The Left: Where the “Ghouls” Are, by Andrew Joppa

The Left: Where the “Ghouls” Are

by Andy Joppa


“Sheep only need a single flock, but people need two: one to belong to and make them feel comfortable, and another to blame all of society’s problems on.”

― james rozoff


After the contrived violent event in Charlottesville, Virginia, in August of 2017, President Trump offered two remarks that made the hearts of Democrat/Leftists beat a little faster and their brains run even further amuck. Although the concept of white supremacy has a long political history, it was those remarks that turned it into a hot button issue surrounding the Trump presidency.


First, the president offered that, “There were good people on both sides of the issue.”  OMG…can you imagine that, good people on both sides? Trump was excoriated for what the Left described as a support statement for white supremacists. We are, of course, asked to believe two very illogical and improbable things:


1)   That President Trump would make an overt statement supporting white supremacists.  Even he did support them (which he does not), he would never have made such a revealing statement to the Leftist media.

2)   We are also asked to believe that Trump’s statement would have, in a like manner, been supportive of the “good gentle masked folks” in Antifa and the “pleasant, meaningful, police hating” members of Black Lives Matter. This is as equally unlikely as is point number one.


Either of these two ideas, if emanating from President Trump, would have been measurably absurd. Quite obviously, within any rational and fair interpretation of his remark, the president was simply saying that there were good people who wanted the statues down and other good people who wanted them left up.  At that point, He was not referring to either White Supremacists or Antifa or BLM….just people.


His second remark, where he then dealt with the actual perpetrators of the violence, said that both the white supremacists and Antifa and BLM were equally at fault.  Once again, the president was excoriated for daring to compare the white supremacist to the Left’s “virtuous groups” …Antifa and BLM. Once again, while the president was trying to lessen the political divide in America, he was accused of being divisive by the deranged Left.


However, it has been documented many times over, that both Leftist groups were equally culpable for the violence as were the white supremacists. In fact, it can be proven, that the legally authorized “white” group, had a permit to rally and was attacked by the unauthorized Left, which had no permit to rally. There was a forced confrontation, created by local Democrat politicians, when the white supremacists were led by the police into direct contact with the Leftist groups… and it was they who were far more responsible for the violence that occurred than anyone else. The Liberal politicians and police, quite obviously, wanted a violent confrontation.


I’m sure the Left was elated when a young white supremacist panicked as his car was being pounded by violent members of the Left, and he accidentally killed a young woman in the crowd as he tried desperately to remove himself from the melee.   Nothing should or could undo the horror of that moment, but the provocations must be clearly understood. If you think I’m being unduly harsh with my description of the Left’s reaction to this event; that is, “elated”, I am firmly convinced they wait for these moments to occur and are politically empty without them. Michael Brown and Trayvon Martin were but two other deaths; deaths caused by the actions of these two young men themselves, deaths that were then manipulated by the Left’s ghoulish harvesting of death. This was commonly their modus operandi.  


Still, with all we know, the “Mythology of Charlottesville” lives on. This fire has been stoked constantly by the political Left and their fellow travelers in the media, with most Republicans being terrified of entering an argument where the Left could accuse them of supporting white supremacists…or President Donald Trump.  As a probing philosophic question, “How many cowards can you fit inside a political party?”  The number when it comes to the Republican Party seems to be… “How many Republican politicians are there?”
It is a simple matter to determine when the Left, and their agents in the federal bureaucracy and media, are manufacturing a new “emergency” to bolster their political fortunes. That issue will literally explode into the consciousness of most Americans (those that are still conscious). So it has been with the increased propagandizing of “white supremacy.” Every newspaper, every cable news show, every internet commentary, every cocktail napkin and every T-shirt… offer little else but the drum beat of white supremacy.


While it has long been a background issue for the Left, more dramatically since Charlottesville, they have taken the recent shootings in El Paso and Dayton and leveraged them into the newest version of “America’s Biggest Problem Du Jour” …white supremacy. Even the words are supposed to make us recoil in horror.  Though neither shooter was a white supremacist, both were white, and far be it from the ghouls on the Left to let mass murders go to waste. These shootings, we are asked to believe, were but another instance of white supremacy in action.


However, the more sinister underlying reality is, although they talk about white supremacy, they are really talking about the clear and present danger from whites. Well, it is actually just white males.  And, even more specifically, conservative white males. Yes…white supremacy is but a euphemism for conservative white males.  (although I could foresee a situation where Allan West and Candace Owens might be defined as white supremacists.)


It is clearly a winning hand for the Left.  All weak-kneed feminized Liberal white males (that has multiple redundancies) will believe it, and every other group will gain as racial whites are categorically dismissed as being little more than violent thugs waiting to damage America; people not to be trusted with your children…or anything else.   It is part of the Left’s historic approach…” if you can’t bring me up…bring them down.”  The other similar approaches used by the Left would be, “if you can’t make me rich, make them poor” and “if you can’t educate me, make them dumb” and “if you’re doing something devious or corrupt…blame them for doing it.”


Apparently, because I am white, I fail to see the problem when someone is defined as being a white supremacist. Now, it is true, I personally feel superior to almost everyone else because I’m a rampant egotist, but it has nothing to do with my being white.  In fact, I also feel superior to almost all other whites. This would include George W. Bush and Mitt Romney by a wide margin…but not the great Donald Trump.   Though, it should be noted, I don’t feel superior to Thomas Sowell or Clarence Thomas who, rumor has it, are Black. I’ve long ascribed to the position that, “if you are an idiot and come from a group of geniuses, you’re still and idiot and, if you are a genius and come from a group of idiots you are still a genius.”


If any person or group believes the white race is superior to all other races, their wisdom may perhaps be debatable, but as long as there is no extension of these thoughts into direct actions that would damage members of another race, or interfere with another’s life destination, it would seem that holding those views are constitutionally protected. This entire paragraph, however, would have little harmonic with current America… because in our country, if you “think it” …you’re as guilty as “doing it.”


The “problem” with this entire essay is… I’m writing with a presumption of a mature nation…a mature culture…a mature people.  I’m also presuming a nation that can and will process information in a rational manner or, at least make the attempt to do so.  All these presumptions are erroneous and should make the quality of my “wisdom” suspect. Most Americans have become so use to the pablum that they’ve being spoon fed; when you give them a steak that they must cut by themselves, it is beyond their capability…certainly beyond their willingness.


I am not suggesting that everyone…or anyone… should agree with my points of view.  Optimistically, what they should be willing to do, is read them, analyze them, determine any fault with my logic and then say, “I hate what you’ve written because….” That, of course, is not what will happen.  Once the first sentence is read and it does not espouse the required “politically correct” point of view, it will be immediately rejected with no consideration given to its content, purpose or validity.

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