What Starts a War Doesn’t Matter, by Andrew Joppa

What Starts a War Doesn’t Matter

(It’s only what follows)

by Andy Joppa


        “The supreme art of war is to subdue the enemy without fighting.” – Sun Tzu


The assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand did not cause WWI.  The Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor did not cause WWII.   They were both merely triggering events but were not causal in themselves.  Both, in themselves, relatively inconsequential events.


In a like manner, COVID-19 was a triggering event for our reaction, but it was not causal in creating the specific response.  That response was drawn from an almost infinite potential of choices.  What has been chosen has been the most deleterious of all choices that might have been made.  I believe the question of why those choices were made must be explored…or at least considered.


WWI was caused by simmering and disintegrating European relationships and WWII (in the Pacific) was caused by the battle over raw materials in the Pacific rim. In a similar manner COVID-19 did not create the grotesque distortions that have been imposed on Americans, their culture and their economic system. I believe most of the pain we are going through has been an extension of the ongoing attempt to damage and/or eliminate the only barrier to Leftist schemes, Donald Trump.  He has clearly been their only impediment.


I have no doubt that if it were not for the Left’s unrelenting attempt to destroy Trump, that little of what we are experiencing now would have happened. I know, I know, I can hear many of you screaming at me…this is real…this is not just some political ploy of the Left.  Of course, COVID-19 is real, but our response to it is but a choice. It is that choice, or rather series of choices, that must be weighed and evaluated.


I have no intention of insulting anyone, but…it is a garish naivete to ignore the economic destruction we have been going through without considering that this minimal event has been turned into a major condition….by choice.  If so…whose choice was it?


That is exactly what COVID-19 is…a minor event turned into a major condition.  Yes…in that sense, it has been a hoax. Once again, not the very existence of COVID-19, but our reaction to it. I believe the entire response was manufactured as a way of creating a trap around Donald Trump from which, it was believed, he could not extricate himself.


Of course, I am suggesting a conspiracy of the highest order.  For those that reject the vey concept of conspiracies, you have allowed the talking-heads of the deep state to have their way with you.  Conspiracies have been the only defining commonality of American politics. They have been deepened in their existence and damage over the past three and a half years.


Consider…do you have any doubt that the Left would have done exactly as I have suggested?  If not, then what is the source of your resistance to the fact that they have created the most destructive response possible… by intent?  Does anyone really believe that The Left loves America and Americans so much that they would not have done everything in their power to destroy Trump, even if it meant putting America into economic depression? I, for one, harbor, no such illusion.


A detailed case can be made for one of two circumstances that have brought us to where we are now.


The Left, supported by those in the medical community and media of like mind, saw the useful implications of COVID-19 in accomplishing what they believed had to occur if Trump was to be beaten…the economy had to be destroyed.  Once these traitors recognized what fate had put at their disposal, it was not to be wasted.  Trump was then maneuvered into what they thought were inescapable positions. Positions that the Left deepened in their implication with modeling and death projections.  None of these models have held in their numbers…or have even offered rough approximations of reality as it unfolded.  Now, perhaps it was just pure incompetence, but with everything seen over the past 3 ½ years that is extremely unlikely.  This was a contrived assault on our president and our nation.

That was the most benign of the circumstances. It will not, however, go away.


Whenever the numbers look “good”, other “information” will be released explaining how we must still restrict human contact and economic activity. The “data” will be corrupted toward that purpose.  It has a destination, and until that destination is reached, the “pandemic” will rage on. That destination is the removal of President Trump from office.


There is a second and even more sinister possibility. It is perhaps even more likely. This, conspiratorial potential drawn from current events, is that it is a unified process of the American Left with their kindred spirits in the CCP.  Trump Is not only a barrier to the Left’s intent of redesigning America in their socialist image, but he has also been the most serious obstacle to China’s intentions to gain world-wide economic superiority.


There can be little doubt that China would love to have Trump out of the Oval Office and a Sinophile like Biden in. Everything we know about this circumstance as it unfolded would document the validity of this premise.  If we judge by China’s early reaction (or inaction) to COVID-19, coupled with their rapid recovery and the minimal deaths in Shanghai and Beijing, and the Left’s never ending support for the tyrannical CCP,  linked with the destructive role of the WHO, this potential takes on the strong smell of  conspiratorial accuracy.


If I judge by the players in my little drama…The CCP and the American Left and media, all I have offered as a hypothetical starts moving toward being a likelihood. The Japanese Zeros had rising suns on their wings, the assassin of the Archduke was quickly identified as a Serbian.  Our virus, however, had no Red Star or Donkey defining it.  They have both been able to maintain plausible deniability.

We have not been afraid of COVID-19. We have been afraid of not demonstrating the appropriate level of concern for this relatively innocuous pandemic (as these things go). Most have been terrified of having the long finger of condemnation pointed in their direction for not showing enough concern. This fear has been constantly stoked by the Left and the media.


However, the most provocative element of fear is caused by the question, what if either of my scenarios is correct?  What if one of the two major political parties has gone to war against the U.S.?  Even more provocative is the question…what would we do if it were documented that China has launched an asymmetric war against our country? I think the answer to both of those questions is so mind-boggling in their implication that no one wants to go there.  Simply ignoring that we have been attacked may be a more comfortable place to be than responding to both or either of these enemies of our country.


That, I believe, is what has been decided…that is what both of this nation’s enemies were counting on.  Our hyperreaction has paved the way for a continuing series of comparable assaults.


“Engage people with what they expect; it is what they are able to discern and confirms their projections. It settles them into predictable patterns of response, occupying their minds while you wait for the extraordinary moment — that which they cannot anticipate.” – Sun Tzu

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