Local Support for Ukrainian Refugees

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On Friday’s show, we visit with William Yeatman, Research Fellow with the Cato Institute, about Schumer’s ill-advised abortion vote in the Senate, and we get an update on the Durham investigation. We visit with Holocaust survivor, Jack Nortmann, about his planned trip to Poland to support Ukrainian refugees.  We visit with the Executive Director of the Collier Senior Center-Golden Gate, Esther Lully, about their many programs – including financial – to support seniors. We also visit with Larry Bell, Endowed Professor at the University of Houston, and author of his recently released book, “Beyond Flagpoles and Footprints: Pioneering the Space Frontier,” about investigation bombshells that could thwart Hillary and Joe’s 2024 hopes.

Please join us for Monday’s show. We have terrific guests including the Founder and Publisher of HistoryCentral.com, Marc Schulman, the President Emeritus of the Foundation for Economic Education, Larry Reed, and author and former Barron’s Washington Bureau Chief, Jim McTague.

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