You Reap What You Sow, by Andrew Joppa

You Reap What You Sow

By Andy Joppa


I love America. I love the Constitution. I love the law.  I also love honesty and fairness. For these reasons I have learned to admire the great Donald Trump. If he didn’t show those attributes, I wouldn’t have any interest in the man himself. So, for those that think people such as me are blind followers of Trump, they are wrong.  I love America and Trump has become its major standard bearer.


Since his election in November of 2016 he has been illegally investigated by agents of the federal government, tried for impeachment on entirely fallacious charges, been insulted by officials of government, and has been fair game for the most spurious of allegations made by the mainstream media, seemingly in coordination with the Democrat party. 


The lies told about this man have occurred without serious rebuttal. He has been accused of treason and has been called a murderer for the false allegation that he failed to respond to The Wuhan Flu.  During his administration many of America’s cities were assaulted by violent protestors, most without legal intervention. Many of these riots described as being in response to the actions of the president. All of this has been tolerated without any acts of violence by the millions of Trumps committed supporters.


Most love Trump because he was the only one standing up for America. Yet, few came to his defense and fewer words were offered that accurately portrayed his enormous contributions. Contributions that were accomplished while he was being illegally resisted by members of the Federal bureaucracy.

November 3rd, and its aftermath, was the moment of truth.  There has been an enormous amount of documentation that the election was stolen.  I have literally read hundreds of thousands of words, often with graphic support, verifying the blatant illegality of all that transpired.  This information was not something that was casually distributed by rumor mongers on twitter…as it’s often described.  It was overwhelming in detailing what had transpired. Yet, with all that is known…no one attempted to react to this fraud in a manner that would have represented a nation that had a true concern, or any concern, with democracy, honesty, or The Constitution itself.


Many offer that this information documenting fraud has been scrutinized by the judiciary, state executives and concerned members of the federal bureaucracy.  None of that is true.  The information has never been explored, and all activities surrounding it have rejected any direct inspection of the fraud; rejection was based on procedural issues…never on content.


As of this moment the Federal government…the executive, both houses of congress and, the potential extended implication of stacking the supreme court, are all in Leftist hands, creating a potential America that could never have been imagined.  There is already talk of bringing legal action against Trump supporters, with many on the Left demanding the incarceration of the President himself.  And, again, no one seems to care.  These are all acts of violence of a different and more damaging sort. America seems to be on the brink of becoming a socialist enclave, with The Constitution becoming little more than an ignored scrap of paper.


On January 6th, the pent-up emotions of the past four years boiled over.  Having pursued every legal means to explore the election results in a legal manner without success… the frustration detonated in Washington D.C. Tens of thousands of patriots were not willing to allow America to sink into socialist oblivion. I won’t defend or reject the actions that many took today, especially at the Capital Building.  What occurred, however, is what always happens when a decent, law-abiding people, find no recourse available to save their nation, their president, and their very freedom.


The platitudes of condemnation were predictable.  None of these obligatory statements ever touched on the cause of what would have driven these non-violent citizens to such a level of apparent excess.  For those who offer only condemnation I ask…what path was open to anyone who needed to make a statement in support of America… their freedom and the president?  No one cared what these Americans thought. No one cared whether their freedom was being compromised.  No one cared if the election was stolen and a great man was damaged.  Perhaps now…they’ll care.  If not, I’m afraid that what happened in D.C., will only be the prelude to an America that can only be forced to listen using threats of violence…or worse.


Few want that to be the destination of our great nation.  There is every reason to believe it will be, unless a reality of legality, honesty and integrity can be restored.  The Left has shown little inclination in any of those directions and the most on the Right seem too cowardly to challenge their excess.  It is not those that stormed the capital that must learn the values of America; it is those whose contempt for our republic has left them with little choice.


The disdain for our democracy had much of its visible origins in the events of November 3rd and the days and weeks that followed. Compared to that assault on our republic, the acts of January 6th were inconsequential in their extended implications. January 6th was symbolic…November 3rd was substantive. Our nation will survive the former…it may not survive the latter.

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