The Plague of American Cowards

The Plague of American Cowards

by Andy Joppa


Cowardice does not just happen to a nation overnight.  It is the end result of a long process leading to that end. For the moment, I will write with the presumption that what we’re experiencing in America, formerly, “The Land of the free and, the home of the brave,” is actually cowardice. At this point the words of our national anthem ring hollow as do the words in our Constitution. How did that happen? Where did it start? How can it end? Can it end?


For insight, let’s move to the Soviet Union in the late 1940’s.  The USSR had a constitution that was the equal of ours, yet it was totally ignored by the government, and the vast majority of its citizens. The reasons for that Soviet “cowardice” are easy to define. Simply, it was terror. Everyone, including the enforcers themselves, were terrified of the KGB and the apparatchik… the Soviet bureaucracy.  Even the KGB was afraid of the KGB and the bureaucracy was afraid of its own members. Everyone feared everyone else, and no one knew when they might be identified as an enemy of the state and shipped off to a Siberian gulag.


What happened in the USSR was a tightly controlled and well-organized process. It was the fulfillment of Marxism at its best; perhaps, more accurately, at its worst.  As the USSR exported their Marxist terror internationally, it found a receptive home in America. This was exactly what Joe McCarthy had identified and reacted to. Many experimented with this ideology, as they were seduced by its never fulfilled promises of a utopian equality. McCarthy exposed this process but, because of his excesses as he sought fulfillment, the term McCarthyism became more damaging than being labeled a practicing Marxist…committed to destroying America. Almost all Americans retreated from this battle as they, cowardly, thought that they would be labeled as fanatical followers of McCarthy. As a result, Marxism gained an increasing foot hold. It was no longer challenged or challengeable.


The Marxists that had infiltrated our society stimulated this process with intent and added to this the concepts we’ve become so used to hearing…racism, sexism, white supremacy and a myriad of other concepts that, each, threatened the life aspirations of anyone who was pointed to as having been a violator. This is what worked to dampen any aspirations of Soviet citizens for freedom…Marxists knew it would work equally well in self-indulgent nation like America. Actually, it worked even better in America, since Americans had far more to lose than Soviets, and gulags weren’t necessary to control them.


Yes, I am suggesting that what we’re seeing, that is describable as American cowardice, is the end result of a carefully controlled Marxist process. What originally had its origins in Moscow, has now found a new Marxist home in Washington D.C. Our FBI and DOJ are our KGB and our Federal Bureaucracy is our apparatchik. Of course, as in the USSR, we have become afraid of each other. Each of our fellow citizens has become a source of fear in our lives. Each one could be a source of our destruction.


We now see all around us, Gramsci’s “long march through the institutions”; in his own words, he viewed the task: “Socialism is precisely the religion that must overwhelm Christianity. … In the new order, Socialism will triumph by first capturing the culture via infiltration of schools, universities, churches, and the media by transforming the consciousness of society” This has been spectacularly successful. Dutschke built on and deepened the implications of Gramsci’s writings by proposing a “long march” through, once again, the cultural institutions of American society – the church, entertainment, civil service, educational faculties, family institutions and marriage – to replace the dominant culture and replace it with Marxist doctrines. The necessary tool for its fulfillment…was terror…was fear. All this resulting in what we call cowardice.


Where am I going with all of this? All of the elements that have been used to destroy lives and create cowards from once noble men are all part of the Marxist playbook. While much can be attributed to self-serving benefits, those potentials have always existed in America. The question is, what is new in the mix that has prevented almost everyone from coming forward and challenging the most grotesque events that occur within our culture? I believe that the Marxists realize that almost everyone has something in their background for which they fear exposure. If not, it can be created with a cooperative media.


The Marxists, either directly or indirectly, use that reality to influence almost everyone and suppress any challenges they might make. For those who believe that can’t be done, J. Edgar Hoover, almost single handedly, controlled the American political process by maintaining an “expose” dossier on every prominent American. Fear can lead almost anyone down the path of cowardice.


There is a wealth of information that can confirm the Marxist philosophy of control that they used in The Soviet Union and, subsequently in America. With the growing acceptability of Marxism in our country, that acceptability mostly driven by fear, it is unreasonable to not understand the tools they use to destroy a nation. They do it through fear and making cowards of us all.


We can see what happens when someone is courageous enough to challenge the American Marxist apparatchik in Washington. They must be literally or figuratively destroyed. That is exactly what happened to President Donald Trump. Americans could see that if someone as theoretically powerful as the president, could be destroyed, then what chance did they have in bringing to bear their personal version of resistance.


While making absolutely no comparison to the philosophies held or ideologies espoused, Donald Trump was the American Trotsky.  He was courageous and was the only remaining barrier to a Marxist hegemony. He, like Trotsky, had to be destroyed. There can be no doubt that this will happen again in 2024.  Marxists don’t go away. If a Republican candidate emerges other than Trump and, the Marxists do not attempt to destroy him, it can be for only one reason.  They don’t believe he will interfere with the movement forward of their Marxist control.

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