Robert Mueller: “Just Acting”, by Andrew Joppa


Robert Mueller: “Just Acting”

by Andy Joppa


Treason doth never prosper, what’s the reason?

For if it prosper, none dare call it Treason.

John Harington


Robert Mueller’s recent Oscar worthy performance in front of a House committee, seemed to reveal why his “investigation” had taken two years. He simply wasn’t up to the task. However, I for one, do not accept the charade that Mueller offered to America during his interviews. Snakes don’t lose their venom when they get old…and, make no mistake …Mueller is a snake.


Mueller has been involved in a treasonous process to destroy a duly elected president. He attempted to do this by using carefully chosen Democrat operatives, by providing half-truths and innuendos as his attack weapons, by coercing witnesses… and, being the swamp member that he is, did everything in his power to avoid having his devious role focused on and exposed. But, I am asked to once again believe, like Brutus, “Mueller is an honorable man.”


By presenting an image of himself as a doddering old man, suffering through the early stages of dementia, almost all his obfuscating lies became acceptable, if not believable. I do not use the word “lie” casually or with any modification. Mueller surely lied during this entire process whenever it served his purpose; a purpose both past and present, of destroying President Donald Trump.  He has tried to bring down the great “Lion” using all the corrupt devices at his disposal. His testimony in the House was no exception.  It is surely to Trump’s credit that he has been able to withstand this process because of his history of honesty and integrity.  A lesser man, at this point, would have crumbled and been destroyed.


Republicans in the House seemed all too concerned with being seen as too harsh with a man of “honor” …especially in the condition he feigned, and they backed away from a multitude of questions and challenges that would have revealed the true nature of this devious manipulator. Mueller, during his interviews, by constantly invoking the concept of something being outside his purview, or not knowing or not remembering, hoped to avoid the discovery of the fact that he was a traitor.  He was never asked obvious questions, such as…why were Fusion GPS and The Steele Dossier outside his purview, when Manafort’s tax records weren’t?  However, even with no strength or substance to his positions on presidential obstruction of justice, he needed once again to somehow make these obstruction allegations, without placing himself at personal jeopardy.


He, and his co-conspirator Leftists, wanted their scurrilous charges, to gain further dissemination and support with the America people. That was the only reason Mueller was asked to appear. He deepened the implications of his findings by hinting that he would have indicted Trump if he wasn’t barred from doing so because he was a sitting president. Mueller had no problem finding these nuanced words when they served his purpose….and that of the Left.


Am I saying that the “honorable” Robert Mueller; a war hero, who “dedicated” his life to public service, was a lying traitor, who committed himself to the illegal destruction of the president while working as an operative of the political Left?  That is exactly what I am saying. There can be little doubt that this is true.


He was not chosen for the role of special counsel because he was honorable and could be objective.  He was chosen because he could appear to be so, and therefore could act with relative impunity. The Left needed this cover for their nefarious scheme. It was clear from the beginning that Mueller was on a mission to destroy the president or those around him.  In fulfilling this mission, this heartless, soulless creature didn’t care how many innocent lives were destroyed…and… there were many guiltless bystanders who “fell” under the onslaught of this swamp dweller. I hope, at some point, he experiences these same life altering indignities.


His Vietnam service should receive the honor to which it is entitled.  We must always keep in mind, however, that actions on the battlefield are discrete events.  They are what they are but have little to no pertinence when it comes to other fields of endeavor or as a means of determining a person’s honor, honesty or wisdom. Regarding his “dedicated” career of public service; it seems obvious that he should have recused himself from the job of Special Counsel because of his long friendship with James Comey; a reality that Mueller conceded only under pressured questioning by Republicans.  That he didn’t, should have been a warning as to what would lie just ahead.  Once he loaded his team with Liberal sycophants, the die was cast.


Perhaps, however, his long prosecutorial background will reveal the “honor” of this man.  In exploring several of his most notorious cases I believe you’ll find little more than a self-serving legal “shyster”, more concerned with his “win” than he was with truth or justice.  This has been exactly his M.O. with the “Collusion Investigation.”


Whitey Bulger

As Alan Dershowitz said: “Mueller’s the guy who kept four innocent people in prison for many years in order to protect the cover of Whitey Bulger as an FBI informer. Those of us in Boston don’t have such a high regard for Mueller because we remember this story. The government had to pay out tens of millions of dollars because Whitey Bulger, a notorious mass murderer, became a government informer against the mafia.”

That’s really all that need be said about Mueller, then FBI director.


Steven J. Hatfill

He was the man Mueller and his trusted “mini-me” James Comey, tried in vain to blame for the anthrax letters sent to public officials in 2001.  The letters containing powdered anthrax killed five people and hospitalized 17 others.  Despite the lack of evidence, for years Mueller hounded Hatfill, who was a virologist at the Army’s Fort Detrick, Maryland laboratories.  When Hatfill sued and won almost $6 million from the government for Mueller’s abuse of power, Mueller said, “I do not apologize for any aspect of the investigation.”  How’s that for integrity?  Ruin a man because the conviction would look good on your résumé and all the Liberal world applauds.


“Scooter” Libby

“Scooter” Libby, Vice President Dick Cheney’s chief of staff, was accused of outing CIA analyst Valerie Plame — the eventual charge was perjury. Forget that the entire world knew she worked for the CIA and she wasn’t an agent and, therefore, never in danger and that Libby was innocent.

As the FBI would say with serial killers, Mueller’s “signature” emerged.  First, then-FBI director Mueller’s deputy, James Comey forced Attorney General John Ashcroft to recuse; it’s always best if targets are defenseless.  Then, Patrick Fitzgerald was named Special Counsel by Comey, which allowed through the “two-hop rule” the FBI to investigate anyone to have ever been in contact with Libby and by extension, anyone to have ever been in contact with them — in other words, the entire Bush administration.

It turns out, they knew all along that Deputy Secretary of State Richard Armitage was the leaker.  Apparently, when you have “unblemished” integrity, you can do whatever you want. 


Ted Stevens

In the runup to his 2008 reelection campaign, Senator Ted Stevens of Alaska was investigated by Director Mueller’s FBI on bogus suspicions of him misreporting money spent on renovations to his home.  Less than 100 days before the 2008 election, the Justice Department indicted Stevens and he lost the election by less than 2%.

Judge Emmet G. Sullivan found that the prosecution was “permeated by the systemic concealment of significant exculpatory evidence, which would have independently corroborated Senator Stevens’s defense and his testimony, and seriously damaged the testimony and credibility of the government’s key witness.”

Judge Sullivan also said: “In nearly 25 years on the bench, I’ve never seen anything approaching the mishandling and misconduct that I’ve seen in this case.”


It seems all too apparent that Robert Mueller’s last moment of integrity was spent in the jungles of Vietnam.  It is obvious that a man of this type functions best within a swamp. He is not just a member of the D.C. swamp; he is its leading manifestation. He was not a man to be trusted with your president…or with your country. He is far more traitor than hero.  Mueller’s performance in front of the House shifted focus away from himself; as was his intent.  He presented himself as being nothing more than a dupe, a man with no control over the actions of his own committee.  He’s now turned our attention toward his cohort…but, for them, they have little to no public face and will escape real scrutiny.  Mueller, if nothing else, is a brilliant strategic game player…but…that’s all he’s ever been.


If coursing through the shadows of your awareness is a feeling that I’ve been too harsh with Mueller, I can’t help you.  This is a man who is still trying to destroy our president and, by extension, our country.  You should save your sympathy for the people whose lives he has destroyed and the country he has damaged.

I don’t want to sound unduly ominous but there are times it’s called for…this is one of them. 


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