“Off with Their Heads” (My Thanks to the Queen of Hearts), by Andrew Joppa

“Off with Their Heads”

(My thanks to The Queen of Hearts)

by Andy Joppa


First, I am generally against violence, especially of a political nature… but not categorically. That is, I can support uses of political violence as represented by The American Revolution and the defeat of the Third Reich.  I would presume that most of you feel about the same way.  But violence comes in many forms.


As offered by Psychology Today, “Violence isn’t limited to the use of physical force. It can be expressed in a variety of ways. Most of us are more inclined to tolerate non-physical forms of violence than we are the more overt physical forms. Violence can occur in forms such as intimidation and verbal and non-verbal threats. Silence can be an effective strategy to control or punish. The violence of silence can at times be even more painful than verbal violence. The pain of disconnection can run deeply in many. Most of us have been on both sides of the verbal violence equation and we know what each side feels like. We also know that the consequences of violence extend far beyond ourselves, and impact on the lives of those with whom we touch.”


PT published those words in 2017…I doubt they would publish them in exactly that form today. “Violence” today has taken on the unique meaning of any action taken by a Trump supporter as it regards pushback to a stolen election.  It is obvious that the Left’s fanaticism in this regard can mean only one thing.  They know that any meaningful inspection of that vote will result in it being overturned.  Otherwise it would seem logical they would open the “books” for examination to end any possibility of future challenge.


With all that in mind, we can see that The Left is using forms of violence that have greater acceptability but are no less devastating in their impact.  No one finds what happened in the capitol building to be acceptable, lest of all President Trump. The Leftist violence, however, that followed that event, is far more devastating to the health and future of our nation.


The Trump rally on January 6th was within the great American tradition of political protest. The turnout was without many equals. Even the crowd’s movement toward the Capitol Building occurred within an oft expressed norm of letting legislative decision makers hear the voices supporting an issue that they are deciding.  The violence that ensued was not predictable and was not predicated by anything the president said or intended.


Politically, it was Trump and his supporters that were the most seriously damaged.  As with many events of this type, it is all just too coincidental to be anything other than a Leftist stoked series of events.  The aftermath documents that the Left was ready to act in every institutional way to shut down the possibility of Trump gaining the presidency in 2024. What follows will allude to some of those actions and that will be followed by some hypotheticals of other actions that might occur.


Of course, we don’t need any of my hypotheticals to deepen our concerns regarding the psychotics on the Left. With PARLER being shut down, our President being banned from Twitter, many of our biggest corporations barring employment for Trump supporters, and Forbes declaring that if you employ a former “Trumpster” it means your whole company must be seen as one big lie…no, those realities, in themselves, should be enough to cause you to lose sleep. At the same time, you should be debating the future of your country, and your own, without me having to project where all of this might go.


Nevertheless, and with no intent of torturing you with the implications of what may be the logical extension of all we are seeing right now, I offer the following:


1) Colleges and universities can refuse to confirm degree status for anyone who has supported Trump.  Therefore, to go from undergrad to graduate isn’t going to happen. Where a degree is necessary to be hired, you’re not going to get that job if you ever wore a MAGA hat. Of course, those effected can suggest it is a violation of contract and sue the school.  They may even get their money back…then what?  Do they go back to school and do it all over again????…That is, if you can find a school that would accept them.

2) The situation in #1 becomes even more dire when it occurs in universities offering professional academic accreditation.  A medical college or law school could notify the state accreditation departments for Law and Medicine and inform them that Harry Lipschitz’s credentials have been withdrawn for failure to uphold the schools moral code post-graduation standards.  So, Doctor Lipschitz, having practiced for twenty years, is out, as is the Honorable Mary Jones the great public defender. Could this happen?  Of course, in today’s America anything can happen.

3) They’re also going to want a Leftist military …Trumpsters out…Leftists in.  This would apply to existing troops and new enlistees. They won’t defend us from China, but they will get in the way of anyone who isn’t fully “WOKE.” But you scream…that will weaken the military.  PLEASE…do they really care about that?

4) The Left is not going to be satisfied with these piece meal attacks on Trump supporters…at the federal level, passports might be revoked.  They wouldn’t want Trump style hatred to be exported abroad. Or, in a more sinister model, they wait till you go abroad and revoke when you’re overseas…officially then, you’re a person without a country.

5) At the state level…why should any “Trumpster” be allowed to drive just any old place and spread their hatred all over?  Simply…driver’s licenses can be held by bad people. Situationally this might be suspended if a limousine liberal needs a driver.


OK, enough of this.  My list was ludicrous. Of course, that doesn’t mean it won’t happen. So is everything else that is currently corrupting this formerly great republic.  All I suggest is that you should be prepared for any eventuality.  No matter what you might conjure up in your darkest moment, it will be worse than that.  Whole populations of people, historically, have been totally destroyed because their powers of imagination were too limited.  They just couldn’t imagine human beings acting in that manner. 



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