Things That Should Be Done but Won’t Be Done, by Andrew Joppa

Things That Should Be Done but Won’t Be Done

by Andy Joppa


I considered several different names for this essay, “Things That Must Be Done but Won’t Be Done, “Things That Should Be Done but Can’t Be Done,”  and several others, playing with the intensities of my two prong theme, eventually settling on the most benign of the potentials….”Should” and “Won’t.” As you read what follows you will have to decide which of these possibilities is the most accurate. The situations I’ll describe are all akin to a person needing water, but it’s been poisoned.  They are dying of thirst but the water they have available will kill them. This sets up a quandary that is not without comparable versions in current America. I believe there are many important examples of this phenomenon, but I’ll ultimately discuss one that is absolutely existential in its implications. If it happens it will save America and if it doesn’t, America will continue down the path of Marxist destruction.


I’ll offer a few examples to “warm” your receptivity to my essential destination:

The FBI should (must) be closed down but it won’t (can’t) be done-

This area could, perhaps, be extended to include all the national intelligence areas. I have little doubt that the benefit offered by the FBI, The NSA and The CIA is more than totally offset by their corrupt politization. They are necessary, but they are killing us. We need something like them…but not them. NOTE: See my recent essay, Lying Lions Lying in Wait, for more input in this area.


Congress, by necessity, must define the constitutionality of any legislation they enact but it can’t or won’t- We’ve got several different forces churning in this one.  They are sworn to uphold The Constitution…hence the necessity… and yet most don’t have the slightest idea what it says and if they did, they would reject it.  Another “biggie” in this area is they say “It ain’t my job mon”…that it’s the job of the Supreme Court. So, they have the necessity to uphold our founding charter, yet it can’t or won’t be done. “Can’t” because they don’t know what it says and “won’t” because many are treasonous anti-Americans who are doing whatever they can to destroy this nation. I have no meaningful suggestions as to how to reform a radicalized Congress.  I know, I know…elections and all that. Let’s see what happens in the 2022 mid-terms. I am not optimistic…remember the Delta Variant and the emergency response to massive rioting in the streets of America. Either, or both, could alter the mid-terms in favor of the Marxist/Left.


OK…you have the idea.  There are many other areas of American life where something exists out of necessity and yet, within its practice, is performed in such an onerous manner that it should or must be ended…if it can’t be reformed…but can’t or won’t be.


Nowhere is this more critical than when we consider our public-school system.


Few would deny the importance of having a well-educated population and the role that the public schools play (should play) in accomplishing that end. We could debate forever whether there should even be public schools, but for now, and into the indefinite future, they will remain America’s educational tool of choice. So, until there is a more comprehensive modality introduced to accomplish the educational outcomes of necessity, they are what we must discuss.


Having, therefore,  at least established for most of you, the necessity of education and the public schools as the vehicle, I will add, without equivocation, without any doubt, without any ifs, ands, or buts…the public schools must be closed down if America is to survive.  Even if they close, survival will still be in doubt…but, if they don’t close…and SOON…America, as we know her, is DEAD. She will not just be injured, or weakened, or put on the wrong path, or limited in her basic potentials…she will be Dead…as in DEAD.


To return to my theme for consistency…The public schools should (must) be closed down and yet it won’t (can’t) be done- This nation can no longer allow our public schools to be the major fulfillment area for Marxist, anti-American, indoctrination.  The Marxist/Left understands they cannot rely on the universities to be the exclusive level where that happens. First, not everyone goes to college and, second, if they wait till that level it may be too late to inculcate the doctrines into the minds of America’s children. “Give me a child to the age of seven and I have them for a lifetime,” was an insight offered by…just about everyone…Machiavelli, The Jesuits, The Third Reich, Mao, Stalin…MARX, especially MARX. Marxist doctrine makes it critical for its success that the educational institutions be perverted to serve their purpose. Marxists believe their success depends on it…and they are correct. Right now, they are flourishing beyond their wildest dreams.


Even a cursory examination of the Left’s plan to gain control of America, and then maintain control, shows that the Marxists recognize they must sever the developing mind from any respect or honor for this country and replace it with a contempt for, what they are educated to believe, are America’s irredeemable faults and indiscretions.  They also need the education system to remove our developing children from any sense of their own identity, to be replaced with only one thing…a linkage to a radicalized group identity. They are being taught to stop thinking…” let us think for you” …just obey. There is little doubt that they are succeeding by all these measurements.


There is no benefit that these schools contribute that can offset their essential role in destroying the America of our heritage. They won’t (can’t) be reformed. The teacher’s unions and teacher’s colleges are totally dedicated to their Marxist end.  All the parental wailing at board meetings will not deflect these schools from their essential purpose. These schools, and their unions, always know they can outlast the “reformers.”


To have the American taxpayer funding the seeds of their own destruction is obscene. The schools should…must… be closed…but we won’t…can’t.


I would suggest, even absent the ideological corruption of our children, leading then to the corruption of young adults, leading then to the corruption of college graduates, and leading from there…to the corruption of our lawyers, judges, politicians and corporate leaders…they should be closed for failing in their basic mission of producing quality American citizens. Those we can live alongside with some modicum of  optimism they will pay their own freight, who don’t believe their children are my responsibility,  who won’t do anything nasty on my lawn, who will maintain some reasonable sense of interactive decorum, who will not believe my head is the place to practice their baseball swing, and  who will not presume what is mine is theirs.


I know the problems that would exist, at least in the short term, if the public schools are closed. Those problems would be functionally enormous. However, no matter how much “we need the water we can’t drink it if it will kill us.” No matter the problems created by closing the public schools, we cannot allow them to exist if they are destroying us…and they are.

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