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Here’s what you’ll find on today’s show.

On Friday’s show, we visit with Research Fellow with the Cato Institute, William Yeatman, about Sally Yates testimony to the Senate Judiciary Committee, about the John Durham criminal investigation into “Crossfire Hurricane,” and about the continuing legal assault on Lt. General Michael Flynn. Michael Cannon, Director of Health Policy Studies from the Cato Institute, comments on President Trump’s plan to reduce drug prices, and we discuss “free market” strategies to reduce costs in our healthcare system. We also visit with Entrepreneur and author of “The Devil at Our Doorstep” Dave Bego about positive changes by the National Labor Relations Board under President Trump and the importance the upcoming elections in holding off the assault of socialism.

Please join us on Monday when we visit with terrific special guests including the Founder and Publisher of HistoryCentral.com Marc Schulman and author and former Barron’s Washington Bureau Chief Jim McTague.

Please join us live at 7 a.m. on my website, or you can access the show anytime on podcast platforms (iTunes, TuneIn, Spotify, and Stitcher) or in “show archives” on my website, www.bobharden.com.

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