“…The Silence of Our Friends”, by Andrew Joppa

“…The Silence of Our Friends”

By Andy Joppa


“In the end, we’ll remember not the words our enemies,

but the silence of our friends.”

Martin Luther King


The oft quoted Sun Tzu preached, “If you know the enemy and know yourself, you need not fear the result of a hundred battles. If you know yourself but not the enemy, for every victory gained you will also suffer a defeat. If you know neither the enemy nor yourself, you will succumb in every battle. Thus, what is of supreme importance in war is to attack the enemy’s strategy.”


Other than wanting to dazzle you with this historic reference, why talk about Sun Tzu?   After all, most of you know many of the renderings of this military genius.  The quotation above being, perhaps, Sun’s words that are most consistently offered by the chronically pretentious.  With fear of being so labeled, I’ll get right to my point.


Simply, Republicans (and here I write of my own “kind”) in the early part of the 21st century, “Know neither the enemy nor themselves and will, therefore, succumb in every battle.” It is this failure of the Right to truly comprehend the reality of the political Left, coupled with a lack of understanding of who they are themselves, that has prevented them from successfully identifying, attacking and destroying the strategies of the “enemy.”


The political Right has watched as the Left became dominant within our educational institutions, the media, the entertainment industries, the Federal Court system, and the federal bureaucracy but has offered little in comment, explanation or challenge.  In defense of Republicans, I would offer that it is difficult for “normal” people to understand the machinations of that kind of evil. There is a certain logic to morality, while evil is totally chaotic.


Most of what we hear is the Right describing the Left as “delusional,” or “crazy.” They define them in that manner without the recognition that you can be as “bonkers” as a loon and, yet, still be deviously brilliant…and they are.  Their success being defined by the ability to corrupt the minds of millions of innocents; luring them into their destructive world that promises only chaos and deprivations.


Make no mistake…these denizens of the deep, come from a very dark place that is beyond the comprehension of moral human beings. The number of human minds seduced and wasted in the fulfillment of their horrid ends is enormous. These same corrupted minds, many coming from our most prestigious universities, will become the defining agents of the American future.


The negative terms used to describe the Left, conditions the unwary on the Right, to dismiss them as being little more than a group of eccentric fanatics. Therefore, it should be understood goes the “logic” from the Right, they’re not a source of concern and are “obviously” losing traction as a political force in America.  I’ve heard that faux optimism a countless number of times.


Certainly, continues that “wisdom” from the Right, the great American people will clearly identify who and what they are, and sweep them into the dust bin of history.  Ahhhh…If only life was as wise as empty rhetoric.


We, on the Right, are cajoled to do nothing but sit back and wait for them to self-destruct under the weight of American awareness and, as a result, their ultimate rejection. Well my friends…you’ll have a long, long, wait.


Unfortunately, the only part of that Republican strategy that we have seen manifest, is the part suggesting, “do nothing but sit back and wait.” Republicans have turned the “do nothing” portion into an art form.  “Why couldn’t Trump simply do nothing like the rest of us?” Nothing upsets the incompetent more than active competency. The only thing that has penetrated that din is the apolitical greatness of Donald Trump. He did so by not being a Republican; which is something for which many Republicans have never forgiven him.


All the while the Republicans have achieved this state of near catatonic stupor, the supposedly “crazy” Left has continued to make inroads where it really counts.  Our institutions becoming and more tilted Leftwards, and the propaganda effect of relentless cultural impact has continued to deepen the numbers of Americans committed to their destructive ideologies.


“Oh, don’t worry,” still goes the wailing from the Right.  The American people will see through their nonsense and throw these “scalawags” back to where they belong. Thus, ignoring the fact that more and more Americans are becoming permanently and irretrievably scarred by the relentless propaganda assault from the Left.


The Right has never come to understand that the American Left is delusional in a like manner to Lenin having been delusion, Mao having been delusional, Hitler having been delusional, or Mussolini having been delusional. Perhaps all of them were just that…but…little did it matter; they were brilliant strategists who defeated much stronger opposition on their inexorable climb to the zenith of their power. There is no reason to believe that America is immune from these patterns of history.


From the beginning, the Left has been playing the long game.  That hasn’t changed.  Leftists are playing it today. Their tool has been propaganda. The quote below will explain exactly what the Left has as their game plan.


 “Propaganda must be continuous and lasting; continuous, in that it must not leave any gaps, but must fill the citizen’s whole day and all his days; lasting in that it must function over a very long period of time.  Propaganda tends to make the individual live in a separate world; he must not have outside points of reference.  He must not be allowed a moment of meditation or reflection in which to see himself.”


They are playing the long game.  They are constantly feeding their minions the narrative that Trump is an illegitimate and dangerous president, that he’s tyrannical, racist, and xenophobic — that he’s a crook who lies continually. They simply can’t admit the falsity of this narrative without breaking the spell of their highly effective propaganda.


What can we on the Right do?  It is simply, “Anything is better than nothing.” Whatever is necessary is never a risk. Perhaps it started on October 23, 2019, when many Republican congressman “crashed” the star chamber testimony of an impeachment witness.  It is these types of bold actions that have the chance of saving America. Doing nothing, and relying on an epiphany of the American people, is a sure recipe for disaster. But it all starts with knowing the enemy…and yourself. Once that is achieved, then and only then, can meaningful actions be chosen and implemented.


“Sometimes your fall is not caused by your enemies, but it is caused by your stupid actions, behavior, and bad attitude.”

― DJ Kyos

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