Stop Feeding the Pig, by Andrew Joppa

Stop Feeding the Pig

by Andy Joppa


This is the way the world ends

Not with a bang but with a bureaucrat

T.S. Eliot “The Hollow Men”


During their never-ending attempt to sink our indomitable “ship of state,” President Donald Trump, one thing has become glaringly obvious; the members of the federal bureaucracy have an enormous amount of free time on their hands. If I was to be cynical, and I am, I would suggest that most of their time is…free time. This work-based leisure extends beyond the low hanging fruit, into the more rarified air of Department Secretaries and high-ranking members of our national police force and intelligence agencies. 


These are all the members of the “Deep State” and they turn their abundant free time into any activity that might undermine our president and secure their power.  It is not comprised of a slim sliver of elites at the top but, can best be identified, as the majority of employees and contractors working for the federal government.  This might also include state and local employees hired to fulfill federal mandates.  (The total number is approximately 16 million people). I believe that many are either active perpetrators or, “useful idiots”, maintaining their silence in the face of what, in many cases, are acts of treason or sedition.


I can immediately cite that I was very “impressed” that Secretary Hillary Clinton had the free time to send well over 30,000 emails (that we know about) pertaining to her daughter’s wedding and her yoga schedule. She would have had to send 50 emails a day…every day… on these daunting topics. Equally impressive, were the hate filled loved letters between Peter Strzok and Lisa Page sent during their abundant free time. They apparently received their gratification through acts of sadism directed at the president.  Both represent, what I believe, is the common explanatory element of most members of the federal bureaucracy, that is, …” Idle hands (among other body parts as in Strzok’s case) are the devil’s workshop.”


But I don’t want to minimize the role of the enablers within this bureaucratic malaise…the rank and file members living “large” off the public teat.  There was a time when these middle level members and below were paid modest salaries while having job security and good benefits. No longer…now, most are the very high price spread. If you want to see how these bureaucrats feel about the American people go through an IRS audit or have a SWAT team raid your home at 6 a.m.


Their job protection now shields even the most inadequate from severance, with the majority of Federal Employees being protected by unions and…they almost can’t be fired.… regardless of inefficiencies or provable corruption.  Think here of the retired IRS criminal Lois Lerner, and all those in the Veteran’s Administration making a huge living while ignoring the needs of our damaged warriors.  Better yet…tell me the tale of the federal bureaucrat who, while in place, has come up big for the American people or, God forbid, Donald Trump. That tale will be difficult to find. However, the Democrat/Socialists had no trouble digging these vermin out of their burrows to testify against our president.


As far as compensation, the numbers have become enormous and obscene; far exceeding the private sector. At least corporations must have the funds to give raises…all politicians need is your wallet or pocketbook…they couldn’t care less how much of your money they give away. These are not public servants…these are public parasites.


It is not mere coincidence that the three richest counties in America are all contiguous with Washington D.C.:

•      Loudoun County

This county is in the Commonwealth of Virginia in the United States. Loudon County has a median household income of $134,464.

•      Howard County

Howard County has a median household income of $120,941 making it the second richest county in the US.

•      Fairfax County

Fairfax County has a median household income of $115,717 making it the third highest median household income of any local jurisdiction in the United States.


Most citizens of these counties either work for government or are contractors to government.  We have been fed the “pablum” that these are all dedicated patriotic Americans; however, whenever we turn over one of their rocks, we seem to find a scorpion.  The majority of these “loyal” Americans have no problem supporting Democrat/Socialists with their campaign donations and their vote; they certainly know where there “bread is buttered.” They also collectively loathe the great Donald Trump since “he ain’t a bread butterer.”


Trump issued new union rules in May 2018, as an effort to streamline our bloated bureaucracy and improve accountability within the federal workforce of 2.1 million. What was he thinking? Who does he think he is to challenge the beast? Doesn’t he know that they control America? From my perspective, is there no “hell” he isn’t willing to take on for the benefit of hard-working Americans?


The government unions countered, “That the orders are only the latest in Trump’s aggressive actions intended to weaken their bargaining power and make it easier to fire government workers.” Wait…what? People working for our government…who themselves elected their political superiors… can bargain with those they elected? That smells suspiciously like a double dip into the franchise.


I’ve always felt all government employee unions to be illegal for the reason I just defined…this includes police fire and teachers at the local level (I know that doesn’t make some of you happy…but they’re government employees and shouldn’t be allowed into collective bargaining.)


You shouldn’t be able to bargain with yourself and, as counsel to you…my reader…never allow someone to bargain while using other people’s money.  They couldn’t care less about being financially frugal.  In addition, “Making it easier” to fire is a gross misrepresentation of prior reality, which should have said “make it possible to fire at all.”  Do you know it costs about $400,000 in legal fees to try to fire a public-school teacher in New York? By the way, that number is at least 20 years old and is not always successful regardless of that teachers’ offenses.


If we are concerned with the national debt and deficit spending; if we are concerned about the deeply entrenched bureaucracies and the political power they exert; if we are concerned that this huge group of people can make rules without our awareness for the laws that are passed…the bureaucracy must be brought to heel. Keep in mind… for every law that is passed in the open by congress, 18 bureaucratic rules are created in darkness for their fulfillment.


If I were king (please let that happen), I would order an immediate 10% staff reduction in every area except the military.  I would insist it occur first by attrition (don’t replace anyone except by transfer) and then by a method of first in …first out.  My logic is, anyone who’s been there long enough will have enough pension and developed resources to make it out OK.  For those who identify that the pension may be a budget buster… it will be far less expensive to have them out then in and, after a period, that pension number will be dramatically reduced.


AND, for those who say we can’t do it…I offer that we must do it. If we don’t bring this bureaucratic monster under control, we will continue down the fast track to national oblivion while being subjugated by this hidden tyrant.


 Yes…I’m mad and getting madder.  That my tax money funds these ingrates who act constantly against our national interest and, almost as a single entity, attack our president…is outrageous. This huge group of smug pretentious bureaucrats must be brought under control or they will continue to destroy us.


Bureaucrats want us to believe that our world would collapse without them…I, for one, am willing to take that risk.


“The greater the bureaucratization of public life, the greater will be the attraction of violence. In a fully developed bureaucracy, there is nobody left with whom one could argue, to whom one could present grievances, on whom the pressures of power could be exerted. Bureaucracy is the form of government in which everybody is deprived of political freedom, of the power to act; for the rule by Nobody is not no-rule, and where all are equally powerless, we have a tyranny without a tyrant.”

― Hannah Arendt

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