Republicans: From 1992 to 2022, by Andrew Joppa


Let’s see how much sense Republicans make…In fact, have ever made:


In 1992 we nominated GHW Bush for a second term against Bill Clinton. Bush was able to slip from 80% approval ratings to nearly single digit at the end of his first term. “Read my lips, no new taxes,” was his mantra that he betrayed. Well done George. His main accomplishment was undoing all of the positives of the Reagan 8 years. His gift to us was the perverse husband of Hillary Clinton. He was humiliated in the election of 1992 like no other incumbent president, till that time, had to endure. He’s best known for parachuting when he was really old without dying. GHW was a respected hero among Republicans. No problem there. Trump is the problem.


In 1996 we were then inspired to nominate Bob Dole who, at one time, had been an inspirational leader. But he wasn’t in 1996, and as a result, he gave us Clinton’s second term. He was best known for being very nice, which was his major accomplishment. He was very much like my grandfather who also was nice but wasn’t of presidential timbre. Dole was a respected hero among Republicans. No problem there. Trump is the problem.


In 2000 and 2004 we nominated the dullard George W. Bush. A patrician, who never felt he had to offer rebuttals to the myriad of insults and distortions dumped on his administration. By not fighting for his ideas he looked bad but, more importantly, he made us look bad. There is little doubt that he gave us Barack Obama.


After his time in office he had some kind of “best bud” relationship with Barack Obama and they, perhaps, went skinny dipping and the like. Bush never talked about anyone from that time forward…with the exception of attacking Trump. He told us that Islam was a religion of peace right after 3000 Americans died under the chant of Allahu Akbar; then committed us to a near endless war in Afghanistan.


His absurd attempt at democratizing the middle east and the Maghreb created many of today’s problems. He’s best known for looking into Putin’s eyes and swooning. His gift to America was Obama, who started America on its long downward slide into Balkanization. Bush is a respected hero among many Republicans. No problem there. Trump is the problem.


In 2008 we nominated John McCain who gave his all in an NV prison…after crashing jet fighters. He had nothing left after all that.  He was a RINO who, by his actions, greased the path for Barack Hussein Obama, preventing any mention of Barry’s background…or lack of background during the campaign. McCain was a petty, vindictive man, who allowed his dislike of Trump to provoke his support for Obama Care. McCain was a respected hero among Republicans. No problem there. Trump is the problem.


In 2012 we nominated Mitt Romney. Mitt surrendered after the first debate, when he was intellectually overwhelmed by the mere presence of moderator Candy Crowley. His ineptitude gave us Obama’s second term. It seemed he almost wanted that to happen. Romney is a problem that keeps on giving as he worked hard to try to defeat fellow Utah senator Mike Lee.  Mitt is a respected hero among some (not many) Republicans. No problem there. Trump is the problem.


In 2016 we nominated Donald Trump. Actually, he forced himself upon us and, thank God he did.  If he hadn’t shown that aggressiveness, we’d now be sitting through the second term of Hillary Clinton. He pushed his way through 16 milk toast candidates, each of whom would have been dinner for the Left (maybe not Ted Cruz).


While in office he restored American pride, brought jobs and companies back to a America, made us energy independent and did all that he could to close down the border, all the while fighting the Left and the swamp who were attempting to destroy America.


To the largest extent he did this all on his own, while simultaneously under more “ad hominem” assaults than, probably, any political leader in history…maybe any person in history. He still is. Trump, arguably, had the most successful first term of any president…ever. America was spinning like a top. You were glad to be an American unless you hated America and these types of weasels poured out in droves.


We nominated Trump again in 2020. In this election he received more votes than any incumbent president in our history and 10 million more than in 2016.  He then “loses” this election in 2020 to a man who never left his basement. Many felt, and I was one them, that the election was stolen from him.  If not stolen, there were gross irregularities and manipulations that, if not illegal, were shady and immoral. For some strange reason, this bothered Donald Trump.  You would think he would have accepted being screwed, and America being screwed, with more grace.


Perhaps he would have reacted differently if anyone had shown the slightest concern with the illegalities, irregularities, and/or manipulations. But, no, all who verbalized any concern, were considered treasonous and no court seriously took up any of the issues. Yes…this bothered him. Consider, however, he also understood if that didn’t happen, then 2022’s midterms would be subject to the same problems. Perhaps that’s happened. We’ll never know because most will be afraid to talk about it.


Why couldn’t he have been more gracious in having the election stolen from him and having his supporters defined as being a threat to America?  Maybe he wouldn’t have had to blow his own horn so much if anyone else said anything decent, and honest, about him.


He was also unmercifully hounded by the Left with an unending series of lies and distortions resulting, twice, in his being impeached. It was clearly identified that the lies against him were manufactured by the Left, often with the cooperation of the FBI. During all of this, he received very little support from The Republican Party. However, he never stopped fighting for America.


In the 2022 midterms he had an endorsement batting average of about 95%. He drew standing room only crowds at all of his rallies. Nationwide, the Republicans pulled more popular votes than the Dems. Still, with all of this, there was a big problem. It was Trump’s fault. Trump was no hero…he was a villain. He was to be attacked and humiliated and accused of being the cause of all Republican failures.

No, it wasn’t Mitch McConnell, Kevin McCarthy, the Republican elite, or the RNC.


No, it was Trump and his “hubris”.  If he were only as wise as they are, it was hinted by Republican politicos and commentators, all would have been just “peachy.”  “Good riddance to bad trash, and don’t let the door hit you in the arse,” is the best way to describe the tone in which he’s being treated. Idiots all, and ungrateful idiots to boot.


It’s estimated this man lost 4 billion dollars of his personal wealth. His home was desecrated. His family often threatened. His future in doubt, with vulgar politicians in many states looking for a way to bring contrived criminal charges against him. Yet…he may choose to run in 2024.  Why he would do that is beyond me. Why he would sacrifice 4 more years of his life to this ungrateful nation, and people, is befuddling. He is truly one of those rare men who is now greater than the country he may once again choose to lead.


For his sake only, I hope he chooses to do something more valuable with his time. Maybe history will treat him as he deserves…a hero for America…but I doubt it.

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