I Will Resist a Leftist America, by Andrew Joppa

I Will Resist a Leftist America

by Andy Joppa

What follows are words that I never thought I’d have to write…certainly, they are words that, even now, I don’t want to write. Why then write them?  I think it can be summed up with the adage, “Forewarned is forearmed.”

These are perilous times, leading to potential outcomes that, but a short time ago, would not have seemed possible.  Today, these outcomes are not only possible, but have assumed a significant degree of probability.  I write, therefore, to open a discussion that has had, I believe, no prior expression elsewhere.  A discussion that, in my estimation, must be part of our consideration as thinking citizens. I write that I might have to stand against America.


I am an American.  I love my country and all that it’s stood for.  I deeply admire our Constitution.  I consider myself to be a patriot. I am a law-abiding citizen who never imposes his will on anyone else. America has enabled me to have a good life by…enabling me to make my own choices, succeeding or failing as a result. It has done its best to be right and to undo its wrongs when appropriate.  It has been a safe haven for the people of the world who, often, desperately needed one. But, in the back of my mind, I always recognized that my loyalty and commitment were not derivatives of the word “America,” but were driven by its values, and what those values represented in practice.


I always feared a day might come when America no longer honored those values and I would have to determine how to define myself as a citizen of a country that had tragically lost its way; lost its way, with no obvious path possible for its restoration. A reality could occur where my nation was not distinguishable from a countless number of banana republics that have come and gone before it, offering only misery and deprivation to their citizens.  If the Socialist/Left gains control of this nation, the Constitution will exist in name only and the America of the past and her values, will have nothing to do with the America of the future.


While many might see this process as only a temporary circumstance, yielding to subsequent political maneuvering or the results of the voting booth, history has given us a different reality.  The Bolsheviks held on for 75 years, and it was only WWII that ended the despotism of Hitler, Mussolini, and Imperial Japan. Chinese communism, authored in by Mao, still holds sway over China’s billion and a half people. No, the lesson to be learned is clear…once the Left gains power it is not surrendered…it is rarely, if ever, transient; only war seems to intercede.


November 3rd, and the days, weeks, and years that follow, will create the possibility that America as we know it will no longer exist. The thin thread linking me to this country might be broken. I will, at that point, become a man without a country.  I’ve always known how to be a good American.  I face the stark possibility of becoming, by imposed necessity, what will be seen as anti-American. This will, of course, represent only a rejection of this new Leftist nation that will have usurped the name America, while representing nothing of what America has been in its glorious past. This taking place, when and only when, America completely turns its back on its former self, its former virtues.  I know for many of my readers those words may offend your ears…offend your sensibilities.  However, that is where I will find myself should the worst-case scenario come into being. I will have to stand against that Leftist America.


This process has already started.  It is already deep into its fulfillment. All the institutions of my nation are no longer recognizable as those that would be associated with a free people, functioning within commonly agreed on law and morality.  A nation where it’s people could have healthy disagreement but leave that conflict with a feeling of respect for their adversary. That has already been destroyed.


 The media of this nation have conspired to support one ideology over another.  This has not been determined by the content or quality of these ideologies but predetermined by their bias.  This has created a press that is indistinguishable from those of the harshest tyrannies.  They are almost totally dedicated to Leftist ideology; an ideology foreign to everything America has been at its best.  If the media alone is my basis for my status as an American…I am not an American.


Our educational institutions have become spewers of doctrines alien to this country, alien to any successful nation.  They have suppressed the free expression of ideas and made those that differ feel like strangers in their own nation. They are almost totally dedicated to Leftist ideology; an ideology foreign to everything America has been at its best.  If our universities are where I’d define being an American…I am not an American.


 Our nations technology leaders, populated by people with little awareness of reality other than coding, have decided they should be a player in the exchange of ideas.  They suppress any thoughts that, in their limited wisdom, feel are ones that Americans should not have available for their decisions. This remarkable technology, which should create the expansion of knowledge and create the possibility of wisdom, has become a breeding ground for radical ideas. It has created an intellectual “herd process” depriving, through manipulation, at least half the American people of their individual identity. They are almost totally dedicated to Leftist ideology; an ideology foreign to everything America has been at its best.   If Big Tech is where my American identity would be found, I am not an American.


The Federal Bureaucracy, which should merely do only the heavy lifting for the elected components of our republic have become, in all too many cases, competing branches of government.  They claim decision making independence where none exists.  “Justice” has become little more than an abused source of power. These institutions are certainly, at the top, almost totally dedicated to Leftist ideology; an ideology foreign to everything America has been when it was still “America.”  The FBI, CIA and national intelligence agencies have become more dangerous to our freedom than those forces they are charged with protecting us from.  If it is in these bureaucracies where I’ll find my Americanism, I am not an American.


But now…with all I’ve alluded to…I am still an American.  I am an American because the American people still exist and, as long as that is true, America lives, and I am an American.  That thin thread, whereby, I maintain my only definition as an American, will be put to its most severe test on November 3rd.

Although I remain confident that the American people will cast their votes in support of the America I love, it is possible that our three branches of government could be taken over by Leftist ideologues.  If that occurs, it will create a cascade of inescapable corruptions of our government that will represent the death knell for the America that has previously enabled me to say proudly, “I am an American.”


Should this occur it would have been ushered in by the ignorance…the corruption…the failure of the American people.  That last thread enabling me to say I’m an American will be broken.  Should that happen, I will not be the loyal opposition. I will become simply, “The opposition.”  I will do everything I can to ensure that this new America cannot succeed in its nefarious schemes.  I will do everything I can to ensure it fails.  It is only then that it might prove possible to have that phoenix rise from the ashes.


If those who provoke this process are able to assume emerging leadership roles, maybe, just maybe, we can reestablish the nation that was.  If America is lost, it will not be found by evolution but only by revolution. For that to be possible, I must leave behind all my clichés about America. I must fight this new America like the enemy to mankind it will have become.


At this moment, however, I remain confident that the original vigor of our people still exists; at least enough to keep the enemy at bay for four more years.  Beyond that point, my optimism wains as the institutions of America will continue to deepen the numbers opposed to traditional America. For those of us who are still willing and able to engage in this battle, we must yield our reverence for what America was…it will be dead, and deal with the America that is. 


There will be little chance of winning…the forces of that new America will be totally committed to our destruction. Nothing will stand in their way, not law, man, nor God…. but the battle must be fought…that America must be resisted.

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