Minimalist Positions Needed from the Left, by Andrew Joppa

Minimalist Positions Needed from The Left

by Andy Joppa


Toward the end of my in-class teaching career, more and more students would make blatantly anti-American statements.  I won’t categorize who they were…although I could. Not wanting to suppress their right to have an opinion and discourage them from speaking further, I imposed on them one simple requirement.  Before saying anything negative about America they had to offer at least one positive comment. As I told them, if they couldn’t do that, it was proof positive that they were being blatantly ideological and their subsequent negative thoughts were not derived from well considered insights, but rather, from an underlying, all consuming, bias. I defined this requirement simply as offering, a minimalist position to document they had some degree of rational thought.


In a like manner, if it is ever to become possible to accept that the American Progressive Left has any degree of sincerity about the issues facing our nation, rather than their intent being purely political and ideological, there are minimalist positions that we have the right to demand, and expect, from them. If they can’t offer even these limited concessions to reality, then all else associated with their actions must be rejected. I am not optimistic that any of these positions will be forthcoming. But by their silence they will document that they are ideological driven frauds.


First case in point. They’ve stated time and time again that climate change, caused by human action, is on the verge of destroying all human life on this planet.  This hasn’t been offered as a remote possibility, but as an absolute surety unless…unless all carbon emissions are dramatically reduced or totally eliminated.  Their minimalist position to document their sincerity (not their validity) must be a strong advocacy for nuclear power. Nuclear power is carbon free and could create dramatic reductions in the atmospheric level of CO2. Their lament that nuclear power is too dangerous is absurd on its face, as modern nuclear power design has multiple fail-safe systems that make meltdown IMPOSSIBLE.  However, even if that is not true, their position of imminent death for all human life from climate change warrants that risk. If they are sincere it would warrant any risk.


Next, their position on abortion, if it is not to include the murder of a completely viable human being, viable by any standard, must include the minimalist position of their coming out strongly against third trimester, partial birth abortion. That position is so rational…so moral…so legal, that rejecting it, demonstrates clearly that their position of defending the right of a woman to the integrity of her own body is a sham; something offered for political manipulation rather than a valid view of the act of aborting itself.  You cannot advocate for third trimester partial birth abortion, without violating every moral construct of a free and legal nation.


The Left’s view on the voting process, “That every vote must count, and we must count every vote,” is laudable as it stands.  Of course, the position is contingent on what constitutes a “vote.” A vote cannot be construed as a random series of “Xs” made on a ballot, any ballot, perhaps multiple times, offered by persons unknown.  That reality would perhaps even destroy the worth of the vote of their very own, legal constituency.  Their minimalist position, therefore, must include their enthusiastic support of voter IDs. This, of course, should not be difficult since, statistically, everyone in their legal constituency already has one.  Unless they are willing to concede that their real intent is creating easier pathways for illegal votes, then a voter ID requirement should offer no problems for our “fellow Americans” on the Left. There is no valid argument that could be offered in opposition.


It is in this final issue that the minimalist position can best be explored. The Left wants America to believe that the corona virus creates an imminent threat to life…not just to the vulnerable…but all human life. They take this position while statistics have documented time and time again that someone without an underlying vulnerability has almost no chance of dying from a corona-based flu. They have demanded masks while masks can be proven to be of minimal to no value depending on the mask.  They have pressured toward vaccine mandates in a situation where the only person protected by vaccines…with even that being limited…is the person being vaccinated themselves; the vaccinated and unvaccinated both carrying the same viral load and both, therefore, offering the same potential for transmission. Their minimalist position, to even approximate a show of sincerity, would be an immediate advocacy for the use of Ivermectin.


Ivermectin has been documented worldwide as being an extremely effective, and safe, therapeutic. Yet, in America, there has been what can only be described as a conspiratorial process toward its rejection.  This has been a combined effort of the government, the medical community, and the media. Their conspiracy to suppress Ivermectin has resulted in what can, in its most benign interpretation, be interpreted as negligent homicide.  It must be concluded that they have rejected this therapeutic as its acceptance would minimize the Big Pharm vaccine profits (and Fauci’s) and would not fill expensive hospital ICU beds with suffering COVID patients. Their easily fulfilled, and life saving minimalist position, must be their immediate support for this extremely valuable therapeutic.  If they are not willing to do this, they become complicit in the willful deaths of hundreds if not multiple thousands of their fellow citizens. This is called murder.


As I indicated earlier, I don’t believe any of these minimalist positions will be forthcoming from the Left. Their fanaticism and commitment to their own power and/or financial needs is so overwhelming, that they are unable to even offer any slight variant from their dogmatic positioning. The amount of carnage resulting from their positions has been extreme.  I believe, however, that we have only seen the tip of an iceberg of the impact of Leftist insanity.

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