Teacher giving language lessons and doing homework to Chinese child

What About “Home Schooling”?

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On Thursday’s show, we visit with Keith Flaugh, Co-Founder of the Florida Citizens Alliance about options for parents as public schools begin to open including “home schooling.” We visit with Michael Cannon, Director of Healthcare Studies with the Cato Institute, about the President’s declaration that insurance companies should provide coverage to individuals with medical pre-conditions. The Founder and President of Less Government and I discuss a unanimous decision by the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals overturning an outrageous Patent Rights decision for Qualcomm against the Federal Trade Commission. We also visit with the former Mayor of Naples, Bill Barnett.

Please join us for tomorrow’s show. We visit with Research Fellow for the Cato Institute William Yeatman, the Founder and CEO of Juniper Research Group, Chris Jacobs, local author and travel, dining and entertainment columnist Sharon Kenny, and Dr. Paul Finucan.

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