America Must Win, China Will Not Lose, by Andrew Joppa

America Must Win, China Will Not Lose

by Andy Joppa


“With few exceptions, democracy has not brought good government to new developing countries. What Asians value may not necessarily be what Americans or Europeans value. Westerners value the freedoms and liberties of the individual. As an Asian of Chinese cultural background, my values are for a government which is honest, effective, and efficient.

Lee Kuan Yew- Founding Father of Singapore


I recently published two extended essays on The People’s Republic of China. The first detailed the remarkable economic movement of China; all in a relatively short period of time.  It was, debatably, the most substantial rapid economic growth of any nation in human history. It literally had no parallels (I hold in abeyance the recovery of post WWII Japan). The second essay dealt with the acceleration of China’s educational process and its dramatic impact on that nation’s outcomes, especially in the areas of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics.  When all of this was woven together, it provided a clear picture of a nation with five times our population that was emerging as a serious competitor to the United States, including militarily.


My intent was not to extol the virtues of The Peoples Republic of China or to ignore its vile excesses, but to present an irrefutable picture of an adversary that was rapidly moving forward in all areas of accomplishment and presented to us a challenge, the likes of which we have never seen before. It asks the question, “Does America have its ‘A Game’ ready for this challenge?”


The Bolsheviks came to power in a nation decimated by WWI and within Russia, a country that had never built a large industrial base. They did well in many areas but had essential flaws that eventually led to its downfall. The Third Reich came to prominence in a country of limited population and, in one, that had been the hardest hit by the Great Depression. Once they over extended, they were doomed to failure. No other challenger had brought, or was bringing to the equation, the level of resources, the manufacturing capabilities, or a huge, educated population focused on those areas critical for competitive success. No, it is clear, at least to me, that we are entering into a conflict that will test the strength and resiliency of our great nation like nothing that has preceded it.


China has pushed aside all barriers to its ascendency and undoubtedly set out on a path of world domination. It is clear that China is trying to fulfill all the predictions made seven hundred years ago…China would dominate the planet.  All realistic views of China fall into one of three areas. They were just behind the US, were equal to the US, or had already nudged past the US. One of these is true. I tend to believe they have drawn even with our nation. My essays intended to create a deepened awareness that our great nation was in a battle for the quality of its future, if not for its very existence.


Quite simply…I failed.  I didn’t fail because my information wasn’t correct.  I didn’t fail because America showed greater strength than China.  I failed because almost all my feedback, and the writings on Conservative sites, highlighted one factor and one factor only.  That was, China is fragile. That China has so many dangerous pressure points that it will self-destruct. Yes…opinions did not suggest the quality of the US would win out…but that China would fail. As a matter of logic…when our success depends completely on the failure of our enemy, we’re in trouble. In fact, these oft cited positions are a tacit admission that the US cannot compete with a successful China. So, for those rooting for America, as I am, many took the approach…America will win because China will fail…I do not take this position.  This is an extremely dangerous way to approach this current conflict.  It suggests America has to do nothing but stay the course and wait for the demise of China.


Why do these China naysayers indicate China will fail? Let me count the ways that are presented. There seems to be a new reason every day. Her demographics are working against her. She’s not having enough children and her population is aging. She is having trouble in Tibet and in her Western Provinces.  She is facing growing pressures in Hong Kong and there is a developing potential for revolution and, of course, Xi is far weaker than he projects. Another “problem” is that the Chinese can’t advance unless they are members of the CCP, making them ready to overthrow their government. Each of these, it is suggested, could be the death knell for The People’s Republic.


What grotesque, optimistic… and dangerous… nonsense. China faces no problems resembling an existential threat, and none that she can’t deal with by using the strong hand of her autocratic regime. It is little noted that China is no longer a Maoist nation or even, in practice, a Marxist nation.  It can best be understood as moving more and more into the model suggested by Singapore under the leadership of Lee Kuan Yew, founding father of Singapore.  Lee had been the primary advisor to Deng Xiaoping and to Xi Jinping before Lee’s death in 2015. Theirs is an autocratic model built around an unrelenting meritocracy.


None of China’s problems, even if true, are unusual and most are just manifestations of Western optimism.  What I didn’t hear or read about was anyone saying that the US could defeat a China that doesn’t defeat itself. This was avoided because it isn’t true…at least at this moment in our history.

We are led by those who seemingly hate this country.  In their way of thinking, America’s biggest enemy is the America that was and those who respect her.  It has been stated time and time again that our biggest threat is Domestic Terrorism.  The majority of our students have been educated to believe that systemic racism still dominates our society.  All of this has been introduced into our military and many of our major corporations.  A quick survey would seemingly reveal that many top end Americans have a deeper respect, if not financial commitment, to The Peoples Republic of China. All of our institutions seem corrupted, often by more fervent Marxist doctrine than is experienced in China. I could go on with this listing of America’s current deficiencies. You know them all too well.


Yet, those commenting on China predict her decline or failure on problems far less significant than those facing current America. All of this leads me to one inexorable, and regrettable, conclusion.  If all current directions for both China and America continue as they are…China will win the battle for world supremacy.  America will then fall substantially below them in any world power rankings and the quality of life for most Americans will substantially decline.


Even this outcome is more optimistic than others that may be suggested.  This would include asymmetric warfare unleashed on our nation, biologically (as we’ve already seen), chemically, or through economic or cyber-attacks crippling our infrastructure. However, and this is a critical however, “the ball is in the court of America.”  It is America that will win or lose this battle.  If we continue to degrade in every area of American life we will lose. If, however, we can recover our primary virtues, restore a nation of law, instill in our people a respect for the greatness of our nation, and find leaders that are not ideologically committed to ideas that should only exist in the dust bin of history we can get it done and emerge stronger than ever before.  Yes…it is our battle to win or lose. China will not lose…we must win.


If you are one of those suggesting that China will lose because of their own internal problems, please supply me with the characteristics of 2021 America that will allow us to win, barring that internal collapse of The People’s Republic.


“China is not going to become a liberal democracy, if it did, it would collapse. If you believe there is going to be a revolution of some sort in China for democracy, you are wrong. To achieve modernization China’s communist leaders are prepared to try every method except for democracy.”

Lee Kuan Yew

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