This photo illustration of Ben Franklin wearing a health care mask and bonnet on a one hundred dollar bill might illustrate the high cost of health care, the high cost of health care legislation with the recently passed U.S. Health care bill or the high cost of health litigation, malpractice and insurance.

The Opportunity and Need for Healthcare Reform

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On Thursday’s show, we visit with Pastor Rick Stevens, Co-Founder of the Florida Citizens Alliance about whether the “1619 project” and “White Fragility” instruction is being taught in Florida public schools. We also discuss the importance of Byron Donald’s victory in the Republican Primary for District 19. We visit with Michael Cannon, Director of Healthcare Studies with the Cato Institute, about the need for Healthcare Workplace reform. The Founder and President of Less Government, Seton Motley, and I discuss the pathetic if not amusing ways that corporate criminals try to justify their crimes in court. We also visit with the former Mayor of Naples, Mayor Bill Barnett.

Please join us for tomorrow’s show. We visit with Research Fellow for the Cato Institute William Yeatman, the Founder of Atlas MD, Dr. Josh Umbehr, local author and travel, dining and entertainment columnist Sharon Kenny, and the author of “The Devil at Our Doorstep,” Dave Bego.

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