The Clowns Are Killing Us, by Andrew Joppa

The Clowns are Killing Us

by Andy Joppa


“Clowns to the Left of me, jokers to the Right, here I am.”

Bob Dylan


NOTE: Because of its growing relevance, this is an updated version of a previous essay. This was prompted by Mark Levin’s recent comment in the NY Post, referring to the Left as a “Clown Show.”


Throughout human history, and in every society, there has always been a significant part of any population totally disconnected from reality.  In the nations that flourished, these unrealistic malcontents were figuratively shuffled to the outer part of their civilizations. There, they were viewed as the “village idiots” and they’d sit, pontificating on the outer walls of their communities…ignored by most, pitied by some, rejected by everyone. It became critically necessary to just avoid their drool…both literal and figurative…drool. They were the clowns of their world.


We’ve seen some of them in London’s Hyde Park, standing on orange crates, screaming their inanities.  New York’s Time Square has had a constant presence of those wearing sandwich boards extolling the value of some irrationality. More meaningfully, Germany, in the 20’s, had Brown Shirts marching through the streets of their major cities. Clowns all. They were to be tolerated, sometimes seen as a source of amusement, sometimes feared, but were not to be turned to as a source of wisdom, enlightenment, or future direction. When they were put into power, as in Germany’s Third Reich…now in America…all hell always breaks lose.


In the societies that failed, those driven by their inner demons and psychosis would begin to gain sway and influence over their social order.  These former clowns then became as deadly as the plague and, like the plague, became an infectious source of disease for the rest of the citizens. Human irrationality is always a dormant potential, waiting to be activated by some debasing stimuli.

We tend to become irrational unless rationality is actively pursued and nourished.  Civilizations have fought perpetual battles to avoid irrationality from becoming dominant. Where they have failed, those nations have weakened and then, ultimately, collapsed under the weight of their own illogicality.


America is now falling deeply under the sway of a “plague of clowns.” We have legitimized the “village idiots.” Actually, we’ve been doing it for several decades. I am constantly “impressed” that every election cycle churns some new Progressive “clowns” into the public spotlight; they seem to have an inexhaustible supply waiting in the wings, ready to dazzle us with some new idiocy dujour.


We will not, cannot, escape the destination of those civilizations that have allowed this to happen.  Many Americans are terrified of actual clowns. Perhaps, in their subconscious, they recognize the dangers that exist when the “clowns” become the status quo…the decision makers of their society.  We have not only legitimized our “clowns,” we’ve given them vehicles for their fulfillment…and our destruction. ManyAmericans can’t tell the difference between a clown and Tolstoy. Clowns seem to have a difficult time identifying other clowns.


Other than my thoughts are there enough examples to document, and make irrefutable, my basic premise? Absolutely…in fact, I cannot think of any exceptions to my basic premise. Using the legal standard of “beyond a reasonable doubt,” America is now allowing and consenting to, a “plague of clowns.” Just a few specifics should suffice.


Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi, told an audience that when America’s chips were down there was a specific man who rose to the occasion and saved the nation: The Rev. Al Sharpton. Al Sharpton? Amazingly, the Speaker of the House, and the second in line for the presidency, offered that one of the great con-men in American history, a man guilty of many falsehoods and criminal actions, a certifiable “clown,” Al Sharpton, has saved the nation. Here a clown was promoting the value of another clown.  If Al Sharpton is at the top of your list who’s at the bottom?


Joe Biden, a “clown” with no discernable accomplishments, measurable skills, or purposeful background, became president.  Prior to that ascendancy he was best known for his unrelenting love of women’s hair. He has been adept, however, at covering his reality with remarkable clown make-up…the Emett Kelly of American politics. Oh, how many Americans love his veneer of greasepaint and superficial, painted smiles.  Clowns don’t recognize clowns. Biden’s former partner in crime (literally) was Barack Obama.


Few have been as serious a transmitter of the clown “plague” as was Obama; the “typhoid Mary” of “clown” contamination. Yet, our growing irrationality allowed these men, with the big red nose and floppy clown feet, to gain wide-spread influence.


Diane Feinstein, a woman who was far past her prime even when she was in her prime, decided that being a “clown” was not only appropriate but necessary for her political future.  She actively and consciously contrived to destroy one of the few remaining remnants of non-clown rationality, Brett Kavanaugh.  We listened to the obvious lies of this preaching blowhard as if she was meaningful.


Feinstein represented the epitome of the clown world…and we allowed her to persist in contaminating America.  She kept trying to weave her clown magic to damage one of the finest women, if not the finest woman, in America, Amy Coney Barrett.


Among many others that would make this obvious listing is Al Franken; a “clown” who actually was a clown (He’s history but too good to leave out). Corey Booker a clown who would be Spartacus. (What’s the matter with his eyes?) Elizabeth Warren, who built her professional life around wearing a Cherokee clown outfit. She could have claimed Martian ancestry with a comparable degree of legitimacy. Adam Schiff whose constituency didn’t care if he was a clown as long as he was their clown. Kamala Harris who is that clown that sneaks up on you when you’re sleeping and scares the bejesus out of you.


Last, but certainly not least, is perhaps the greatest clown within recent American history…the incredible, unforgettable, repugnant, Hillary Clinton.  Her theme music at her rallies should have been “Bring on The Clown.” Her excesses have been so blatant that even her clown outfit of some variation of a Nehru jacket/tutu could not cover them up.


Perhaps the most significant of all clowns, to the point where she can be declared the current clown-meister, is Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, a self-described democratic socialist and former organizer for Bernie Sanders.

It is irrefutable that America has become a nation where the “clowns” have gained sway.  To prove that point I’ll add Rachel Levine, Alejandro Mayorkas, Pete Buttigieg, Adam Kinzinger and Liz Cheney, to my list. The clowns are defended and promoted by the media. “Clowness” is taught in our educational institutions.  “Clowns” are validated within our courts.  In fact, the situation has so deteriorated that public figures who are not clowns are looked on with suspicion and attacked.” Why aren’t they a clown?”  To be respected in the clown world of America is, at this point, a sign of your inferiority.


There is only one issue facing America…all others are derivatives. Stop the Progressive “clowns.” If that doesn’t happen nothing else will matter…NOTHING! Debate the minutia all you want…it won’t matter what is decided…unless…unless, it weakens and eliminates the corruption of the public debate instigated by the Progressive/Left.


We have one super anti-clown weapon.  The great Donald Trump.  A man who can affectionately be called the “The Van Helsing” to the clown world. If for no other reason than this one, Trump must be returned to the Oval Office in 2025. He is the only thing that really scares the clowns…and with good reason.


A wise man can play the part of a clown, but a clown can’t play the part of a wise man.

Malcolm X


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