The NFL and American Justice, by Andrew Joppa



I believe we can learn much about our federal government, its systems of Justice, and our culture, by looking at how the National Football League operates. Let me explain.


On December 30th, in the Dallas Cowboys versus the Detroit Lions game, a referee’s call was made that almost everyone acknowledges was the wrong call…in fact, it was patently absurd, and it was then defended with a series of lies that no one believed.


Since it isn’t the point of this essay, nor important in itself, I’ll just give you a few of the facts surrounding this debacle. It appeared Detroit had won the game with a two-point conversion after a long drive for the touchdown. This was accomplished with a tackle eligible play, where the tackle tells the referee he will be an eligible receiver on the next play. If he doesn’t do this, it’s called “illegal touching” if the ball is thrown to him (sounds like something out of the #MeToo crowd) and the play is negated and there is five-yard penalty enforced.  This is exactly what happened in the game in question.


The only problem is…video confirms that Decker (the tackle, now receiver) went over to the referee, as he knew he must, and after the reinforcement by his coach, and “Reported.”  There is no doubt he did the legal thing within NFL legality. As it played out, The Cowboys won the game even though everyone knew that what had transpired was a charade of what might be called NFL Justice. The call stood regardless of its absurdity.


With that one call there was an immediate shift in the betting money that had been laid out for this game of tens of millions of dollars. Some gained inappropriately…some lost inappropriately. Beyond that there was a shift in the playoff circumstance affecting several teams positioning and costing more funds to be lost by the teams so effected and, potentially, who gets to play in the Super Bowl.


That one wrong ref call was the most important “play” of the NFL season. In some ways, it turned the entire NFL season into a farce. But…once it was made, and the next play was run, it couldn’t be reversed even though everyone knew the call was made because of either incompetence or…corruption. You might be thinking how ridiculous are the rules of the NFL…you’d be correct.


By this point, you’re also beginning to sense the relationship between the NFL and our federal government, especially as it pertains to its justice systems (this, of course, could be extended to include state governments.) If not, I’ll lay it out here. Once a legal rendering has been offered its “game, set, and match” …it’s over. Even if everyone knows the decision was the result of incompetence, corruption or blatant illegality…the law has “spoken.”


We can quickly consider that is exactly what happened with the 2020 presidential election. Once the count was certified, no one was willing, or able, to challenge the result, or even have state legislatures verify the count, regardless of any realization that the vote was illegal. Reality no longer mattered…there was no way, nor even desire, to change what almost everyone knew were tainted tallies and that Donald J Trump had won that election. As of this date, that illegal election is proving to be one of the most important moments in this nation’s history. This would have made the NFL proud.


More currently, we can examine the actions of the criminally corrupt political thug Jack Smith. On November 18, 2022, he was appointed by Attorney General Merrick B. Garland to serve as the Special Counsel by Order No. 5559-2022. Since that point he has been engaged in a malicious, and often illegal attempt to convict President Trump of some felony…any felony. Smith is hoping for insurrection, but he’ll settle for any felony conviction with serious implications.


Knowing the actions of Smith are absurd on their face, those few Americans still of rational mind, presume that nothing will happen to our great ex-President;  that reality will protect Trump from the Left’s hired “gun.” Let me dissuade you from that position. If the gavel falls on Trump and he is convicted of a felony…it’s over. As in in the NFL, reality will no longer have a role to play in this fiasco…should it occur. 


We would hope that, on appeal, any charges against Trump could be reversed. I am not sure of that happening after having watched the Supreme Court’s inactivity surrounding the criminal fraud in the 2020 election. Even if they do reverse, the damage will have been done. Many Americans still naively believe that a rendered verdict is the “truth.” For those simple-minded folks, I would ask them to revisit the OJ Simpson verdict many years ago.  A murderer was found not guilty…it wasn’t the “truth.” If Trump is found guilty, to too many Americans that will mean he is guilty.


No, all Smith needs is a like minded judge and jury, in D.C., that’s all you have in that cesspool, to convict Trump of any crime that is brought before them. Their verdict will, for all practical considerations, end the discussion.


At the moment that gavel falls, convicting an innocent man, the entire future history of America and the world, will be created. With that in mind, we can’t wait for a dishonest justice system to speak “honestly” …it won’t. Smith, and his types, must be stopped now.  If he’s allowed to continue to conclusion, it may be too late for Trump and America. I implore the House to do whatever it can to become a “blocker” against the actions of Jack Smith.


Yes…there is a relationship between the NFL and the American world of “justice.” It isn’t a good one.

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