On the Eve of Destruction, by Andrew Joppa

On the Eve of Destruction

(but it’s not from climate change)

by Andy Joppa


“This whole crazy world is just too frustratin’

And you tell me over and over and over again my friend

Ah, you don’t believe we’re on the eve of destruction”

Barry McGuire


Our species may have reached the end of its planetary “run.”  We may be on the verge of experiencing the early stages of human extinction (that sentence has several important modifiers). But, in opposition to media propaganda, radical environmentalists, and all commonly accepted wisdom, that extinction will not be the result of climate change but, rather, as the end effect of Progressive ideology.


What I’ll discuss will be the results of the worldwide impact of Progressive/Leftist economic and political policies. The question must be asked, “ What will happen if the Progressives gained total control and could implement their policies exactly as they’ve indicated?” Originally, I had no intention of making this a political essay.  However, as I considered its major components, that is where my analysis brought me. Undoubtedly, the extended application of Progressive policies will (could) bring about human extinction. As we found it necessary to protect the snail darter and the spotted owl, we must now find the courage to protect humanity from the Progressives. My ego suggests I am at least as important as the snail darter…I hope you agree.


My “prediction” of extinction can be differentiated from the childish ramblings of Ocasio-Cortez in many ways.  Primarily, I will be dealing with definable variables. All will be the result of human decisions, where the impact can be clearly discerned when and if these variables become fully operational.  This statement is not dubious nor subject to manipulation by highly funded apocalyptic climate change “scientists.”  But…you, my readers, will have to decide for yourself. It is time we Conservatives lay out the predictable, and objectively definable, end results of Progressive policies. We are always so gentle with these devious creatures. It is time these misanthropes stand accused.


As I indicated, the greatest likelihood of extinction will not be caused by climate change, nor will it be from EMP’s or nuclear war…although those two latter items may be derivatives of Progressive ideology.  We will become extinct because our failure to meet the requirements imposed on every life form for evolutionary success. Lest we forget, we are an animal species subject to the same unforgiving demands imposed on every living thing on the planet. Yes, we have proven to be an able tool builder…but we have not reached the level of sophistication to be able to suspend the very basic “rules” of life…and never will be. We will always need energy…food…and societal stability.


First, a little background on the success or failure of any species. Life forms have flourished when their attributes have allowed them to exploit some environmental niche. If they fail in that process, or are unable or unwilling to do so, or that niche changes, and the species is not able to adapt, then extinction will occur.  It’s happened millions of times in the past and continues happening on a regular basis through today. Many life forms have come and gone, and the universe hardly took notice.  If it occurs, humanities demise will create no greater stirring in the stars.


Humanities success has been derived from our brains giving us the flexibility to adapt to changes in our environment or to flourish in environmental circumstances that would have proven too harsh for other species.  As a result, we have successfully occupied almost every environmental niche on the planet; from the sub-zero world of the arctic to the burning sands of the Sahara. Incredibly, even Neanderthal, who we regard as a primitive form of our species, was able to survive in the hostile environment of Ice Age Europe for over 250,000 years.  Their great brain was their ally in their struggles. Make no mistake…they had a “great” brain.


So, what’s changed, and what does this have to do with Progressive ideologies? The human brain, that had previously been a cooperative ally in our ability to flourish, has now become our greatest enemy.  Let me see if I can position this within some degree of scientific rigor.


Instead of enabling our success, the current brain now believes we can function independently of the requirements imposed on us for survival …imposed by nature. We have become a species whose brain can, all too often, best be defined as driven by “Egotistical Idiocy.” To clarify: we now believe that only what we “think” or “conjure” has any relevance; that we no longer must consider the requirements of survival…. requirements that we can’t alter or ignore. This, in fact, is the essence of the problem with the Progressive mind-set.


Certainly, predictions of this type, that is extinction, can be only be described as occurring within a wide range of possibility. I would suggest, however, that there is high degree of probability of extinction occurring if all present Progressive trends continue, and then deepen, in their implication and applied impact.  All comments will be made with those considerations in mind.


Unlike the ranting AOC, or the childish and disturbed Greta Thunberg, I do not give my position any absolute potential for fulfillment. I also cannot supply any definitive time frame in which it might occur.  You immediately know that Ocasio-Cortez is political as she sets up a rigid twelve-year time period before climate change destroys the capacity of the earth to sustain life.  As with all she offered on this topic, or any other, she knows less than nothing about it.


For those that suggest that humanity will make adjustments in their inexorable path to destruction …perhaps it will…but you’d be betting on the “come.”  You’d be presuming that a species, now driven by “Egotistical Idiocy,” dominated by Progressive ideologies, will pull themselves together in time to prevent its demise. That belief, in itself, would be a variation of “Egotistical Idiocy.” We may pass the point of no return before actions can be chosen to alter the outcome.

With all that in mind, here is my case for human extinction; almost all of it derived from the impact of Progressive ideology.


We are in imminent danger of disrupting the earths energy resources.  The vast majority of these are fossil fuels. They have been the most dramatic contributor to human well-being. As the modern world has built itself on the need for enormous quantities of these readily available and inexpensive energy resources, any interruption in its availability can rip the fabric of world civilization and throw us on an inescapable path toward extinction. The two forces threatening this potential are warfare, illustrated by the attack on the Saudi oilfields, and political decisions, as illustrated by the United States and its Green New Deal. The latter is far more ominous. If fossil fuels continue to be vilified and are eliminated, there is no possibility that we will find enough energy through the utilization of renewable energies…none.  The deprivations and chaos will be enormous.


With seven billion people there is no need to further explain the implication of a dramatic reduction in available energy. One impact area, however that must be specifically noted, is the production of food stuff.   Food production is energy intensive. The energy utilized is almost entirely derived from fossil fuels. There can be no doubt that food production will be dramatically curtailed if fossil fuels are eliminated. If we link to this, the political process of rejecting GMF’s (Genetically Modified Foods) the food availability problem deepens.  GMFs produce remarkably higher crop yields.  This creates a situation where there is currently more food available per person on the planet than ever before in human history.


If I stop there, a legitimate case can be made that these two factors…limited energy and food resources…will lead through physical deprivation and widespread chaos, to a resulting human extinction. Both potentials are driven by Progressive ideologies.


Unfortunately, there is more that can be added to this possibility of human demise.  Keep in mind my premise is built on current Progressive ideology extended and deepened into the future.


I’ll make these “bulleted” points so that you can evaluate them in isolation.


·      Unchecked mass migration will increase.  This will increase as food resources become more limited. All supported by Progressives.

·      The nation state, the building block of modern civilization, already under assault by globalists, will continue to disintegrate.  This will be rapidly accelerated by mass, unlimited, migration, supported by Progressives

·      The modern world is already a debtor environment.  Almost all nations have spent their futures in financing their self-indulgence of today. Almost everyone is at fault here, but it is Progressives that have driven most of that debt through the creation of the expanded welfare state.

·      The rule of law, already beginning to lose its controlling influence, will increasingly become less and less significant. Only the “law” of the mob will exist. This a Progressive phenomenon.

·      Human population, despite deprivations, will temporarily continue to grow.  It will not happen in the more advanced nations but rather, in those, with the most backward political and economic systems.  Most of Europe does not have a replacement rate reproductive process.  It will be culturally gone in no more than 50 years. Population control is a Progressive concept destroying Europe.

·      The people of the world will seek out and use fuel resources that have produced the most environmental degradation.  Back yard charcoal fires being far more devasting for air quality than the efficiency of modern industrial methods.

·      With the nation state all but gone, thousands of groups will emerge with agendas built on their own survival, to the detriment if necessary, of the ability of others to exist.

·      Hundreds of wars will erupt.  They will be local, but because of their number, will further degrade all resources and quality of life.

·      Nuclear weapons, long kept in check by mutually assured destruction, will be more and more seen as logical mechanisms for local group survival…and they will be used. In a moment 15,000+ years of human civilization could be wiped out.


There is more that could be added to this analysis.  I believe, at this point, my case is made.  Progressive policies, being pursued for their immediate political gain, could lead humanity to the brink of extinction.  Should you be losing sleep over this potential?  Probably not.  I would project a time frame of a minimum of 50 years for all I’ve suggested to reach its logical conclusion.  Even after my 50-year mark is reached, there will be limited, isolated groups of humans that will exist. But, like the Neanderthal, they will slowly, over time, lose their ability to sustain even their limited populations. And then one day…it will all end.  The other life forms of earth, if we haven’t eaten them all in our desperation,  will not notice…or care.


If, as the optimists would suggest, we can, through our decisions change this trajectory, then “now” is the moment. If we go any deeper into the directions the Progressives are charting, it may be too late to alter the inevitable. The starting point is to reject all Progressive agenda’s …especially those that are derived from “Egotistical Idiocy.”


The future of humanity is going to bifurcate in two directions: Either it’s going to become multiplanetary, or it’s going to remain confined to one planet and eventually there’s going to be an extinction event.

Elon Musk

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