Up to the Minute Snippet, by Linda Harden

Hi to any of you who can still receive Greetings. A quick update – I had cancelled my account with the company who put out Greetings from Paradise because I was done with it as there was not much of any good news to report. Well, I am thinking of changing my mind. And since the company gave me 120 days to do so, I am sending this out as an experiment to see if anyone is still interested. So let me know.

Here’s the good news…and I will make this short:

The Ritz Beach Resort is scheduled to open on July 6 and will be able to welcome back most of their employees.

The new Four Seasons is going up at warp speed and some units are already selling for as much as $28 million.

One of our most favorite restaurants, Bleu Provence, will have a new view out of their dining room soon. The building across the street which housed an art store and an ice cream shop will be demolished to make way for a new, magnificent addition to the harbor. Wow.

Let me hear from you when you get the chance. Thanks to everyone who has been bugging me to start writing again.


Cheers –


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