The Story of Two Great Men, by Andrew Joppa

The Story of Two Great Men

by Andy Joppa


I am sickened by the parasites who are now making a whore’s living by attacking and attempting to humiliate our great “ex”-president, Donald Trump. These malignancies who have contributed little to nothing to the quality of American life, now seem to delight in nothing more than trying to diminish one of the great men in American history; a man who could have been bathing in the excesses of his hard earned wealth, but instead, dedicated himself to helping this country in the time of its greatest need. What pathetic ingrates are these people, most of minimal talent, who are all of the same type that would have attacked and belittled…Ghandi, Patton, MLK, or Mandela, if they could have made a quick “buck” from an ignorant, and equally ungrateful population of Americans (No, I’m not comparing Trump to any of them…perhaps the future will).


Now that the GOP has underperformed during the midterms, they are once again claiming it is the end of Trump and the beginning of the era of Ron DeSantis. Many conservatives have joined in this mantra. Somehow citizen Donald Trump was the cause of this debacle. Even though his endorsement batting average was about 95% and he chose none of the candidates who were available to be endorsed, he somehow caused the result we saw in the midterms. No, of course, it wasn’t atrocious GOP leadership, nor bad funding decisions, nor playing patty cake with the Dems…it was Trump. What utter nonsense, from an increasingly useless party; a party that was only given dignity by the four years of Donald Trump. If it weren’t for Trump the party would have sunk to complete irrelevance.


Ann Coulter wrote on Breitbart that: “A Nation Rejoices! A Humiliating Defeat for Trump.” David Frum wrote, “Trump Lost the Midterms. Ron DeSantis Won.” The NY Post on its front page screeched, Trumpy-Dumpty, with an internal story to match.


The Democrat media, of course, also joined in. Chuck Todd called it a “Bad night for Trump; Good night for DeSantis.”  The WaPo claimed, “After midterms, Ron DeSantis eclipses Trump on Fox News.” CNN claimed that ‘Murdoch’s media empire celebrates DeSantis as future of GOP after midterms. Maggie Haberman claimed conservative media ‘landscape’ has ‘shifted’ away from Trump.


So how did the “rising star” Ron DeSantis perform during the midterms? From this point forward it should be understood that I have the highest regard for Ron DeSantis, and I believe, that someday, he will make a wonderful president. I will try to expose, however, that much of the accolades directed at DeSantis are actually driven by one of two conspiratorial reasons. The first is to diminish Trump by comparison with DeSantis, and the second, to try to create an unnatural and bitter rivalry between the governor and our ex-president which would be disastrous for America.  Those saying that such a confrontation would be healthy are either liars or fools or both.


We all know the remarkable win that DeSantis had on Tuesday night. But, lost in the cheering was left unanswered the only important question…is DeSantis able to get people out to the poles…nationally?  A case can be that maybe, just maybe, he can’t…or, least we don’t know.  What we do know is that Trump put more voters into action than any incumbent president in our history and increased his vote tally from 2016 to 2020 by 10 million…that we do know. We do know he fills every rally…anywhere. We do know he got the job done for America. We do know he took the blows and remained standing when a lesser man would have been destroyed.


With Red numbers having increased in Florida, I’d really like to know why DeSantis received a million less votes than Trump in 2020? The question must be explored and answered and not just pushed aside like it doesn’t matter…it very well could be critical. Let’s look at the vote count in Florida.


In 2020, Trump received 5.6 million votes and Biden received 5.2 million, while DeSantis in 2022, received 4.6 million votes, almost a million fewer than either Trump and less than Biden. This deserves definition.


Why, in fact, was there a turnout of about 7.5 million in 2022 as compared to 10.5 million in 2020?  Yes…midterms draw traditionally less than Presidential elections…but…was that the only cause in this midterm, a midterm that was positioned as the most critical in our nation’s history?


The midterms in 2018 had 86% of the presidential vote of 2016.  The midterm of 2022 had only 71% of the presidential turnout for 2020. Three million less votes were cast in a population that has increased since 2020 seems substantial enough to require a real explanation other than a natural decrease because it was a midterm year. There’s a problem here…we don’t know what it is.


And, of course, I’m not trashing DeSantis. As indicated earlier I really admire Ron DeSantis and believe he would make a fine president. However, right now many Republicans have gone giddy with the political “power” of DeSantis that was potentially shown on Tuesday night. We must always keep in mind that Ron was running against Charlie Crist.


The one thing I do know is this…The Republicans will not win a presidential election in 2024 if they actively try to diminish and/or humiliate the great Donald Trump. The Left would like nothing more than a battle between these two giants. I believe that battle has become more likely because of the perception of the results from Tuesday.  Those numbers must be discussed and understood… Before we push Donald aside, we best know what we’re doing. We seldom do.


If Ron’s numbers from Tuesday were indicative of his being a powerful political force, not only in Florida, but nationally, then I’d like to see DJT voluntarily step aside and throw his support to DeSantis. I see no reason why this great man should, once again, have to face the enemy alone in the battle for America.

Anything other than those two things happening could prove disastrous for the Republican Party…and… America. What two things?  We must have surety that DeSantis is national vote generating magnet and that Trump becomes a supporter of Ron as he graciously, willingly, yields the oval office, where he should be right now, to another great American.


Of course, at this moment, the only thing that really matters is who controls the House and Senate….if it’s the Democrats….then I don’t believe it matters who we run for the presidency. We’ll never penetrate their immutable wall of corruption that will be erected even higher in the next two years.


As I write, it looks like it will be 220 to 215 for the Republicans in the House. It might be even closer. But, even with those numbers any deflection of three will lose any House battle. The Senate looks like it will, once again go 50-50…a possible 51-49 for the Red could occur and that would be enormous. If Laxalt winds up losing in Nevada…and Senate goes 50-50 as a result…the fix was in.


Once again, if the Blue takes both, and that is possible, figure something better to do with your time than worrying about America…it’s dead. As a thinking loyal American I felt personally humiliated by this election. I was humiliated to live in nation that, to the largest extent, ignored the most destructive two years in our history and cast millions of votes in support of those destroying our great America…and their policies.

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