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Let Bad Laws “Sunset”


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On Thursday’s show, we get an update from Pastor Rick Stevens, Co-Founder of the Florida Citizens Alliance, about the Hope Scholarship available to all parents of children in Florida public schools, and we discuss their new web site, which serves as a resource for parents of school-aged children. We visit with the Director of Healthcare Studies at the Cato Institute, Michael Cannon, about the impact of President Trump’s Executive Order declaring “most favored nation” status for the United States in the purchase of pharmaceutical drugs. We discuss the importance of patent protection and the “sunsetting” of a harmful patent law with the Founder and President of Less Government, Seton Motley. We also visit with the former Mayor of Naples, Mayor Bill Barnett.

Please join us for tomorrow’s show. We visit with Research Fellow for the Cato Institute William Yeatman, local author and travel, dining and entertainment columnist Sharon Kenny, author of “Getting the Most Bang for the Education Buck,” Brandon Wright, and the author of “The Devil at Our Doorstep,” Dave Bego.

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