Protection for Persecuted American Patriots, by Andrew Joppa

Protection for Persecuted American Patriots

by Andy Joppa


We all know the dark and sordid history of sanctuary states, counties, and cities…all being in Leftist strongholds. These areas have prevented legal intervention and deportation activities by ICE. By so doing, this has amplified the number of law breakers willing to invade our country, as sanctuary guarantees their status once they are here. Many of these criminals have subsequently committed felony actions…up to and including rape, drugs, and, murder. The scenario is, therefore…illegal political actions of the Left have thwarted legal actions, to the detriment of American citizens. This, in fact, tends to offer a complete definition of the reality of the Progressive Left.


We have another scenario unfolding, and deepening, that is of equal, if not greater concern and importance.  The Left has set their sights on damaging, wherever they can, supporters of Donald Trump or, more comprehensively, anyone who has actively resisted their nefarious schemes…or simply…removing anyone who is in their way. For example: We’ve watched Sussman walk, while Navarro is led away in cuffs and shackles. We’ve watched honest citizens being incarcerated for months without charge as a result of their “touristing” (in many cases) through the nation’s capital on January 6th. We’ve watched as millions have been labeled domestic terrorists for merely disagreeing with the Left’s absurd policies…or being White males. I don’t have to detail the corrupt state of the federal legal system any further. You either know or refuse to know.


We’ve watched the Left destroy lives with “legal” chicanery, using selective or disputable enforcements, to advance their destruction of America. The Left is using the model most favored by ideologically driven totalitarians. They cloak their evil in the theoretic garb of legality. The Left is comprised of some of the most despicable anti-Americans that can be squeezed into a federal bureaucracy. I am embarrassed when they describe themselves as Americans.  They are, in fact, the most significant enemy this nation has ever faced…bar none.


It is to these actions of the Left that the question must be asked…” What can we do to protect these innocent and/or great Americans from having their lives destroyed?  What can we do to ensure that America is not deprived of the contributions of these great patriots in the future?  What can we do to ensure his well-being and integrity, if one of these being illegally charged and incarcerated is the great American…Donald Trump?


Please don’t tell me we’ll undo this horror with the next election. That is a non-decision. It is a meaningless position. Most of all…please don’t tell me, “Nothing can be done.” “Nothing” means that we will indefinitely accept the Leftist assault on the best, brightest and most patriotic among us. At that point, even at this point, we are little more than Russians cowering under Stalin or Germans genuflecting to Hitler.


If it is not to be “Nothing” then what is the “something” that might be done? What I will suggest will fall far short of a direct physical confrontation with he Left…at least within its intent. It will build on a heightened legality of an approach originally supported by the Left. It will be in the grandest tradition of American values. Most importantly it should accomplish its purpose. There are some ideas that aren’t necessarily good ideas, but they are…the only ideas. This will be one of those. Even if not implemented it will provoke the necessary commentary on this critical issue.


You might have wondered why I alluded to sanctuary cities in the earlier part of this essay.  That becomes the reason for this essay.  I propose we establish a sanctuary state in Florida. One to which those being maligned, mistreated, and/or incarcerated by The Left can retreat, where they can at least escape the illegal and corrupt hands that would be moving in their direction. This state could offer a form of asylum. Asylum representing a circumstance where a government has oppressed a people, or a person, and their life is seriously compromised if they remain in that jurisdiction. What could better describe the plight of many who challenged this malignant Marxist mob in the beltway.


No sanctuary status would be provided for those who have committed crimes of violence or acts of terror. This is a political process only. A Florida court would be established internally to weigh the circumstance surrounding an applicant and rule as to their status. The federal government, the DOJ and the FBI would have no role to play in this process.  The Federal government could appeal to the Florida court for reassessment of status, with the final decision, if challenged, belonging only to the Florida courts. I will not detail this process further as it will require an enormous amount of consideration to make operative…but, I believe, it can be done.


For those who believe this is illegal I offer:  It is never illegal to side with a person or people who have been singled out for punishment entirely because of their political believes or alignments. What could be more American than protecting the persecuted from unfair punishments? In 2022 we can immediately identify dozens…perhaps thousands… that would qualify for this protected status.


We know our federal government has degraded itself and our country by its selective enforcement of laws and punishments given of significantly different weights based on politics alone. Most of all…for our country to survive the vile assault that is taking place on many Americans, with entire groups of patriotic Americans being labeled terrorists, something must be done. What I suggest would provide a comprehensive process that would enable Florida to protect one person…or thousands. These demented criminals in Washington will not accept this without challenge. At that point…other actions will have to considered. Whatever it is…it is worth the risk. Something must be done…now.

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