No, Trump Was Not a Dictator (Maybe he should have been), by Andrew Joppa

“What is the source of Character Assassination? Jealousy? Jealousy originates from Limitation. A jealous person sees you as having a gift, skill, charisma, talent, or ability that he or she does not have. The mindset of a jealous person is manipulation. How does a Jealous Person manipulate? A Jealous Person controls a group’s perception of you, the Gifted Person, by possessing a group’s opinion by claiming you are full of fault.”

― Deborah Bravandt


The charge of being a dictator was leveled against our great president a countless number of times by the Democrat/Left, their propagandized media, and their maniacal minions in their voting constituency. It is still suggested by these malcontents that this will happen “again” if DJT is elected in 2024. They offered this absurdity with a fervency that suggests more about their sanity than the governing integrity of our great ex-president.  If we are to understand what provoked this thought, if we are to be generous and describe it as a thought as compared to being an emotional babble, we first must understand the Leftist mindset as it pertains to the role that should have been fulfilled by our ex-president…or any president.


It is their belief that our nation and our president should not be constrained by law, or the wisdom derived from empirical awareness. Law, most notably constitutional law, represents to them what can, at best, be called a “suggestion;” a suggestion that can be ignored whenever the moment demands.  For the Leftist, the past has no relationship to the future; only all that is “brand new and shiny” has value…what preceded their limited paltry lifetime is seen as archaic and is to be ignored.


In their childish perspective, they do not understand why our great leader, or any leader, wouldn’t be provoked by the newest catastrophe du jour, the emotional tirades of the moment, the wailing of the mob, or the continuous iterations from Leftists in the press.  After all, those are the mechanisms that would provoke the directions taken by their decisions if they were, president.  This certainly been made manifest during the Biden presidency.


No, Trump did not ascribe to any of these provocations.  By not being the type of president who was responsive to these pressures but, rather, being a president who insisted on directions that are derived from considerations entirely unrelated to these factors…Trump, by their definition, must be a dictator. This resembled the wailing teenager who believes their father isn’t listening to them since he tells them, “NO.” I can imagine some thirteen-year-old screaming that their father must be a dictator because he won’t let them do a,” sleepover” at a “crack” house. They are chaotic children of the moment, subject to what can best be called…” The Tyranny of Today.”


That phrase, The Tyranny of Today, is worth spending a little time with as it’s understanding helps clarify a source of many of America’s current problems and provides the fodder for the Leftist sheeple and their assertion that Trump was a dictator.  In its simplest explanation it means that only the problem we are experiencing now should dominate and provoke our decision-making process.

It is void of constraints, void of long-term implications, void of prioritization, void of legal appropriateness and, in most cases, void of ethical considerations.


It means for the Leftist…today’s problems, by their definition, are the only ones that matter and there should be nothing that gets in the way of dealing with them. These “children” want what they want when they want it…and they want it now.  When Trump didn’t give it to them…he was a dictator.  For those suffering within their dark shroud of ignorance this made perfect sense.


Perhaps the only other analogy that these immature minds of the Left would understand is that Trump, in their case, was a parent with legal responsibilities to insure the well-being of a psychologically disturbed child.  The parent has legal requirements they must fulfill and cannot be distracted by the irrational demands of a tantrum driven child.  Of course, that disturbed child, within their linguistic limitations, thinks of that parent as a “dictator.” It should be noted that the Left has extended the disturbed childhood of their members into their late 70’s. Joe Biden, for example, isn’t an old man…he is a deeply damaged child…always has been.


President Trump, to them, seemed like a dictator because he refused to do what is patently illegal, would prevent him from fulfilling his constitutional responsibilities, would be damaging to America over the long run or was either not allowed or expressly forbidden by The Constitution.  It should be interesting to note that not one of those items would prevent a Leftist from making a decision that they saw as politically expedient; political expediency is all they ever consider…law, ethics, and value derived, means nothing to them.


What these immature vicious little children didn’t recognize is that Trump functioned within a very tightly constrained set of actions; all of which were definably dedicated to the best interest of America and Americans…and all legal, ethical and necessary. They were oblivious to the fact that the type of leader they advocated for would have to be a dictator.


For example, Bernie Sanders, as a committed socialist, would have to be a dictator.  How do I know this? It has always been this way. Socialism will always lead to dictatorships. Dictators are defined, not by their laws, but the absence of laws and limiting influences.  The leader that would do what they want, when they want it, would also be capable of putting them in jail or against a wall when they don’t want it.


With the consistent abuse heaped on our beleaguered ex-president it is not difficult to imagine what he would have done to these treasonous, anti-American malcontents, if he were a dictator.  No…despite their lies…their corruption…and their violence, they continued to thrive.  Only a benevolent leader, functioning within legal and moral constraints, would have allowed this to happen.  The Left should consider themselves blessed that President Donald Trump is a man of the highest integrity. Leaders that the Left respects, all dictators, like Mao, Stalin and Castro, would have ended their paltry existence long ago. Their survival is enough to put to lie their charge that President Donald John Trump was a dictator.


Of course, we must realize that their very existence fully explains the reason why many dictators do emerge.  It is one of the great political perplexities to consider that to save a free nation, its enemies must be destroyed by all means that are available. While we may not be there yet…that moment is rapidly coming into focus. Perhaps the old comment that,” Democracy is not a suicide pact”, best describes that situation.

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