Russia’s Mask Against the Western “Virus” by Andrew Joppa

Russia’s Mask Against the Western “Virus”

by Andy Joppa


I’ll start this essay with the obligatory condemnation of Vladimir Putin. “He’s a thug” …OK, I got that out of the way.


We are not allowed to offer any other thought without that point being made. Anything offering explanatory or mitigating statements makes you an agent of Putin…even if they are documented truths. You are “treasonous.”  With that in mind…so be it.  If attacking our current government makes me treasonous…count me in. I love America, but loathe current American leadership.  You cannot love both.


This hyperbolic rhetoric is what always happens when a nation goes to war…except, in the current circumstance, America is not at war with Russia. We are not at war…not even a state of belligerence. We are in a state of advanced name calling. My only addendum to this statement may be the fact that America is using the Ukrainian army…and people… as its surrogate in a “hot war” with Putin’s Russia. It is possible that the deaths in Ukraine are a fulfillment of American foreign policy. We certainly don’t seem to care how many Ukrainians die or are left homeless. By the way, neither does Zelenskyy. Zelenskyy is not a Washington. He is more like a Napoleon, who lost 90% of his troops doing battle with the Russians…and didn’t care.


But trust me… I think Putin is a thug, but one who is only slightly more thuggish, because of context, from most Western leaders.  They may be far more dangerous to the world than is, “Vladimir the Terrible.” I would offer that Joe Biden is the most dangerous man in the world, except that he is only the tip of a very large, ugly, poisonous, corrupted, American spear. Biden couldn’t be this damaging all on his own. His administration has lied to us from the swearing in ceremony till now. I know they’re lying about Ukraine…not sure about what, but I do know they’re lying…it’s in their DNA.


The insanity of Western leaders and cultures hasn’t been lost on Putin.  Any rational analysis of current trajectories of the West would have created justified concern in an already paranoid Vladimir Putin. When I read that Russia had nothing to fear from Ukraine, I was amazed at how little awareness is demonstrated by that position. Perhaps Putin has little to be concerned with Ukraine militarily, although the infiltration of the Ukraine military and government with well-defined Nazis would have given him pause. However, he would have had legitimate concerns from the increasing moral, economic, and cultural eccentricities of the West, and how their bellicose attacks on Russia were intensifying.


A moral nationalist like Putin would have been fully aware of how much Western oligarchs would have loved to have unchecked access to the riches that is Russia (moral doesn’t necessarily mean “good”…but a commitment to an agreed upon standard). In that process they would introduce every cultural aberration that Putin… and most Russians… find to be repugnant. He didn’t want the West to have easy access to the Russian motherland through a cooperative, corrupt, Ukraine.


In addition, as we assess this conflict, it must be kept in mind that even if the country fighting on another nation’s soil has right and goodness on their side, the damage done to civilian populations will always make them look like the prime offender. Ukraine can’t kill any civilians nor create carnage (this may not be true as there are reports of the Ukraine N*zi influence doing just that to create the worst image of Putin that is possible). This damage will always be amplified as a propaganda element of the “host” country.  There is no doubt that many of the negatives laid at the doorstep of Russia are in that category. (The N*zi elements in Ukraine have been well documented and there is no doubt as to their existence).


The current pressure to officially label Putin a war criminal will ensure only one thing…the conflict in Ukraine will go on till there are no Ukrainians left to resist. Once Putin is so categorized, negotiations become impossible as it will be presented as inappropriate to deal with a war criminal. This will amplify demands from American neo-cons for his assassination or forced removal from office. His paranoia will deepen and his need to look Eastward will become a direction of necessity. If we project into the future, the most likely scenario is an alignment between what Samuel Huntington (The Clash of Civilizations and The Remaking of World Order) called the Orthodox and Sinic blocs …essentially Russia and China. (Moscow sees itself as the third Rome and the last bastion of orthodox Christianity)


To this bloc might be added The Hindu Bloc (Huntington’s India). This would now represent little less than half of the human population. With growing dissatisfaction toward America being shown by Saudi Arabia and the UAE you would then have half of the energy output of the planet, and that portion that is the most intellectually gifted, and the least burdened by the absurdity of being part of a woke Western culture.  If I were a betting man, I would put my money, as things stand, on that large Eastern bloc.


Putin may be evil…may be the devil incarnate, but he isn’t stupid nor insane. He can see what is going on in the West and wants no part of it. He knows the West shows every symptom of a civilization that has reached the end of its life span. He sees it as sowing the seeds of its own destruction and doesn’t want to be dragged down as its ship sinks into the terminal abyss of the absurd.


I believe he felt he had to seal his nation off from even the possibility of Western contamination. That is where Ukraine entered his mindset. Its long contiguous border made its proximity unacceptable as a “spreader” of the diseased Western culture. No, Putin wasn’t concerned with the military of Ukraine…he was afraid of its debauchery and corruption.  Those elements have now become even more obvious as Zelenskyy has shut down all opposition parties and all but eliminated freedom of the press.


At this stage, Ukraine has taken a form that is indistinguishable from what would have existed if they just surrendered to Putin a month ago.


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