Notre Dame est L’avenir(Notre Dame is The Future), by Andy Joppa

Notre Dame est L’avenir

(Notre Dame is The Future)

by Andy Joppa


Note:  With so much distortion that can be anticipated in how the event I write about here will be presented to the public, I write with a surety based on logical and weighted conjecture.  I do this, since it is dubious whether the truth will ever be known, and if it be known will ever be revealed. I believe my perceptions of this circumstance and its cause and projection, are the best that might be offered.


Notre Dame’s disaster made me forget about politics. No, that’s not being honest.  It provoked me to not care about politics at all. A mind-blowing understanding of the ludicrous nature of American politics emerged as a result of its comparison to Notre Dame’s profound meaning. Oh…I’ll get back to it as a matter of necessity, but for now I’d rather reflect on the memory and implication of Notre Dame, than wallow in the pigsty of the partisan political dance of the American absurd.


Like many of you, I have visited Notre Dame on several occasions.  There are few places on this planet that have attracted all cultures…all religions, all ethnic groups…all variations of human realities, as did Notre Dame.  Its beauty was awe inspiring and seeing it at night from a boat on the Seine was an experience that almost surpassed words.


Inside Notre Dame it demanded a reverence…not because it was a church, though that was certainly part of it, but, more so, because it spoke eloquently of humanity at its best…and it was that that deserved our reverence. There was a scent inside the church that could not be manufactured…it was the residual aroma of nearly a thousand years of western history. Millions of candles had been burnt in offering and there was the lingering awareness of the multitudes of people who had either worshipped there or just come through for the profound experience. I am not Catholic, but inside Notre Dame…je suis Catholique.


I felt “special” when I was in the cathedral.  Many say that these types of structures make them feel small …insignificant.  That is not how it affected me. It made me proud to be a human being…proud to be a member of a species that built and preserved this incredible statement of man’s indomitable spirit…made me stand a bit taller. 


Notre Dame always reminded me of just why everything else was worthwhile.  All other activities, merely serving to ensure that humanity might continue to want to build new Notre Dames…want to create new statements of why our species is worth preserving. We can too easily lose track of the glory of human kind…we can become misanthropes as we become too immersed in the day to day inanities of all too many human malcontents.  But, whenever I felt that way, which I reluctantly admit was all too often, then…there was always Notre Dame …Notre Dame reminding me of who we really are.


The burning of Notre Dame, therefore, is an event of tremendous projected implications. It may become the defining moment in the future of France…Europe… and Western Civilization. The date of April 15, 2019 may well be cited in the future as the date that Europe fell.  The date when the 1400-year dream of an Islamic Europe became a reality. The date when Islam defeated the Christian west.

If you visit the sites of the Catholic monasteries demolished by Henry VIII, they are all empty shells…the external stone work, in part, surviving but the interiors all gutted. They are no longer buildings of any value. They were destroyed.  They had no future. In a like manner…Notre Dame is destroyed. Words are being carefully chosen to diminish the implication of the event…” the shell was saved”, “the towers remained standing”, “they will rebuild.”  Notre Dame… as Notre Dame… will never again exist. It will delineate the moment that Europe ended.


Macron has said it will be rebuilt in 5 years. I predict that in five years you will see only the decaying hulk of this incredible edifice existing only as a scar in the memories of every Parisian and every other citizen of the world who admired what Notre Dame represented. The passions and motivation are high right now…they will soon melt into thoughts of, “What could better be done with these funds.”Perhaps only the façade will exist, like a Hollywood set, where tourists take selfies using it as a backdrop, with only a vague remembrance of what the building had actually been.


The death of this great cathedral will serve as a profound precursor of the fate of Europe, if not the entire western world. In those same five years I cited above, you will also see the continuing loss of indigenous Europeans, the deepening control of Islam and rapid increase in the numbers of Muslims.  European Christianity will, for all practical purpose, seize to exist as a viable religion.  No Jew will be able to live safely in Europe (they can hardly do that now) and the deepening of “Eurabia” as defined by the great Bay Ye’or will accelerate.

Notre Dame’s burning is the end of a long process. The last 3 years have seen an average of 3 Catholic churches attacked each day in the disintegrating cultural world that is France. In 2017 there were 1045 acts of church vandalism.  In 2018 there were 1063.  Earlier this year in a one-week period, 12 churches were attacked, including setting fire to Saint Sulpice in Paris. In Nimes, feces were smeared on the walls of Notre Dame des Enfants. 


It is possible, though highly unlikely, that the Notre Dame (Paris) fire was an accident. How the Paris prosecutor was able to determine this when the embers were still glowing is quite amazing.  There is little doubt, however, that France has created a critical mass of Muslims that terrifies the French government.  They do everything they can to not provoke violence in this “peaceful” population. Macron is concerned that the slightest mistake will create horrors in the streets of France.  History has told him this is true. But, all logic…all probability…all recognition of the reality of modern France… demands we accept the far greater likelihood that this horrific recent fire was an act of terrorism.


While many sources of this terrorism can be conjured…there is only one that is likely.  The torching of Notre Dame is an Islamic event.  In their pursuit of ending the humiliation from the Battle of Tours and Charles Martel, and the near miraculous victory of Christian Europe and Jan Sobieski at Vienna in 1683…Notre Dame is Islamic payback for 1400 years of failures in the pursuit of a European takeover.


How do I know this?  How can I be so sure? I know this because I know that Islam is capable of doing this.  I know this because I know Islam would want to do this.  I know this because I know Islam had the opportunity to do this. I know this because I know Islam has done comparable things…worldwide and recently in France. I know this based on logic and an overwhelming mass of what may be considered to be solid circumstantial evidence.


I know Islam did this as there is no logical reason to believe it didn’t. If proven, documented facts, overwhelm my viewpoint I will concede. If all that’s offered are the platitudes of French officials, then that will confirm my positions.

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