Obama is the General of the Deep State, by Andrew Joppa

Obama is The General of The Deep State

by Andy Joppa


“We cannot continue to rely on our military in order to achieve the national security objectives we’ve set. We’ve got to have a civilian national security force that’s just as powerful, just as strong, just as well-funded.”

Barack Obama


The paragraph that follows was the central idea of a speech made by Werner Willikens, State Secretary in the Prussian Agriculture Ministry in 1936. He said:


“It is the duty of every single person to attempt, in the spirit of the Führer, to work towards him. Everyone with opportunity to observe it knows that the Führer can only with great difficulty order from above everything that he intends to carry out sooner or later. On the contrary, until now everyone has best worked in his place in the new Germany if, so to speak, he works towards the Führer.”


These comments, made in a routine speech, hold a key to how the Third Reich operated. Hitler’s personalized form of rule invited radical initiatives from below and offered such initiatives backing, so long as they were in line with his broadly defined goals. This promoted ferocious competition at all levels of the regime, among competing agencies, and among individuals within those agencies. The way to power and advancement was through anticipating the ‘Führer’s will’, and, without waiting for directives, taking initiatives to promote what were presumed to be Hitler’s aims and wishes.


Why discuss the concept of “working towards the Fuhrer?”   I would hope the reason is obvious.  It provides the best way of understanding how the Obama administration functioned.  The fanatical devotion to this president provoked a cascade of actions in support of his “will.” Nothing else mattered; not the Constitution, not morality, not the full American citizenry and not the future of this nation.  As in the Reich…only the spoken or unspoken intent of Obama created all chosen courses of action.  There is no doubt that many of those actions were definably illegal, with many being criminal.


Therein exists the problem that impacts on most other areas of immediate concern.  I believe that almost everyone in the FBI, the intelligence agencies and the DOJ, even if they have a sense of integrity (which, in itself, is  dubious) refuse to bring legal action against others who have obviously broken the law, perhaps as acts of treason, since they understand that all roads lead back to Obama.  Obama has been the “DON” of corruption, with all around him working toward “Barack.”


There is no doubt that this smooth-talking shyster is a criminal; a criminal whose actions and compelling influence have brought America nearly to its knees. No one in the federal bureaucracy has the courage to put the “cuffs’ on this purveyor of all that is wrong with America. They are terrified of the implications…and should be. If Obama were ever threatened with full exposure and legal implications, he would bring down a firestorm on America’s cities.


Prior to this incompetent, sweet-talking Americans into giving him their vote, the Democrat/Left was just a band of wild-eyed eccentrics condemning everything and offering nothing.  They were vulgar and purposeless but had no real focus. Their insanity was rudderless.  They beat up George W. every day of his presidency, and Bush was too much the patrician (or coward, your choice) to defend himself or the right positions. Bush made other conservatives look bad by his silence.


In the primaries of 2008 Hillary was taken by surprise when she found out most people couldn’t stand her and were more than willing to vote for a man who was most noted for not showing up.  John McCain, who gave his all in Hanoi and had nothing left to offer after that, meekly surrendered…” You don’t have to worry about an Obama presidency,” little Johnny buffooned.


It was then that Obama turned all of this into a movement; a fanatical movement driven by an obsession so vial, that it has attempted to destroy all that was America in its path.  As he came into office, he surrounded himself with anti-American malcontents who were just to the Left of Mao on the political spectrum.


Why talk about this now?  Simply, Obama hasn’t gone quietly into the night. He has reemerged as the most malevolent ex-president in our history.  He has launched scurrilous attacks on the Trump presidency, a man infinitely beyond the worth of the shallow Obama in competency and, yes, in morality.  We must never forget who Obama really is. If we do, we will pay a price that is beyond our comprehension.  If we are to save America it must start with the figurative destruction of Barack Obama.


Much was written, at the time, about Obama’s controversial appointments, not only to the federal bench, but to key cabinet positions, as well as to the unaccountable (and probably unconstitutional) “Czar” positions. Much of the criticism dwelled on the Obama administration’s lack of vetting when filling these rolls—but that was never the real issue.


To the contrary, the Obama team did investigate thoroughly, and they chose precisely who they wanted.  When an administration repeatedly nominates hard-left individuals, it wasn’t a vetting error—it was a pattern. We should not have allowed the media to portray these appointments as a series of errors; but rather, we needed to realize that Team Obama was simply nominating those who share their goal of radically changing America.


Most Americans had a hard time understanding this because they refused to believe Obama was that extreme. But he was…and still is…perhaps even more so at this point…since he can function with relative impunity.


The reality, of course, was that Obama’s views were far from the mainstream and it is embarrassing so many Americans fell for his leftist candy-coated lies. Indeed, Obama was the most far left President in American history. His appointees only confirmed this. These appointees hailed from the crowd who regarded their pedigree as the 60’s activists who cheered on the Vietcong, while American boys were slaughtered in the jungles of Vietnam. They hated America, or more precisely, they hated America’s heritage, American institutions, and the American Constitution. More importantly, Americans needed to realize their views were Obama’s views. They still are.


My analysis covers just a few of Obama’s policy makers, but there were many more such extremists within his administration; all working towards Obama. Many of them still linger, corrupting all actions taken by President Trump for the future of our nation. It may be, in fact, that what we call The Deep State, is the permanent scar left on this country by this former “crack-head” who never offered a pro-American thought during his tenure…or afterwards.


I’ll cite just a few of the many appointees that a pro-American president would not have made…


The Regulatory Czar, Cass Sunstein

He was nominated and approved to be Obama’s “Regulatory Czar.” He supported massive gun control and didn’t believe the 2nd Amendment was an individual right. He also supported the “Fairness Doctrine,” the wrongly named concept which allows the government to regulate the airwaves.


 Climate Czar, Todd Stern

He was a veteran of the Clinton administration, who was the U.S. negotiator at the Kyoto conference in 1997 (which called for dramatic climate change regulations based on bogus assumptions.) Had the treaty been implemented, it would have plunged the world into economic chaos.


Science Czar, John Holdren

In his book he advocated some of the most bizarre and horrifying policy stances imaginable. In the event of a “over-population crises,” Holdren supported “laws requiring compulsory abortion,” government confiscation of new born babies, the “development of a long-term sterilizing capsule that could be implanted under the skin,” and, incredibly, “adding a sterilant to drinking water or stable foods….” as long a livestock would not be affected. Holdren wanted the government to dictate family size and advocate a “planetary regime,” run by the United Nations. This real-life Dr. Frankenstein was deciding science policy for the United States of America.


 Chief Diversity Officer, Federal Communications Commission, Mark Lloyd

He offered the following on the First Amendment. “It should be clear by now that my focus here is not freedom of speech or the press. This freedom is all too often an exaggeration. At the very least, blind references to freedom of speech or the press serve as a distraction from the critical examination of other communications policies. The purpose of free speech is warped to protect global corporations and block rules that would promote democratic governance.”

Like many of Obama’s appointees, Lloyd worked for George Soros, the foreign billionaire who funds anti-America groups.


Attorney General – Eric Holder

Like most of Obama’s appointees, Holder was a member of the American Constitution Society, an ACLU-type group dedicated to destroying much of the Constitution in order to make it “relevant” to the modern world. And as with many Obama’s appointees, he is obsessed with race, even to the point of refusing to pursue the prosecution of two Black Panther thugs who intimidated white voters at a polling place.


Deputy Attorney General – David Ogden.

This appointment must have been a favor for the p*rn industry; Ogden had probably done more than anyone in America to defend the “rights” of p*rnographers. Sen. Richard Shelby, R-Ala., said Ogden “is more than just a lawyer who has had a few unsavory clients. He has devoted a substantial part of his career, case after case, for 20 years, in defense of p*rnography.”


Solicitor General – Elena Kagan

That Elena Kagan was eventually nominated to Supreme Court was ironic considering her complete lack of judicial or appellate experience. She had never even been a judge or argued before the Supreme Court. Kagen has served as the Dean of Harvard Law School, but her job was to fundraise and make the students “comfortable.”


Assistant Attorney General for the Office of Legal Counsel – Dawn Johnson

Johnson was the former legal director for the National Abortion Rights Action League, a group on the extreme left of the abortion debate. They oppose any restrictions on abortion for any reason, at any time of pregnancy—even late term abortions. She has also worked for the ACLU. Johnson has argued that abortion is all about “s*xual freedom.”  That’s right: have s*x with whoever you want and whenever you want and if you get pregnant, get an abortion. This same mentality has led to skyrocketing sexual disease rates, unwanted pregnancies, and untold sorrow.


Secretary, Department of Education – Arne Duncan

Obama appointed Duncan due to his alleged success as CEO of Chicago’s public schools. However, in 2007, only 10% of black 4thgraders in Chicago reached the proficiency level in reading and for black 8th graders, only 9% reached reading proficiency. In math, only 8% of black students reached proficiency in 4th grade and just 6% reached proficiency in 8th grade.  This was the disappointing outcome, despite spending $13-$14,000 per student and was among the highest of any major city. Even worse, a majority of Chicago public school students dropped out or failed to graduate with their class. Needless to say, the Duncan era was a disaster.


Assistant Deputy Secretary, Department of Education – Kevin Jennings

Jennings is the founder of the Gay Lesbian and Straight Education Network (GLSEN), a group dedicated to promoting the homos*xual agenda to school children as young as five. They’re sick people and even promote books that feature adult-child s*x in a favorable way. Regardless, Obama must have been impressed with Jennings, as he appointed him to carry out his perverted mission nationwide in his new role as head of the Department’s “Office of Safe & Drug Free Schools.”


 United States Ambassador to United Nations – Susan Rice

She was fanatically pro-UN and wanted the United States to work closely with the United Nations in order to carry out all kinds of humanitarian and military actions, seemingly unaware that the UN has never been supportive of US interests.


Counsel, State Department – Harold Koh

Koh believed America should defer to the International Court of Justice to determine legal precedents, a totally unconstitutional endeavor. He is a member of the “trans-nationalism” school of legal thought that believes all distinctions between American Constitutional law and international law should vanish.


Incredibly, he even believes Muslim law –Sharia law– should be applied to some disputes in US courts. Clearly, his views are in contradiction to the Constitution he swore to uphold, but no matter, he was now in charge of all legal issues for the U.S. State Department.


National Security Council – Samantha Power

Power is an anti-Israel pseudo intellectual, a strange position given that Israel is our top ally in the Middle East. She held the view that until Israel allows Palestine to set up a separate state, all the other problems in the Middle East will remain. This, of course, ignores the 1,300-year old war of conquest waged by Islam against the West, most of it occurring long before the modern-day Israel/Palestine conflict. She also holds to the conspiratorial view that everything America does in the Middle East – like the Iraq war – is due to Israeli influence.


Advisor, Under-Secretary of Defense for Policy – Rosa Brooks

This genius wrote that Al-Qaeda was just an “obscure group” until America began the war on terrorism, ignoring all the documentation that Al-Qaeda was making plans for rapid growth long before 9/11. Apparently, it’s America’s fault that terrorist groups exist today! She called President Bush “our torturer in chief” and compared Bush’s anti-terrorist policies to Hitler’s policies.


Senior Advisor and Assistant to the President for Public Engagement and Intergovernmental Affairs – Valerie Jarrett

Jarrett is involved with vetting all the extremists Obama has appointed and thus, must be an extremist as well. For example, she was aware that former Green Czar Van Jones (who withdrew) had a long history of involvement in Communist Party causes, but still said she was “delighted to be able to recruit him into the White House.” She had to have known, because she married into a family with a pedigree of Communist Party involvement. Her father-in-law, Vernon Jarrett, worked closely with Obama mentor and Communist Party leader Frank Marshall Davis in a number of Communist Party front groups during the Cold War years. Valerie married Vernon’s son in 1983 and later became chief of staff for Mayor Richard Daley, where she was a key player in perhaps America’s most corrupt big city political machine. Obama did not go forward with anything without her counsel…he still doesn’t.


Political advisor – David Axelrod

For those who think Axelrod was just a good campaign consultant, you couldn’t be more wrong.  Axelrod has a long history of working for obscure socialist candidates and Obama was no different, politically, from his other clients. In fact, promoting socialist causes was a family tradition. His mother wrote for a New York City tabloid called PM Magazine, which often promoted the Communist Party line. Indeed, author IF Stone, later revealed to be working for the KGB, was PM’s DC correspondent. Much of the tabloid’s funding came from Marshall Field, a hard-left millionaire who also funded Saul Alinsky’s training school. Axelrod has spent his entire life promoting extremist candidates, but no one bothered to look into his background.  Today, he still advises Obama on all things political.


Director of the White House Office of Energy and Climate Change – Carol Browner

Browner previously served as head of the EPA during the Clinton regime where she advocated incredibly stupid environmental regulations that destroyed entire industries. At a time when America was losing jobs in record numbers, she was precisely the right person for the Obama job-killing machine. Browner is a socialist and was picked by Socialist International to be one of 14 leaders of a group it created called the Commission for a Sustainable World Society.


General Counsel and Senior Policy Advisor, Office of Management & Budget – Preeta Bansal

Bansal was very close to Obama; she acted behind the scenes advising him regarding the selection of federal judges. She was on the far-left side of the judicial spectrum and was a leader of the misnamed American Constitutional Society, a group that believed in a “living Constitution” and works to “debunk” the “original intent” concept.


Bansal was also a member of the “critical race theory (CRT)” school of legal thought that boils all legal concepts down to racist conspiracies and that racism permeates all aspects of American society.


Director of Intergovernmental Affairs, Executive office of the President- Cecilia Munoz

Munoz was a hard-core open borders advocate who had served as the Vice President for the National Council of La Raza (NCLR), where she supervised all legislative activities.  La Raza is the nation’s foremost supporter of “rights” for illegal aliens and the granting of amnesty to the millions of illegals here in America. She does not care that illegal aliens are costing America billions of dollars; she believes they should enjoy the same rights as citizens.


Director, Domestic Policy Council – Melody Barnes

Barnes was a certified crackpot. She was previously Vice President of the far-left Center for American Progress and also served as Chief Counsel for Senator Ted Kennedy on the Senate Judiciary Committee. Her view on abortion was so extreme, she served on the boards of both Emily’s List and the Planned Parenthood Action Fund. She favored unrestricted abortions for any reason at any time of pregnancy.


These were just the tip of the Obama iceberg.  Anyone else in his administration that I haven’t alluded to was just as bad or worse. Do you believe a man making these choices had the slightest concern with the well-being of his fellow Americans?


 Obama’s veneer of unearned respectability has enabled him to continue to manipulate and churn America in his preferred direction. If I sound angry…I am.  We have a man in The White House who has put his entire life on the line for this nation. In most situations he stands alone, while being attacked by people who are mindless fanatics working against America.  I am angry because America seems so unwilling to save itself by identifying the Obama cancer that has so dramatically diminished our nation and its future.


Obama is a young man…he will not go quietly into the night. As long as he continues to metastasize, America cannot be saved.  Do we have the courage to act to save our nation?  I pray we do…but I am not optimistic. Right now, Michelle stands in the wings as a possible Biden running mate.  If this happens, and Biden inexplicably, wins, it would be tantamount to a third Obama term as president. His first two terms dug the American grave… a third would throw dirt on the dead body of American greatness.

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