Ninety-Nine for a Rainy Day III, by Andrew Joppa

Ninety-Nine for A Rainy Day III

by Andy Joppa


The wisdom of nations lies in their proverbs,

which are brief and pithy.

William Penn


In September of 2015 I published a blog titled Ninety-Nine for a Rainy Day.  It was a compilation of my random, unfiltered, thoughts. As I revisited this essay, I was surprised to learn that, two and a half years later, in 2018, I still agreed with myself.   Encouraged by my consistency (or my rigidity) I felt compelled to offer Ninety-Nine for A Rainy Day II. Because of my compulsive nature I now offer Ninety-Nine for A Rainy Day III. Most of these thoughts could be entire topics for blogs unto themselves…but, I become impatient; so much to write about…so little time. As with the original, if you agree with me about everything I would be surprised, and you should be worried.  I also have a large group of new readers who need to know more about me and, as a result, choose to either stay or move on to more fertile minds.


Read them all at once, or do one a day as the “thought” du jour. One can only imagine the joy that might bring.   I have made no attempt to prioritize these comments.  Some are profound’ others don’t quite reach that threshold. If you have some you’d like to offer for my next list send me an email.


1.     In every organization there is one person who knows what’s going on…that person will be destroyed. The Left knows that they might only be successful if Donald Trump is out of the way.

2.     What the Left and the media say doesn’t matter.  It is only what the Right says in response that matters. Failure in this area destroyed the George Bush presidency.

3.     There is no such thing as “We the People” as it pertains to Americans.  I refuse to be included with half of the people who inhabit this country. If there is a “We,” there must be shared values.

4.     Institutionalism racism in America can never be disproven…primarily because it can never be proven. Racism has no measured impact on life outcomes.

5.     Muscle doesn’t build countries; brains do. Every country has muscle…few have brains. Our brains, of course, must do more than merely putting television cameras in refrigerators. What was that about?

6.     It is too late to prevent a coup in America after it has taken place…Note: it’s too late. There are very remaining members of our legal government.

7.     An anomaly cannot determine a people’s freedoms; for example: egregious remarks, regardless of how offensive, made by an individual, can have no impact on freedom of speech.

8.     More people have been murdered by ignorance than by weapons of any sort; in fact, all murders have been caused by ignorance. Let’s ban ignorance and prevent anyone who’s ignorant from voting.

9.     I, personally, don’t care what children say about anything…they’re children. This applies to adult children also.

10.Childhood has only one purpose; to produce a rational, moral adult. Are we succeeding in doing this? There seems to be a measurable failure in this area.

11.All children are barbarians until they become civilized…or not. Yes…even little Johnny or Sally are barbarians. A child 8000 years ago was exactly the same as a child today.

12.Education is not a place you sat; it is an outcome you achieved. College might help…or hurt in reaching that outcome.

13.If I don’t want you in my house…or my country…and you haven’t been invited, I don’t need a reason to throw you out. I don’t care how wonderful you are…GET OUT!

14.With 330 million people, anything you want to prove on any given day…can be “proven.” It’s the law of large numbers. The internet has deepened the large number aberration.

15.Science is not about absolutes.  It is the construct of theories waiting to be disproved. The phrase “a proven scientific consensus” means nothing.

16.Legal immigration has occurred in waves…. separated by many years to allow for assimilation.  If you don’t have assimilation you can’t allow immigration.

17.Many emigrate from cultures that have created a poor quality of life and then want to bring those cultures with them. We are already a super-star culture…we don’t need any contamination.

18.Any compromise between evil and good produces only evil. In politics it would be stated, “Any compromise between the Left and the Right means the Left has won.

19.California is metastasizing, spreading its disease to Arizona, Nevada and Texas.  It will spread further from there. They escape from the unacceptable and rebuild it where they go.

20.Smart phones and smart humans are inversely related. Sorry, our modern cyborgs with their phones enmeshed in their heads is a bad sign for the future.

21.Social media is almost like being alive…except for reality. What the heck are slow motion selfies about? Why isn’t there an app to get apps?

22.Most things that go viral online are like any other virus…they are destructive.  Aside from finding a boy or girlfriend from 40 years ago I somehow miss the value. We are back to the model of knowing less and less about more and more.

23.In keeping with #22…With everyone having so much information available, why does the mass of ignorance seem to be increasing?

24.I want to drive my own car, not technology driving for me.…you can choose what you want but…driving is fun.

25.Transparent diplomacy is a contradiction in terms…if it’s transparent…it’s not diplomacy. In a chess match you don’t tell your opponent your next five moves.

26.Freedom of the individual is the essential characteristic of a successful nation; not economic success.  Economic success is important…BUT individual freedom is generally what drives it.

27.Human greatness is always a series of peaks and valleys….no valleys no peaks.  We destroy greatness as we attack the valleys. If you want a perfect human being, they will not be a great human being

28.Our universities are training grounds for ideological corruption. That’s why the Left supports free college. Imagine: 50 thousand dollars a year to become an ideological automaton.

29.Please…someone make the case to me that women in politics have produced a saner, more meaningful national process…I can’t.  No worse…no better.

30.Diversity in any environment is a challenge to unity…our nation is diverse but, hardly, unified.  And…the only diversity that matters is intellectual diversity.

31.I don’t hunt…I don’t target shoot; I don’t love guns…yet I want and have one…Why?  Oh…I remember.

32.There will never be term limits for congress or a balanced budget without an Article V Amendments Convention.  Can we get this done?  Let’s wait and see.

33.Our current culture does not allow any person to escape from their darkest moment. A person at 70 could have their entire contributing life negated by an incident when they were 18.  There is something very primitive about thus process.

34.The Washington swamp is not a sub-set of the federal government…it is the Federal government.  Neary the entire federal bureaucracy sees themselves as independent operatives.

35.Question: Why isn’t there a white male history month?  Answer:  It couldn’t possibly be done in only one month. It becomes a bit tiresome when white males are blamed for every human problem.  They are the only group without legal protection.

36.Why do Asians, on average, always outperform Caucasians on IQ tests? Just a question that the modern world will prevent you from answering…it would be too revealing.

37.Be honest!!! Do you really think that America will ever be what it was ever again?  Aside from wild-eyed optimism…how?

38.Trump did not lose the national popular vote in 2016.  There was no popular vote.  As in baseball, hits are not measured to determine who won the game…it’s runs.

39.Why is Doo-Wop still the best music? I’m probably biased in this area…but at least it actually was music.

40.How meaningful is Wonder Woman as a role model for our young girls?  She was the daughter of Zeus.  That seems to give her a step up.

41.Voter ID’s are a no brainer.  Either you’re an active member of the society and have one…or you’re receiving government benefits and already need one…who doesn’t have one?

42.The press is Constitutionally protected; a propaganda wing of a political party is not. They should at least have to meet the journalistic code of ethics.  Yes…such a thing exists.

43.Does anyone “dress up” anymore?  Even a tie with shorts would be a step forward.

44.I can’t name anybody on the Democrat/Left that I respect.  Let me think…no, no one.

45.John McCain, rest his soul, had one bright and glorious moment which he leveraged into a career that damaged America.

46.Some people are well named.  Jeff “Flake” and Bob “Corker” to name a few. We could probably wedge Adam Schiff into this with just a little imagination.

47.The village idiots use to be shuffled off to an outside wall of the town.  Now…we send them to Washington. I guess the village wall wasn’t big enough to hold them.

48.It is wise to only advocate for issues that can’t be proven in your lifetime. For example:  You can’t lose with…” The oceans will rise by 10 feet in 100 years.”

49.Prediction:  North and South Korea will be unified within 25 years.  I probably can’t lose with that one…but…who knows? Maybe I should have said 50 years.

50.Politicians get elected by spending money…not by saving money to balance the budget.

51.If experts are really experts why do they all disagree on most issues?

52.Why does autism effect male children so disproportionally?  Why don’t we know?  Does anyone really care?

53.The most important aspect of the vote is its legality…not its ease of being cast.

54.Every illegal vote cast in opposition to mine, negates my vote and deprives me of my franchise.

55.In today’s world, art is anything you can see, and music is anything you can hear.  Shouldn’t there be a higher threshold?

56.When you must choose between having a child or a dog…something is too expensive.

57.In today’s superficial America, Lincoln’s voice and appearance would have prevented him from being elected…to anything.

58.The two most maligned presidents coming into office…Lincoln and Trump. In England it was Winston Churchill…do you see a pattern?

59.If you think there are no conspiracies, why is it that all people in media and Leftist politicians use the same words for every issue?

60.If you sell a book to 1/3rd of 1% of all Americans, you have a runaway best seller.

61.I just researched Mother Teresa “is horrible” on the internet.  I found 10 listings that would qualify.  If this is there, what couldn’t you find?

62.Is Pope Francis intentionally giving Roman Catholicism a bad name or is it just being done out of ignorance of political and economic systems?  The church deserves better.

63.Barack Obama never sexually harassed anyone.  In fact, as far as we know, he never even dated anyone. If he did, no one is talking.

64.Barack Obama was the living proof that early drug use loosens the tongue and deadens the brain.

65.Liberals are correct; they shouldn’t own guns.

66.If we genetically downsized human beings to half their current size, one chicken would feed twice as many people…just sayin’.

67.The existence of nuclear weapons has probably saved millions of lives by preventing WWIII being fought with conventional weaponry.

68.President Trump is like a piece of liver you might find if you’re starving to death.  It might not taste good but, it is good for you…might save your life and…it’s all you’ve got.

69.Why do we think winning 300 million dollars in the lottery is a good thing…while working hard and earning it isn’t?

70. Law in Washington is seldom about justice…it is a WID; a Weapon of Individual Destruction.

71.We know that the most functional size of any human group is 10 members.  What does this say about a 535-person Congress?

72.Speaking of “person” …why don’t the feminists attack that word for having the male designator “son”?

73.No country should interfere with the internal politics of another nation.  America has done just that…81 times.

74. I offer the following words, so you never have to watch CNN or MSNBC ever again.  “Donald Trump is horrible, hates everyone and is a paid agent of Russia. “

75.Late night television is like the “late Joe Stalin” …. dead and evil.

76.President Trump’s approach to diplomacy is…he wants 10 of something… demands 15…and the opposition gratefully settles for 12.

77.If you think Socialism is so great, talk to anyone who lived in the eastern bloc under Communism.

78.The use of Artificial Intelligence will increase till we humans have nothing to do. We will all lay around reading great books and have interesting hobbies…get serious.

79.Speaking of AI…if we reach AGI, Artificial General Intelligence, and then ASI, Artificial Super Intelligence, you can kiss your protoplasm goodbye.

80. I, for one, will not read anything written by any author who has something negative in their background…that, of course, will leave me with nothing to read.

81.Religion is like Quantum Physics.  It’s strange and often undecipherable …But…you don’t have to be a physicist to know that it’s still very important.

82.If an Islamic Jihadist commits an act of terror, hoping to die in the process…but doesn’t…don’t we help them if they are executed?

83.Do you know that Congress can legally take your entire income with taxes? This seems to be a bit too much power.

84.It seems the Liberal/Left studies history to learn how to do the worst possible thing. They are true masters of the historically dysfunctional.

85.If I were a woman, or even felt like one, I don’t understand why I would have supported Hillary Clinton because she was, theoretically, a woman.

86.A bird that can’t fly…a fish that can’t swim and a human that can’t think, are all comparable.  The first two are just hypotheticals.

87.An acid test for sanity is whether you liked the movie, “The Shape of Water….”  If you did, and I don’t mean to insult you (OK, I do mean to insult you) get yourself checked out.

88.If you think Rachal Maddow is sane then who is insane?

89.Why do we think the corruption of our intelligence agencies is only at the very top? It certainly goes down at least 4 managerial layers.  In the State Department it goes even deeper.

90.Is there any country in the world where its leader doesn’t put their country first?  If there is, it is only because they put themselves first.

91.Most people who are humble…need to be.

92.Machiavelli didn’t say “the end justifies the means.” He did say (to paraphrase), “when there is nothing else to go by…then we must use the “ends” to determine an acts value.”  The American Left is all about means while they have no concern with the ends.

93. Since men are apparently not wanted…why don’t they go back to where they came from?  Almost forgot…that’s what a Freudian would say they’re trying to do.

94.Peace at any price will buy war on the cheap.

95.We tend to migrate toward technologies based on its quality and not by whether it’s needed or valuable.

96.Hollywood is one of the few business enterprises that willfully rejects half of their customers.

97.If America goes to war and there is no draft, how many men between the ages of 18 and 21 will enlist.  Especially those who are being denied the right to own a hunting rifle.

98.Being a psychopath is become increasingly useful in modern America.  They are superficially likeable.  They’re a perfect match for our culture.

99.The issues matter but, even if resolved successfully, they will not overcome a degraded culture.


Whew! That was exhausting. If you didn’t know me, you know me now…for better or worse. Most of those would make meaningful Tweets…if I Tweeted. Many issues I raised demand greater nuance, but pithy comments must stand on their own. I stand with my thoughts pending successful rebuttal…from you or from me.


Pithy sentences are like sharp nails which force truth upon our memory.

Denis Diderot

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