Game, Set and Match, by Andrew Joppa

Game, Set and Match

by Andy Joppa


(Note: As I read this essay to my wife (she is my sounding board for all things) she said, “It’s too much…too strong.”  Being infinitely polite, I told her, “Thank you for that affirmation of my intent” …of course, not in those exact words. So, here is my essay that a “fair” arbiter has said is, “Too much.” I am tired of saying too little.)


If Joe Biden wins the presidential election of 2020 (GOD FORBID) it will represent an actualization of the old adage that, “In the land of the witless, the half-wit shall be king.” I might be overestimating Biden’s brain power by allowing him even half a wit but, what the heck, give the enemy his due.   Perhaps I’m wrong, but it might be the first time in history that the citizens of a large, first tier nation, ever volitionally elected a man who is OBVIOUSLY in the early to mid-stages of dementia.


Biden is a true dullard, a man of perpetual emptiness.  A man who, in fact, has never accomplished anything or been right on any issue.  I won’t even weave into this discussion his propensity to “innocently” fondle women…of all ages. Biden has always been disturbed…age has merely deepened the propensities of this human slug of a man. For those who think my language is too strong I offer (take this my wife)…it is time we take off our kid-gloves as we deal with these people who are destroying our country and the lives of millions of people who are effected. These aren’t the good old boys and girls of the loyal opposition.  These are people trying to rip the heart out of everything we hold dear…legally and…illegally.


It is not just that Biden has slowed down.  His entire sense of logic and awareness is distorted.  Those in a similar circumstance to Biden would normally live within an assisted living environment or be kept by their families in a back room.  There is nothing that could rationally account for anyone voting for Joe Biden…nothing.  Please…don’t try to explain to me why you’re an idiot and, therefore, voting for Biden; it will only deepen my awareness of your personal degradation.


President Trump, on the other hand is brilliant. Yes, do you hear me, brilliant; with a remarkable ability to deal with any question, of any complexity, on any issue. His accomplishments have been remarkable, most achieved with almost no support, while he has been pilloried by people who couldn’t carry his intellectual or moral book bag.


Trump is not just remarkable for a man of his age but for a man of any age.  Trump is a giant…a true statement of human greatness…providing all of us with an optimism that aging does not have to negatively impact on your intellectual acumen.  I pray for a face to face debate between Biden and Trump.  I predict that anything that could be called a debate will not happen…because it cannot happen. It would be a Pee Wee Footballer playing a Super Bowl Champion.

Joe’s wife will not be allowed on the stage with him, thus depriving him of 99% of his awareness. Jill is one of the world’s classic enablers. “Leave the stage now Joe Joe…your “talkee” thing is over…good boy…don’t touch anybody.” To which Joe would reply, “Thank you Sis.”


The president’s biggest problem is that 25% of Americans are ideologically unable to consider his wisdom and another 25% have scarcely moved beyond learning to tie their shoes and have no ability to understand the complexity of the issues.  With no intent of insulting them…they are simpletons…OK, I did mean to insult them.


Presuming it is a legal election, which is always in doubt (no…it will be impossible), there can be no excuse offered or accommodation made with the fact, that the greatest nation in the history of the world is populated by a mob of dysfunctional miscreants…perhaps the majority.


Yes, we can define where these disturbed citizens have come from.  They were created by their parents, by the media, by our education system, by the Socialist Left, by cultural hedonism and a by loss of their individual identity. Nevertheless, they are what they are, and their origin is little more than an academic discussion, just as the origin of Hitler does not dismiss his reality.


It is an American culture that I increasingly feel separated from by almost every measurement that might be applied. To coin an oft used concept, “I haven’t left the America culture, The American culture has left me.” Every human virtue has been redefined as a negative…all virtues being characterized as “whiteness’ and therefore manifestations of “white supremacy.”  Read the position papers of the National African American Historical Museum at the Smithsonian for documentation of my point. Of course, these papers were authored by white Quislings.


It must have been the way many decent Germans felt as they watched Hitler come to power.  People like me, and most of you, have become the American equivalency of the Jews of the Third Reich.  They had, to the largest extent, built the German nation, yet were condemned and ostracized, not for their faults, but for their virtues.


Because of what they were intellectually and creatively, they achieved positions of power and influence.  This was not achieved with corruption but was almost entirely a result of their superiority.  The German rabble found in the Jew only a source of the recognition of their own inferiority.  Since these mobs of the Reich could not compete with them, they had to destroy them. Within fifteen years of Hitler rising to power, almost every city in Germany was in ruins and their nation’s people little more than beggars.


To be white, or at least a white male in America, has been stigmatized in a like manner.  To not accept the condemnation heaped on them has only deepened the presumption of their guilt.  America, as with the Reich, is on the verge of destroying or minimizing the group that has built this country and, by so doing, is creating a future for our nation that will resemble Germany in 1945 or Venezuela in 2020. Whites, as with the Jews of the Reich, are not, in reality, being condemned for their vices…but for their virtues. If you want equal outcomes you must destroy the top end.


While the Brown Shirts destroyed every manifestation of Judaism, the question is often asked, “Why didn’t the Jews fight back (and I’m one of them) …why didn’t they resist…why did they so willingly accept their own destruction?  I ask the same question of tens of millions of my fellow citizens.  Why are you allowing yourself to be humiliated and marginalized by those that, in terms of accomplishment and contribution, are your inferiors? Perhaps, as importantly, why have so many of you become complicit in your own destruction?


As I have stated many times, unlike all other groups, white males have nothing in common. We don’t feel any group unity or commitment, nor do we have a secret handshake.  We range from the supercilious Mitt Romney to the profundity of Donald Trump. Many of our women, however, especially our younger women, have become leaders in the attacks on America. Half of them (to create an approximation) are as vicious and violent as anyone who walked the streets of the Third Reich in 1938.


So, there you have it.  The only group with members who are capable of saving America has no unity or focus.  In addition, many of these men have been neutered by their wives or girlfriends into useless blobs of protoplasm.  Others are trying to take care of their families and are unwilling to risk the ire of the absurd American “cancellation” process.  For them I have compassion.


As I watched the baseball season start, it left me feeling queasy. All the players wore BLM warm up t-shirts.  They all held on to a black rope (or something) and took a knee as they wanted to supposedly contribute to “social justice.”  In so doing they cast their lot with a vicious, violent, anti-American, anti-police, anti-nuclear family group.  I’ll make one simple point.


BLM says they’re interested in social justice.  If justice means that what happens to you is an accurate response to who you are and the life efforts you’ve made, I suggest that what BLM is demanding is not justice…but social mercy. They want equal outcomes from unequal efforts. If they were given “justice” they would be on welfare or imprisoned …WAIT…many are. That was justice.


A friend of mine recently wrote in regard to baseball: “So just how stupid (excuse me Mom) do you have to be to have ‘America’s favorite past time’ gamers kneel for a known Marxist international org-yes known w $1.3 Billion in its coffers.” Yes…spot on.


In our disintegrating culture, anything is possible…except what is right…or pro-American. It is time to fight back using every legal means at our disposal.  If we lose the battle I, for one, do not want to have regrets; regrets that I should have done more.


In 2020 if we lose the presidency and the Senate (not predicting either outcome), the Demonrats will eliminate the filibuster and, at that point my friends…it’s over…good-bye …sayonara…to America.  Game, Set and Match.

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