EPA Emission Rules Are Driving Us in to a Ditch

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On Friday’s show, we discuss the “supplemental emergency” spending plan to be taken up by Congress next week, and we get an update on Trump “lawfare” with William Yeatman, Senior Legal Fellow with the Pacific Legal Foundation. We visit with Pam Stenzel, Client Services Director for the Community Pregnancy Clinics, about the impact of the Florida Supreme Court’s decision on abortion. Senior Policy Fellow at Americans for Prosperity, Dean Clancy and I discuss how “Bidenomics” is driving healthcare costs higher. We also visit with Professor Larry Bell about how the EPA’s EV truck emission rules will drive inflation even higher.

Please join us for Monday’s show. We have terrific guests including historian and founder of historycentral.com Marc Schulman, Executive Editor of the Foundation for Economic Education website Jonathan Miltimore, and author Jim McTague.

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