My “Common Sense” Gun Control Actions, by Andrew Joppa

My “Common Sense” Gun Control Actions

by Andy Joppa


There’s a “bipartisan” group of senators meeting about new firearm laws, proposals that again are being debated and discussed even before the full story of how the Uvalde shooting unfolded and what, if anything, could be done at the federal level to prevent or reduce the chances of such shootings taking place. They are projecting this debate to extend past the 2034 midterm elections…or longer.


It’s perplexing  that Republican senators are apparently playing nice with Democrats and indulging their emotional response; one that is being guided by Democrats, is not going to do anything but erode the ability of law-abiding citizens to protect themselves, their families, and their communities.


So far, the group — led on the Democrats’ side by Senator Chris Murphy (D-DE) while Senator John Cornyn (R-TX) is representing Republicans — not surprisingly hasn’t reached any sort of concrete consensus on what policies could be moved forward. They have also failed to prevent the common cold and interrupted wi-fi service. The group involved in the talks (or being consulted) also includes Kyrsten Sinema (D-AZ), Joe Manchin (D-WV), Richard Blumenthal (D-CT), Martin Heinrich (D-NM), Lindsey Graham (R-SC), Susan Collins (R-ME), Pat Toomey (R-PA), Rick Scott (R-FL), and Bill Cassidy (R-LA). Could there be a more stalwart group of individuals to resolve an irresolvable issue?


But now, this bipartisan group of senators seems to be pursuing more government, a supposed “fix” that has yet to prove its usefulness or efficacy in keeping firearms out of the hands of people who wish to use them to do harm to others; although they have successfully prevented many law abiding citizens from protecting themselves and their families. There’s no basis for the assumption that more federal government involvement would do anything to prevent tragedies like last week’s in Texas or the previous week’s in Buffalo. In fact, if we judge by all previous government actions going back as far as 1910, they will do more harm than good (There was something that Teddy Roosevelt back then that helped…but I can’t remember what it was).


One thing is certain: if Republicans negotiate away the Second Amendment rights of millions of law-abiding Americans through this process, they don’t deserve to win Americans’ support in November. Another thing that’s certain is: if Republicans negotiate away the Second Amendment rights of millions of law-abiding Americans through this process, they don’t deserve to win Americans’ support in November.


With all that in mind I have constructed a meaningful set of purposeful gun (weapon) control measures. These are all ones that should gain immediate bipartisan support in Congress. This comment, of course, presumes that no one really wants to, or can do, anything that is meaningful as it regards violence in America. This does not include destructive cultural changes that have been the substance of Progressive politics. To paraphrase Fernando Llamas, “They would rather look good than do good.”


For the sake of the Republican minority in this process…those they think they must do something…must do anything… the following list of measures should prove useful. I believe all of these “gun control measures” will receive wide support from their constituencies. I think even the NRA…and I am a member…always concerned with the slippery slope…will sign on to these “common sense” reforms.” I have labored intensively during the between periods of the NY Ranger hockey game to create this list.


This Congressional Committee resolves that:


All existing laws shall be enforced. (This one may preclude the need for any    further discussion…let’s go to lunch.)


Just in case the first is rejected I have many others:


No one shall be allowed to murder an innocent person with any weapon.


No one who has murdered an innocent with any weapon shall be allowed to possess any such weapon in the future.


Specifically, no one who has murdered an innocent with a gun shall be     allowed to possess a gun in the future.


No one shall be allowed to murder an innocent individual under the age of    19…or over the age of 19.


Any person who attempts to murder someone with a gun, or any weapon, and     fails, will still be charged with murder, and loses their right to further possession.


Anyone entering a school brandishing a firearm (or any deadly weapon), threatening to kill children, and wearing body armor, will immediately be killed…if not immediately, they will be hung as soon as possible outside the school.


Anyone who is planning a gun related violent crime will be required to     immediately surrender their guns… and agree to never to get another    one…or…at least stop planning.


We will immediately establish a list of people who have voluntarily submitted their names, saying they intend to commit a violent, gun related, crime.


No one who is incarcerated in any prison will be allowed to possess a gun.


Anyone in prison caught with a gun will immediately be imprisoned.


Congress will enact legislation to prevent the automatic distribution of guns to illegal aliens. This will be true with the exception of those shipped off to    Washington D.C.


Each person entering a school will have to answer the question, “Do you have a gun?” If they answer in the affirmative, they will be denied entry…even if they had gone to that school or their grandmother or mother worked  there…or…they have to use the gender-neutral bathroom.


No deceased person shall be allowed to possess a gun…even if they’ve voted.(Deceased will be defined as the failure to be alive)


Successful suicide by gun will be considered a felony crime and that person    will immediately be arrested, tried, and sentenced to incarceration for the    rest of their life and…lose the right to possess a firearm.


No one who has made multiple death threats to innocents (minimum of 7) and there is documented trail of potential implementation and has been    deemed a serious threat by The FBI and multiple local enforcement agencies    will be allowed to possess a gun…unless they have a damn good reason.


No Progressive shall be allowed to possess a gun (or a knife or paper    shredder). They are correct…it is dangerous for everyone if they possess    weapons of any sort. (This one may not gain bipartisan support. Progressives    should, however, look at the upside of this legislation…approximately 1/3 of    all Americans will immediately be disarmed).


If you think I’ve been too flippant with this issue, I empathize with your erroneous viewpoint.


While violence in America is a serious issue, gun control in America is a political issue. If they really want to stop violence in America the Left would stop creating a “victimhood” mindset, make serious attempts to restore the nuclear family with fathers back in the home, and stop dividing Americans into balkanized groups.  They would also “harden” the schools against anyone who would damage our children…this includes teachers who would “groom” our children for their ideological or perverse purpose. Until they seriously address the real problems causing violence in America, I have the right to be flippant about their political, “theater of the absurd.” My list attempts to demonstrate that absurdity.

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