach the point of recognizing, beyond any reasonable doubt, that Trump should legally be in office, and that the only reason he isn’t is criminal fraud, what should we do? Should we allow that illegality to persist and, within that allowance, allow for the destruction of America? Are we to sit idly by and watch it happen? To the largest extent that is exactly what we’re doing. Don’t begrudge Trump’s attempt to save this country. He needs allies not critics.


Our former president added within his comments, “Our great ‘Founders’ did not want, and would not condone, False and Fraudulent Elections!” Madison didn’t envision what we now face with collusion between the Deep State and mega-corporations.


Had Trump actually called for the Constitution to be terminated — when the Biden administration and Democrats in Congress break it every day — he’d have sealed his fate for 2024. Anti-Trumpers are more than happy to use this new Charlottesville hoax moment to distract from Elon Musk’s release of the Twitter censorship files.


President Trump…maybe you should just, “shut up” and allow this nation to go deeper into the crapper. After all, why should you be different than everyone else?

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