If the GOP Doesn’t Win in 2022…THEN WHAT????, by Andrew Joppa

If the GOP Doesn’t Win in 2022…THEN WHAT????

by Andy Joppa



There is every reason to believe that the GOP will capture the House of Representative in the 2022 mid-terms, though their once insurmountable leads have begun to shrink.  Reasonable doubt exists as it pertains to results in the Senate…especially if you listen to the ramblings of Mitch McConnell. That said…the Senate is not out of reach.


If, then, both Houses go into the hands of the GOP, the stage will be set for the opportunity to seriously help America go forward in 2024 with the third presidential election win of the great Donald Trump. It is the fulfillment of that projection, and only that projection, that will offer any hope of limiting the damage already done to America by the lunatic Left.


However, even if these most optimistic events occur, most of our problems will persist as a result of the ideological fanaticism and corruption of the press, big-tech, and of course, the federal bureaucracy. Keep in mind that by 2024 the majority of the 87 thousand new, very WOKE, IRS agents, will be in the field to “compliment” the other hundreds of thousands in the armed federal camp of the Left.


If we add to this, the general corruption of half the American people; a corruption that is fed more blue meat every year by the public schools and our elite universities, we must acknowledge that we’re not talking about a transitory problem but one, in which, we’re dealing with a problem within the very structure of our nation itself. We are talking about a new America that has come into being…vastly inferior America.


Regardless of these ongoing negatives and dangers, if the GOP wins congress, and we have Donald Trump at the helm, we can at least hold off the further degradation of this once great nation. Having offered this optimism, I am reluctant to admit that my most optimistic projection is a holding action against the dedicated, well-funded, actions of the Left and their useful idiots.  We had that holding action from 2017 to 2021 when Trump, almost single handedly held off the Left. But, after the first six months of 2021 almost all of it was gone. No one could have accomplished what Trump accomplished but, at best, it was a holding action.


What he couldn’t do, and no one could have, was reverse the corruptions of our institutions and half of the American people. Those are deep wounds that will take decades to change if they can be changed at all. It is my view that those things cannot be changed…only limited in their negative expression and impact. Even if our actions with control of congress and a Trump presidency will be limited, that shouldn’t be mistaken for being unimportant.
That holding action for four years…perhaps extending to 12 with DeSantis gaining two terms in the presidency… only then could our holding action can begin to impact on the basic structural issues affecting our country. All of this is within the most optimistic model that is possible. All of this is contingent on the GOP taking at least one of the houses in Congress.  


A real question exists, however, that should at least be asked in the private discussions of any rational patriotic thinkers in our society…” What happens if both houses of Congress stay in Leftist hands after the 2022 midterms? Regardless of cause, including illegality, if this happens, the GOP has forfeited its right to exist as viable political force in America.  After the damage done by the Left since Biden robbed his way into the presidency, if the GOP is not able to capture the House of Representatives in 2022, they cannot possibly serve any future purpose.  So, what am I suggesting?


For the first time in American history…at least the first time in the last 100 years, a third party becomes not only a possible alternative, but a required alternative.  The GOP is dead, long live the America First Party. Every argument that has been used historically to resist a third party would no longer be valid. In reality, it wouldn’t be a third party, as I can project that the GOP would simply cease to exist. The AFP would offer a platform that anyone who chooses to run under its banner must adhere. War, literally or figuratively, demands strategy and tactics. At this point the GOP offers neither…the new America First party must and will. At this point in mid-2022 I believe an America First Party, led by President trump is already stronger and more functional than the GOP.


The dead and useless weight of the old guard Republican elites would be gone. They would have little to no voice in the new party.  Existing politicians would run and serve within this party or they will be shunned. Those that understand we are in a battle for the very existence of America will be welcomed and supported. Those that don’t understand that simple truth are not worth having. This new party’s members and financial resources will be dedicated to only one thing…restoring America to her former glory.


I am not optimistic this will work except in comparison to staying the political course which is a sure recipe for disaster. Bold souls will be needed to save this country…few exist, and will ever exist, in the Republican Party. The America First Party will hang out a huge welcome sign for anyone who is willing to got to war for America. Yes…even if it’s only figuratively.

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