November 2020 Forward, bye Andrew Joppa

November 2020 Forward

by Andy Joppa


What follows is not a defense of Donald J Trump, for he does not need one. It is more so an attack on the millions of my fellow Americans who were not wise enough to understand the presence of greatness in their midst. Many of these were petty, very small men, without the right to share the same room with this man. Many others were anti-Americans who hated Trump because he unabashedly loved this country. Others were and remain…manifestations of corruption and evil the likes of which has never been seen before in a great civilized nationSo, let me talk about November 2020 forward. America has little time left to undo the damage being done by these malignancies that threaten to consume this nation.


Our great ex-President Donald J Trump is always accused of lying about the 2020 election.  No matter the nature of the conversation you can “trust” the media to add the comment, “…while Trump lied about the election results.” In the worst-case scenario, President Trump was simply wrong about the election…but was not lying. There isn’t the slightest proof that he knowingly took any position that he knew to be false. Beyond that, I can suggest that all of those making the accusations that he lied had no idea of what the truth was…nor did they care.  They just hated Trump. They most typically hated him because of the very lies and distortions that they themselves has created. In true Leftist tradition they just echoed the party line…” Trump Lied.” What can be documented with great surety is…his accusers were, and are, lying.


Putting the above aside, and only dealing with where the weight of the objective information falls, there is no doubt that the mass of information either directly or inferentially indicates the election was stolen. Amazingly, one of the most consistent defenses of that election is that, even if there was fraud, it was not sufficient to overturn the results of the election. Yes…it was rigged these mealy mouths say, but not in large enough amounts to make any difference.


Once again, those offering this comment are lying…they don’t have the slightest idea of the total amount of fraud that had occurred. Those like former AG Barr used this line of reasoning that was all built on the premise that all fraud had been identified. This is an untenable position and I can state with absolute surety that the identified and accepted areas of fraud were but the tip of a huge fraudulent iceberg. The election was stolen…period.


Another spurious defense of these elections is that the courts found no fraud or did not take up cases where fraud was on the agenda.  Several comments can be offered. The first and most significant is the courts had no idea of the depth of the fraud that had taken place. If anything, they had done but a cursory analysis of the limited information they were supplied. The majority of the courts, even if not overtly political, wanted no part of any ruling that might have thrown the election into doubt…even if fraudulent…which, I believe, they couldn’t have cared less about.  Their guiding concept was transition without chaos.  The impact on America be damned. The courts disgraced themselves during this entire process.


Of course, the last thing the Progressive/Left wanted was a full, in depth, investigation into this election. The obvious reason is…they knew it was fraudulent. You would have thought that since they so loudly proclaimed the integrity of these elections that they would have welcomed that investigation. Their pushback and resistance to that process I believe validates they knew that would expose the depth of the fraud…the depth of their fraud…depth of their criminal fraud.


Once President Trump clearly understood the nature of the fraud, he also clearly understood what lay ahead for America and the world. This wasn’t a case of Trump’s ego…this was his wisdom. He knew that those who stole the election would not hesitate to steal everything else from the American people. We have now all seen what Trump saw in our future become all too manifest. He was too great a man to not try and save America. What was he supposed to do…slink into the background and allow the Left to destroy America? He was too much of a man to not do what he could to save this country. Where were you?


With all of that in mind he never sought to “overthrow” the election. He merely sought a legal count to take place where it was authorized. That is all he asked from the coward Mike Pence…it’s all he’s ever asked from anyone…a legal count. That request was quite simple yet even that was beyond the willingness of almost all weak-kneed Americans.  Trump fought nearly alone then…he still does.


Trump is one of the greatest men in world history. Very few like him have ever come our away…once he’s gone, I fear they’ll be no one to take his place. If during this process the Left tries to lay hands on this man and deprive him of his freedom, it should serve as a rallying cry to end the impact of these miscreants of the Left. In their totality, they do not have the human value that is represented by this one great man.

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