Eliminating Critical Race Theory in Florida Public Schools

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On Thursday’s show, we get an update from the Co-Founder of the Florida Citizens Alliance, Pastor Rick Stevens, about addressing to problem of Critical Race Theory (CRT) Florida Public School textbooks. We visit with Bernadette LaPaglia with Hodges Funeral Home about the Collier County Veterans Council program to observe of Memorial Day. The Founder and President of Less Government, Seton Motley, and I discuss Biden’s opportunity to “redeem himself” in Ukraine. We also continue the discussion from last week’s show with the former Mayer of Naples, Bill Barnett, about the seven-page ethics complaint by a city employee against Naples Mayor Theresa Heitman.

Please join us for tomorrow’s show. We have terrific guests including Research Fellow from the Cato Institute, William Yeatman, the Director of Health Studies at the Cato Institute, Michael Cannon, our Congressman, Byron Donalds, and Entrepreneur and author, Dave Bego.
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