Vote Trump to Protect Your Freedom, by Andrew Joppa

Vote Trump to Protect Your Freedom


by Andy Joppa


“Those with little desire for their own freedom will have no regard for yours”

Andy Joppa


There is a generally accepted premise that almost everyone desires freedom.  Actually, nothing could be further from the truth.  In reality, the full pursuit and desirability of freedom is the minority position. In fact, very few on the Left can be considered to be advocates of freedom, including their own. This can be “documented” coming from several different analytic directions.


First, to find freedom desirable, or worth pursuing, it must be seen as offering benefit to the individual.  Within this one simple statement we’ve probably eliminated at least two thirds of those on the Left.  Their lives are led as conformists. Freedom is not necessary or even desirable within their conformity.  They never have contrarian positions to their group or seek out ends that are not already prescribed by the decision makers in their sub-culture. Their existence is defined by the absence of any individual aspirations that might require freedom to make manifest.  These are people who would never consider offering challenge to even the most unscrupulous of politicians of their ideological bent.  Freedom is scarcely a word that crosses their minds…it offers, to them, nothing of value, nothing that would be worth risking anything to achieve. They are Lemmings, willing to surrender all that they are, rather than be different than their masked comrades that surround them.


As I indicated, this commentary defines the majority of the political Left.  Each member thinks, feels and acts like everyone else. The last thing they want is freedom.  Freedom would expose their emptiness to the larger world. They are able to escape only by merging into the irrational mob around them. Then, and only then, can they achieve the anonymous status that keeps their fragile psyche safe from exposure. Competition, which is a natural derivative of freedom in a free market system, is rejected.  It is that construct that is frightening to these tepid souls. They attack it since they are not competent to flourish within it.


Another large segment is comprised of people who may or may not want the values derived from freedom, but they don’t want the attendant responsibilities.  Freedom shifts a person’s life into their own control. They would then have to own the success or failure of their own choices.  For those in this category they will yield anything, including their freedom, if it enables them to avoid the burden of being the agents of their own life.  Of course, many falling within this definition, are also part of those described in the previous paragraphs.  They would both not need it, nor want it. Once again, the members of the Left fall precisely into this category.


These are people who do not want the responsibility of their own lives.  Many do not work and do not want to work. They choose academic career fields that will prevent their diminished intellect from being exposed.  They reject capitalism because it completely places their future on their own shoulders. Their shoulders are seldom broad enough to carry the load. No…the members of the Left have no interest in freedom and the stresses it places on people of limited competency and emotional stability.  They have only contempt for those who pursue freedom as if it is life itself.  They cannot relate to that kind of commitment. Those of us that love freedom are their enemies.


Now…consider, in our entirety, where we are as a nation…as a people.  How many on the Left need and want freedom? Those of us on the Right regard freedom as the defining characteristic of a meaningful nation.  In addition, how many on the Left actively pursue resisting government over-reach and try to create right size government? Certainly, few if any.  Finally, how many on the Left are willing to leave their neighbors alone to make their own choices as long as they do not damage others and do not become voluntarily dependent on their neighbor’s resources. Once again, no one on the Left could meet any of those basic standards of freedom.

If you carefully consider all I’ve offered, I believe you’ll arrive at the conclusion I had in mind when I started to pen this essay.  Very few Americans on the political Left desire or support freedom within any of its myriad of implications.  Some even desire foreign entanglements allowing for degrees of external control or influence. It seems like many of these malcontents would even welcome a takeover of our nation by China.  A Biden win would make America little more than a handmaiden to that unscrupulous Communist nation.


The majority of the Left desire almost infinite expansion of our federal government regardless of its anticipated impact on individual freedom. This is up to and including socialism.  And, in today’s America, many of our fellow citizens on the Left, believe they have the right to suppress the actions or voices of those around them; including something as simple as the hat they wear or the words they choose.


I can state with a high degree of confidence that few Americans on the political Left are proponents of freedom. If the Left were to emerge victorious next week the chasm created between the American people and their freedom will be one that can never be crossed. Your freedom should never be placed in the hands of people who have no regard for their own freedom or even the concept itself.  They will surely act to deprive all others of the freedom they personally loathe.


Thank God that, in all likelihood, Donald Trump will win that election. If he doesn’t, then freedom will have no role to play in the future of America.

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