What Needs to Be Said, by Andrew Joppa

What Needs to Be Said

by Andy Joppa


“And for the support of this declaration, with a firm reliance on the protection of divine providence, we mutually pledge to each other our lives, our fortunes and our sacred honor.”

― Thomas Jefferson


We watched for 8 years as a president of little accomplishment offered this nation nothing of value except his triteness, while, he at the same time, demeaned and humiliated this, the greatest civilization in the history of the world.  This human vacuity was magnified by his sycophants to a level of undeserved significance. His value would only have been achieved by his doing nothing but, instead, he consistently chose to do the wrong thing.


In a totally dissimilar manner, for the last three years, we have also watched as a good, and even great man, has been viciously attacked by people who collectively are not worth as much as this giant on even his worst day. We have been shocked and disgusted by these political partisans as they functioned in a manner that seemed to be void of any semblance of human virtue.


Many of you have considered the things of which I will now write. Many of you, in the darkness of night, have had these ideas and then put them away, as they offended your sensitivity as a caring human being. I offer them here so that those that have been there and retreated, will understand that they are not alone.  I offer that you have at least, in myself, one ally in the battle for America. But it is much more than just this author… there are tens of millions who feel exactly the same way.  I write for all of those who remain rational in the face of insanity.


The repugnant thugs of the American political Left, and their allies in the media and the educational institutions, have not only established a new level of decadence for the political process of our country, but have moved into primary contention as one of the most dramatic manifestations of human immorality and ignorance the world has ever known. As reverse alchemists, they are trying to turn our nations gold into socialist lead.


I have nothing in common with these reprobates.  I do not want any as a fiend…an associate… or even a casual acquaintance. I regard each member of this mob of criminals in a like manner to the way a Jewish citizen of Germany would have thought about the members of the Third Reich in 1943.


The only reason the Left has not acted in a like manner to the SS, the Stalinists or Maoist, is the American system has maintained a measure of legal barrier that still partially constrains them.  Absent that barrier, there should be no doubt that they would act in the same manner as these brutal regimes.  There is also no doubt that any resistance to their ascendancy to power, should it occur, would be met with violence and death.


To the degree I love this country; to the degree I love my children and grandchildren; to the degree I love what this country has meant to the world…to that degree… I hate the Left and all its members. They are destroyers of life…of truth…of hope…of reality…of any positive attribute that mankind has demonstrated within its short history.  My only role, as an American, is to destroy their will to power…I have no other purpose. Do not ask me how. We must first agree that that that role is appropriate. But, never forget, we ultimately have the Constitution and history on our side.


For those that react to the word “hate” in a negative manner let me make the following points.  Hate is a word that we use to describe the emotional response to those things that threaten our existence.  Evolution has endowed us with this emotion to supply us a provocation to take action against those threats.  It energizes and focuses to ensure that “we” live on.


This is why the Left hates Trump…and us.  He, and we, threaten their very existence. They can only thrive if we die. We, in turn, hate them for the same reason.  They are a threat to the very existence of this nation.  They are a threat to our families and all that we hold dear.  Hate is the only word that suffices to define that necessary response.  So, choose other words if you must; abhor, loathe, detest, are but words invoked to fulfill our childhood meme from mom…” Don’t hate.”  But, when it’s all over only one of us will survive.


For those that maintain the view that the Left can be dealt with or that, in some ill-defined manner, it will all turn out well, I cannot help you…no one can help you.  Trust me, your lack of understanding will create untold pain that you don’t deserve.  For, if they thrive, all that you love will die…all that matters will cease to exist…all hopes and dreams will be squashed by their pursuit of manic and mindless nihilism. 


They have no redeeming attribute. They cannot be salvaged as moral beings.  Their human dementia goes so deep that it is a permanent scar tissue on their hideous brains.  While every civilization has had their share of these miscreants, no other civilization has willfully produced them by choice, extended them unearned respect and then afforded them positions of power. 


Certainly, many of them take care of their families and seem to display many characteristics of normalcy.  They are like the commander of Auschwitz, Rudolf Hoss, who butchered Jews during the day, and returned to his home for his family dinner at night. He bounced his children on his knee as thousands were dying in the gas chambers. If you are among those who believe that I describe this vile enemy in but the same manner that they would describe us, and we are therefore equivalents, I would also think you would make the same statement about equivalency between the Jews and Hitler, Ukrainians and Stalinists , or Cambodian intellectuals and Pol Pot. Yes, they all hated each other, but one was an innocent bystander the other was a vicious perpetrator.


If you are not willing to offer profoundly differentiating statements between these psychopaths and those that are, by every measurement, normal; if you are not willing to say what must be said, then what must be done will never be done.


Ahh…but the “how” question lingers in your mind.  Abraham Lincoln said, “I am not bound to win, but I am bound to be true. I am not bound to succeed, but I am bound to live up to what light I have.” The light we have is Donald Trump.  If nothing else, we can return him to the presidency and give him all the support his noble efforts should generate.  At least start there…you have no other port in this storm. If you are a Republican and don’t support and vote for Donald Trump…then you will contribute to the demise of this great nation…and your own.


 “Unhappy the land that is in need of heroes”

― Bertolt Brecht, Galileo

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