The Fatal Error, by Andrew Joppa

The Fatal American Error

by Andy Joppa


(Note: One of the rules of my writing life is to never write and publish when I’m angry…really angry. Today, I will violate that rule because this topic deserves my unrestrained, and angry, commitment.)


Quite simply, so you don’t have to read any further unless you choose, what many Americans get wrong, their fatal error, is that they believe the government is their country. This is the simple, but critical, mistake that is made.


Once you accept the obvious truth that the government is but a contemporary caretaker of your country, and is not your country itself, all else falls into better focus. You can then more comfortably state that the government’s enemies do not have to be your enemies (For example: Russia is not an enemy of America nor mine…it’s a contrivance of the Left and Neo-Cons).


You do not have to agree with anything a current government does or says. You don’t even have to like or respect it…in fact, you can loathe it…as I currently do. You don’t have to support its wars (the troops yes) or international positions.  You do not have to presume you owe the government anything…including loyalty. Loyalty to a government must be earned. With this, you’ll begin to become more aware that loyalty to America itself may require…may demand…that you are disloyal to this government.


For those that say we still have to dance with the devil, that may be true. However, we must know it’s the devil and not hold them too close as we do a tango.  We must keep them at arm’s length and treat them like the La Cosa Nostra in Sicily…an evil that must be dealt with in the short run.  In our long run we can take inspiration from the Canadian truckers. Who would have thought that it might be these blue-collar Canadians who might lead us out the wilderness?  Let’s hope Americans can catch their courage.


I acknowledge, because I’m not that much of hero, that we must stay on the right side of the line of legality for one reason…to avoid being put in solitary confinement for several months after being dragged out of my bed at 6 am, in my skivvies, by an FBI SWAT team (What a group of mindless thugs they are. Are there any decent ones?). As long as that legal line is not violated, everything else is fair game. Personally, I most often obey this government’s laws, not because they are just, but because I must.


There is nothing I just wrote that suggests we do not owe our complete loyalty to America. It is simply that the government is not America. My loyalty to America is unwavering. I must hate its enemies…including our current government. There is no doubt that we have met the enemy and it is them. Nothing else even approximates the danger that our current government represents to America.


Actually, it is far more significant than what I just wrote. Right now, America does not really have a government. If America truly had a government, that government would be dedicated to the fulfillment of our Constitution and the protection of individual rights. We don’t have that. Instead, we are ruled by a band of hoodlums who seized power illegally, and act consistently in a manner that violates everything that makes up the values and laws of this country. I think what many Americans are experiencing is similar to The Stockholm Syndrome. They begin to love those that hold them captive. That’s the most positive thing I can offer in defense of the millions of Americans who side with these moral and legal reprobates.


For those that suggest that the government is democratically elected and they are, therefore, our country, I offer: Once elected or appointed, it is loyalty to the Constitution that forms the fulfillment of the sworn oath of office for every federal official. The vast majority, either ignore it or overtly reject it. They have violated their oath of office and, therefore, are not actually in office. They have failed to fulfill a legal contract they made with the American people and now, that contract is null and void. The people have received no consideration for the contract they entered into. In this case, however, we’d have to ask the thugs to throw out the other thugs…” ain’t” going to happen…but should…


“Contract consideration refers to the act of exchanging something of value. It is the price paid in exchange for fulfilling the promise. For a contract to be valid, the parties must exchange something of value. Lengthy court cases and writings abound on the subject of what constitutes consideration. To be very concise, there is one more important thing to know. First, consideration does not have to be money. It can be something of value, so it can be another object or a service.”


The contract is not valid, as the American people received nothing of value. It was a one-sided contract. The officials received power, compensation, and an almost unlimited access to other sources of wealth. The American people did not receive their due consideration of the official’s fidelity to the Constitution. The fact that few Americans will give weight to what I’ve just offered, signifies just how far we’ve fallen. I can prove the vast majority of federal officials, elected, or appointed, have not upheld their sworn oath…and nobody cares.  Why is that?


For four short years we had a true American government. This government, a government under Trump, allowed America to reemerge and breathe the fresh air of freedom and, as importantly, fulfilled its obligation in its contract with the American people. That is why I loved Trump. I loved that he allowed my nation to exist as it was designed. If he hadn’t done that, I wouldn’t have cared about him. It is my sole criteria for analysis; does a person, group, or thing, allow for the real America to exist, or does it thwart it at every turn possible? Does it, or he, fulfill its contract?
As they reject the Constitution, our current government also rejects the offices in which they serve (I use the word “serve” advisedly). Without the authorization of the Constitution, the office of the president and therefore the president himself, does not exist. This same logic applies to all the members of congress and the federal courts.  If the Constitution is void of significance, they all should pack their bags and go home…they are no longer in office since that office no longer exists…having only been given “life” by the Constitution itself. The Constitution that they say is purposeless.


In conclusion I will say…this essay will mean nothing although it should mean everything. Over the past year we’ve seen units of our government murder its own citizens by withholding life-saving therapeutics for politics or profit. Yes…MURDER.  But, as with treason…None dare call it Murder.


It is clear that the defining years for America’s future will be first, 2022 and then 2024. My justified concern is that these criminals will do everything in their power to steal the elections of 2022, particularly the Senate, and once again, in 2024, where they will try to steal the presidency as they did in 2020. The Republicans, predictably, will do nothing to get in the way of this process. This leads to another essay that will soon follow, titled, The Plague of American Cowards.

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