Lying “Lions” Lying in Wait, by Andrew Joppa

Lying “Lions” Lying in Wait

by Andy Joppa

“I never would have agreed to the formulation of the Central Intelligence Agency back in forty-seven, if I had known it would become the American Gestapo.”

Harry S. Truman




Once upon a time, a father, in order to protect his home and family from intruders, brought in a feral lion from the plains of Africa.  The lion was powerful and uncontrolled for, after all, thought the father, it had to be if it were to fulfill its ability to keep his family safe from the evil forces that constantly threatened his family’s security.


The lion did his job effectively as almost all intruders were kept at bay by the lion’s strength, ominous presence, and loud roars. The lion was well fed and was accorded a place of great honor in the home he guarded. The family would pet the lion as they walked by and he would purr, delighted by the affection, and love he received. He was respected as a noble beast who was essential for the family’s well-being. At dinner, the family would even include the lion in their blessings, “Thank God for Jimmy (that was the name given to their lion) …what would we do without him?”


Things went along quite well until he then, of course, ate the father, the wife and all the little kiddies…he was, after all, a lion. The father, who was the last to go, and with his final words, still screamed out…” But…but… at least we were safe…God bless you Jimmy.” At that point, a pride of lions took over the house…which was their lion’s entire intent in being there to start with.


End of story…beginning of ours.


The moral of my little parable is:  If your security is obtained in a manner that will cause your eventual destruction, you must create another means to achieve that end. If not, you will be eaten. Your “lion” must be chained and always understood to be a serious threat to your existence if it gets out of control. 


Our intelligence agencies are our “lion.”  There is one major difference, however, in the American intelligence dilemma that isn’t the same as has been faced by other nations, and that is the one I’ve illustrated above.  Our “lion” doesn’t, at this point, exist to sustain our existing governmental structure or its security…ours exists, to the largest extent, to overthrow it.  If I might return to my parable for just a second, perhaps I can give this some clarity.


Our intelligence agencies, to gain their unchallengeable power and operational independence, must be reasonably successful in keeping the obvious enemies from our door.   They must intercept most threats from Russia, China and anyone defined as a terrorist.  Success in these areas “buys” them the leverage to act in all areas. They must have achievements in what the nation sees as their primary enemies, for, if they don’t, they can’t operate in their area of greater current concern, the political environments.  While I don’t believe that most personnel in the intelligence community are complicit in this mindset, although this can’t be documented, that doesn’t matter.  The lower levels follow orders, and orders come from the top and, it is at the top, the leadership level, where this type of scurrilous focus is generated.


The thinly veiled threat of the intelligence agencies is, that if you suppress their actions in any area, you will reap the pain of the failures that might occur in other areas.  This is a form of security-based blackmail.That is, to give but one example…if you suppress their ability to eavesdrop in political situations you are putting at risk their ability to stop Russia, China, or the terrorists in other situations. America, trusting its intelligence agencies, and terrified by almost any degree of risk, cowers at even the consideration of delimiting their clandestine actions; actions that are now calibrated, not for security, but to create support for their preferred political ideology.


I won’t invest my time…nor yours…in documenting the incredible levels of corruption, distortion, bias and, yes, illegalities, that have endlessly spewed from almost every faucet of the intelligence agencies.  Never in American history had the leadership, both past and present, of our intelligence agencies, launched such an unending assault on a sitting president of the United States as they did on Donald Trump. It must be recognized that their real focus wasn’t Trump…it was America itself.


The names, James Clapper, John Brennan, Michael Hayden, Peter Strozk, James Comey, and Robert Mueller should make every loyal American hang their heads in shame.  That these political ideologues should have been seen as the best of us; that they should have had access to our deepest secrets; that they were given access to information on almost every American, is more symptomatic of a Banana Republic than that of a Constitutional Republic.


With this in mind, the last 20 years have seen a massive expansion of the CIA and other intelligence agencies, backed by an avalanche of media propaganda, with endless television programs and movies glorifying American spies and assassins (24, Homeland, Zero Dark Thirty, etc.). The media campaign alleging Russian intervention in the 2016 US elections was based entirely on handouts from the CIA, NSA, and FBI, transmitted by reporters who are either unwitting stooges or conscious agents of the intelligence apparatus. This has been accompanied by the recruitment of a cadre of top intelligence officials to serve as highly paid “experts” and “analysts” for the television networks.


This process was well under way during the administration of Barack Obama, which endorsed and expanded the various operations of the intelligence agencies abroad and within the United States. Obama’s endorsed successor, Hillary Clinton, ran openly as the chosen candidate of the Pentagon and CIA, touting her toughness as a future commander-in-chief and pledging to escalate the confrontation with Russia, both in Syria and Ukraine.


This alignment of the intelligence agencies, the media, and the political system should serve as proof positive of my essential thesis; our dangerous “lion” is on the loose…and we are being eaten.


The Central Intelligence Agency owns everyone of any significance in the major media.

William Colby



I don’t want to extend a conspiracy theory any further than reality warrants. However, I had to “scratch an itch.” I just invested more time than I had to in trying to document that Gina Haspel, former CIA Director under Trump, was still alive.


Rumors abounded in late 2020 that she had been killed, wounded, or arrested during a raid on a CIA computer farm in Frankfort Germany.  I could find no definitive proof that Haspel is still among us. One would think that with these rumors being so persistent that “they”, or Haspel herself, would have gone out of their way to show Gina alive and well in manner providing irrefutable proof.


If you can provide me with that DEFINITIVE proof…please send it to me. For example: it would not be definitive if someone just gave her a job that is not accompanied by pictures that document her existence during that process.

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