Leftspeak, by Andrew Joppa


by Andy Joppa


There is no swifter route to the corruption of thought than through the corruption of language

George Orwell


The manipulation of language has once again become an issue where words, in many cases, serve to “shed heat but little light.”  As but one example: Calling COVID-19 a pandemic, as compared to being a seasonal flu, immediately turned the response from reasoned to chaotic…” Oh my God…a pandemic …should I wrap my head in Saran Wrap?”


Simply, a pandemic is a disease that is prevalent throughout an entire country, continent, or the whole world.  In other words, you could have a “pandemic” in just Italy or Greenland, and it doesn’t have to even be serious.  The word itself, however, carries a connotation of being serious…more deadly…or, at minimum, more of which to be afraid…than the seasonal flu.


George Orwell penned an essay in 1946, “Politics and the English Language,” that criticized the “ugly and inaccurate” written English of his time and examined the connection between political orthodoxies and the debasement of language.

His essay focused on political language, which, according to Orwell, “is designed to make lies sound truthful and murder respectable, and to give an appearance of solidity to pure wind”. Orwell believed that the language used was necessarily vague or meaningless because it was intended to hide the truth rather than express it.


Interestingly, Orwell marked many words as being too variable to mean anything concrete; that is, as Stuart Chase defined, the words have no discernable referents= Democracy, socialism, freedom, patriotic, realistic, justice, class, totalitarian, science, progressive, reactionary, bourgeois, equality, values, human and natural. All must still be weighed with any usage to determine the authors actual intent. For example, “What’s the science behind global warming” or “America needs more democracy,” are sentences with no discernible referents.


I have recently noticed that there are many terms currently bandied about that I do not fully understand or, at best, have only a vague idea of what they mean or how they’re being used. You may be far more astute than I am. So, I may be doing little more than exposing my own ignorance.


One of the more interesting, is the use of the name “Karen” as a categorically specific word.  “Karen” is a slang term that is used to typify a person perceived to be entitled or demanding beyond the scope of what is considered appropriate or necessary. One of the most common Karen stereotypes is that of a white middle-aged woman, typically American, who displays aggressive behavior when she is obstructed from getting her way; such women are often depicted as demanding to “speak to the manager” and sometimes have a variation of the bob cut. Michigan Governor Whitmer would be a perfect example, as would Ashley Judd.  They would be referred to as Karen Whitmer or Karen Judd.


I didn’t know about this…but…in these applications, it certainly seems to work.


The term “unmasking” also had me a bit perplexed and asking myself, “what exactly does it mean?” So, doing my due diligence, I thought I should know…exactly.


The US intelligence community commonly uses the term “unmasking” in reference to revealing the identity of someone on a monitored communication. Under the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act, or FISA, intelligence agents frequently eavesdrop on foreign nationals on US soil, such as businessmen or ambassadors.

But if a foreign agent is speaking with or about a US citizen, information about that person could be uncovered incidentally. To protect their right to privacy, intelligence agents will “mask” the information, and refer to the citizen by an alias like “U.S. Person One” when they report or transcribe the correspondence.


Ahh…that sounds like an important safeguard and is why the “unmasking of General Flynn was such a serious violation. OK…I get it.


How about Ballot Harvesting? Ballot harvesting, or the practice of allowing political operatives and others to collect voters’ ballots and turn them in en masse to polling stations, has drawn concerns of fraud from election watchers.


Now that I know, and with all that information now in mind, the concept is inherently designed to produce fraudulent election outcomes.  It is absurd on its face and must be rejected…please.


Here are a few more without comment.


Doxing – A method of obtaining unflattering or damaging information about an ideological or political opponent.

False flag operation – Staging an event or secreting evidence in order to create the false appearance that one’s opposition is responsible for some scandal or atrocity.

Fiat money – Money based on the “full faith and credit” of a government. It is not money as a “store of value,” but rather a store of debt. The money belongs to the government, it does not belong to the citizenry.

Politics of the Middle – A set of tactics to alter perception of a policy, politician, person, or party by manipulating the perceived middle or mean.  This includes misrepresenting the middle to falsely convey what is considered mainstream.

Trolling – In Internet jargon, the subversion or harassment of an online community by a troll or cooperating trolls for purposes of disruption, attention-seeking, publicity, advertising, espionage, or propaganda.


Of course, the most egregious version of what Orwell would call Newspeak is driven by the creative deviousness and intent of the political Left. If you parse their sentences, the speech of the Left can be at times befuddling unless you understand their unique usage of terms.  So that you may better understand Leftspeak in the future, I offer the following glossary.  This is by no means an exhaustive list.  These are some of the more common and/or more recent examples.  You might want to print this and keep it on-hand for those times when you are unable to avoid Left-speak:


Budget Cut= A massive government spending increase that could have been even larger if not for the “Divisiveness” in our society.

Capitalism= Greed

Climate Change= Climate change is slightly more flexible than global warming in that no matter what happens, it is bad. Liberty is to blame, and socialism, as for all things, is the solution.

Compassion= Deep, warm, heartfelt desire for government intervention against one’s neighbors. Example, “‘We’ must approach all issues with great ‘Compassion’.”

Compassionate Conservative= 1. A concept used to allow the government to invade all aspects of life through increased “Resource Allocation” while invoking religious tolerance as a means to garner support. 2. A “Progressive” who has infiltrated the Republican Party so as to garner votes from those who want to destroy the Republican Party as an effective alternative to “Progressive” politics. The majority of Republicans are “Compassionate Conservatives”.

Compound= The home of a firearm owner.

Compromise= Letting go of your silly, ignorant and outdated American ideals of Liberty, and moving always in the direction of pure socialism as a way of showing those who want to destroy you that you are not closed-minded, stubborn, silly, ignorant or outdated. You are then closed-minded, stubborn, silly, ignorant and outdated again when the Left wants you to cave-in the next time they want something, which starts approximately three seconds after you last caved.

Conservative= Often thought of as an antonym to “Liberal”, it is akin to “Liberal” in the sense that the word cannot be used correctly without qualifiers. To the Left however, it is clearly a dirty word, used to describe a racist, s*xist, bigoted, white-trash homophobe who wants to dirty the air, dirty the water, spoil the planet, oppress the working class, torture animals, ruin America’s global reputation, start wars, starve “Children” and kick old people out into the streets with no food or medicine, all as a means of self-enrichment.

Criminal= Victim– especially a victim of the exploitative middle and upper classes. (No one would ever do anything to hurt anyone else, except when goaded into it by the horrible conditions created by the adherents of “Capitalism”)

Dissent= A very, very, good thing. It is one of the few things worthwhile about America (so long as we are talking about a leftist dissenting with anyone who favors Liberty.)

Divisiveness= Speaking ill of or disagreeing with socialists or socialism. Divisiveness is one of the worst things in our society today and is largely perpetrated in talk radio, blogs, private conversations, etc., by members of the Bourgeoisie. (You have no right to harm another person unless that person is being ‘Divisive’, in which case it is encouraged).

Education= Used by itself, the word “Education” refers only to public education, i.e. a government-run, coercively funded system of socialist indoctrination. Any other form of teaching must be identified using qualifiers, as in, “Private Education”, which refers to a system of promoting “Divisiveness” and “Intolerance”.

Fascist= 1. Opposition to the “Progressive” theories of the Left. Interestingly, since the Fascisti were dedicated Marxists. “Fascist” in Leftspeak applies to anything or anyone that is anti-Fascist, which is to say that the word “Fascist”, as many other words in Leftspeak, has the exact opposite meaning from the same word spoken in English. 2. A person who opposes Fascism/socialism. (Examples; “President Ronald Reagan was a ‘Fascist'”) 3. Any Republican

Fear Monger= One who disagrees with socialists or socialism. Specifically, one who tries to warn others about the dangers of socialism and the attendant loss of Liberty. When the left warns us that Liberty would cause the destruction of the entire planet, they are not “Fear Mongering” because they are motivated only by “Compassion”.

Fifty Caliber Rifle= The most powerful and terrifying weapon ever devised by the sick mind of man, possessing magical powers of self-will, with wanton mass destruction as its goal, able to take down a jumbo jet, for example, from several miles away with a single shot. No human other than a sadistic murder ever used, wanted, or was even slightly interested in, a “Fifty Caliber Rifle”.

Fiscal Responsibility= Confiscating other people’s money and spending it for your personal aggrandizement like there’s no tomorrow while demanding appreciation and thanks for the fact that you could be doing more of it. Example, “If elected, I promise “Change” and will demand ‘Fiscal Responsibility’ from Congress.”

Global Community= Most of the population of the world lives under some form of socialist tyranny, often very brutal socialist tyranny. Americans have historically lived much better lives due to our relatively higher levels of freedom and Liberty. For this we are to hate America (if anyone is poor or unhappy, it can only be the willful doing of the more prosperous) and we are to strive to make America more like the rest of the world (poor and oppressed) as a show of solidarity, thus achieving the “Global Community” and gaining “Respect” from around the world.

Greed= Striving to produce valuable products and services for one’s fellow man, and deliver them through peaceable, voluntary exchange, as the means of elevating one’s standard of living and/or satisfying one’s self-interests.

Hate= Expressions of disagreement with “Progressives”.

Illegal Immigration= A thoroughly meaningless term invented by racists as a means of justifying racist legislation. Attempting to use “Reason” to explain it will reinforce your status as a racist.

Invest= To confiscate and redistribute. Example, “‘We’ must ‘Invest’ in Our Children’s’ future.”

Judgmentalism= Thinking for one’s self in one’s self-interest, i.e. making decisions or value judgments based on principles, evidence, and rational thought. In the eyes of the Left, this is one of worst crimes that could be committed, especially if it results in your becoming a successful American pig. The “ism” is tagged on to indicate that it is to be viewed as an organized culture or movement.

Moderate= A leftist/socialist (in denial). When a leftist wants to be perceived favorably, he’ll claim the label “Moderate” so as to lend some degree of credibility to his radical, anti-rights, anti-American position. Example, “As a moderate, my new trillion-dollar government expansion bill has several “bi-partisan” elements, including carbon emission limits and increased spending to help with the development of Our Children”.

Multi-Cultural= Any culture but American culture. The term is used to indicate to other “Progressives” that the speaker believes the Judeo-Christian and capitalist basis of America must be over-ridden with cultures from every unsuccessful backwater on the planet, thereby delivering us into a “Global Community”.

Need= This wonderfully flexible term can mean anything the socialist wants it to mean and can change from one instant to another. Example, “You have more than you ‘Need’ so ‘We’ are going to take it from you and use it for ‘Education’ and ‘Safety’ programs that will help with the continued development of ‘Our Children’.” Leftists continually fantasize about installing themselves as the “Need” police.

Open Mind= One that unquestioningly embraces socialism as the answer to all things. Example, “‘We’ must keep an ‘Open Mind’ when considering economic and social policy.”

Peace= The lack of meaningful opposition to socialist, Marxist, Fascist, communist or jihadist military expansionism. Example, “It’s time to stand up and fight for ‘Peace'”.

Poor= Someone with less than me who also shares my “Progressive” political views. “Poor” people are a great asset to the Progressive, as they can be paraded in front of cameras at election time as “Victims” of the nasty and dirty capitalists. Someone with less than me who has political views at odds with mine is a stupid, ignorant, backwater redneck.

Private Property= This is a confusing term to the Left, usually considered a nasty or insulting term. “Greedy” people use it in an attempt to hurt the feelings or thwart the “Compassion” inspired activities of Leftists. If a Leftist were to use the term at all it would usually mean; “That for which ‘We’ have no ‘Need’ at the moment”. A leftist will occasionally slip up and assert his own “Private Property” rights. This is not to be seen as hypocritical as Leftists are never “Greedy”.

Profit= Probably the filthiest term in Left-Speak, “Profit” defines value that is stolen from unsuspecting victims of innovation and productivity, and then hoarded for the purpose of toying with the less fortunate as a means of entertainment. The theft takes place through peaceable, voluntary exchange and as such it is the worst form of acquisition imaginable. Properly, acquisition is accomplished either through legislation which threatens the producer with fines or jail sentences, or by way of government subsidy using resources so acquired. “Profit” is one of the primary goals of “Greedy” and “Divisive” people and would be illegal if not for a conspiracy of “Special Interests”.

Progressive= Socialist. It was once widely believed that progress was that which improved our productivity potential, opportunity and standard of living. In Left-Speak it means a return to the statist/totalitarian/collectivist systems under which people have suffered for thousands of years. Like many of the terms they use, the Left has turned this one around exactly 180 degrees.

Proof= Anything a “Progressive” believes. “Proof” then directly reinforces everything else that a “Progressive” believes.

Provide= To redistribute or allocate resources that have been extorted from the productive members of a society, giving it to the less productive and the non-productive.

Race= This is the first and last thing that a Leftist needs to know about a person. Belonging to a non-white race denotes either “Progressive” thinking, or status as an “Uncle Tom”– one or the other.

Racist= Anyone who has decided that individuals should be judged not by the color of their skin but by the content of their character, i.e. one who does not consider one’s race as that person’s primary identity factor. Failing to recognize the victim status (the aggrieved status and therefore the legally and socially entitled status) of an individual based purely on race is in itself an act of racist oppression (this typically applies only to black or brown races– people of other colors are usually exempt from this rule unless they demand otherwise).

Reason= This word is not used by the Left except when describing it as a “weapon” used against the oppressed classes. Instead, they use the word “Reasonable” as in “Reasonable restrictions” (any restrictions) on your Liberties.

Resource= That which is available for confiscation and redistribution.

Resource Allocation= The primary purpose of government. The only legitimate “Resource Allocation” is via coercion and extortion. Any other method of Resource Allocation, such as reason and cooperation, constitutes “Greed” and should be discouraged.

Rich= Better off than someone else and having achieved this status by your own efforts without the involvement of socialists or socialism. Being “Rich” is (or should be) in and of itself, a criminal offense, placing the perpetrator outside the normal protections of the law.

Safety= Existence under strict government oversight and control. Some examples are “Airline Safety”, “School Safety”, “Home Safety”, “Gun Safety”, “Workplace Safety”, etc. Example, “It is the job of our elected officials to ensure our continued ‘Safety'”.

Scientist= Increasingly, this term is used to silence all discussion, debate, and especially “Divisiveness”. In this sense, a “Scientist” is one who is enlisted by government interests to place a stamp of approval, under the guise of irrefutability, on socialist programs or laws.

Second Amendment= 1. A piece of irrelevant gibberish written by foolish, old, dead, white, violent, rum-running, tax-dodging, paternalistic slave-owners who wouldn’t understand anything about our modern “Global Community” if they saw it first-hand (since repealed by U.S. vs. Miller). It wouldn’t apply in today’s modern world even if it had any original purpose or meaning, which it didn’t. The “Second Amendment” is invoked today only by violent, ignorant, alcoholic, backwoods, gun-happy, hate-mongering, anti-government, hairy-backed, crooked-tooth, smelly, white Neanderthals who love destruction and killing as a means of showing their dominance, compensating for their pathetically inadequate s*xual prowess and distracting themselves from their own stupidity and illiteracy, or by those who profit from selling the tools of death and destruction to the former. 2. An important article in the Bill of Rights granting the government absolute authority and control over any form of weapon.

Selfishness= Thinking of or acting upon that which is in one’s interest, or in the interest of one’s family, friends, business, etc. Because “Selfishness” is a bad thing, we must be forced by those in government (who are most wise) into anything and everything that is contrary to our interests. Only through the constant, pro-active and creative initiation of force, then, can we be rid of “selfishness” in the world.

Sniper= A person with a firearm or access to a firearm.

Sniper Rifle= Rifle

The People= Means the government. Example, “…the right of ‘The People’ to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.”

Tolerance= The free and unopposed reign of socialists and socialism. Failure to tolerate socialists and socialism is something that should not, and will not, be tolerated.

Unity= Similar to “Peace”, unity describes a situation in which all opposition to socialists and socialism has been effectively silenced. Whereas “Peace” describes a lack of military opposition, “Unity” describes a lack of opposing views in the media, in politics, or in personal interactions.

Universal Health Care= Socialized medicine, i.e. socialism. Specifically, a means by which you would be obliged to support or tolerate a certain political party or doctrine in order to save your very life.

Victim= Everyone and everything within the sphere of human influence. Capitalists are victims because they never know what it’s like to be “Compassionate” or to even live. Everyone and everything else are a victim of the capitalists. Nothing in life is more precious than to have achieved the highest levels of victimhood, and to have thus garnered the fawning attention and the tearful, gushing “Compassion” of the “Progressives” in the national media so as to win the opportunity to pin the blame for your suffering on capitalists and capitalism.

We= We the socialists. We the collective. This is a subtle term, but it has a powerful meaning. Saying “We” this and “We” that reinforces the collective thinking of the “Progressive” a bit like a mantra, while ignoring any sense of self or of self-interest.


Well, there you have it.  A mini-tome on the issue of language (I’m not sure you can actually have a “mini-tome.”) It is a well-established political reality that whoever controls language will control the agenda and whoever controls the agenda will control the outcome and whoever controls the outcome will…. win.  We all must have better linguistic antennae so we can directly challenge the Left’s positions by immediately recognizing the words they use will always have an unspoken and more damaging and devious intent.  Your nation and its future may well depend on our skill in doing just that.


Political chaos is connected with the decay of language… one can probably bring about some improvement by starting at the verbal end.

George Orwell

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