Does AARP Represent the Best Interests of Seniors?

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On Friday’s show, we visit with the President of American Commitment Phil Kerpen about his most recent expose, “AARP is Just a For-Profit Insurance Company – Cheating Seniors by Raising Healthcare Costs.” The Founder of “Imagine Solutions,” Randy Antik, and I discuss the content of this year’s conference coming up on February 24th. We discuss the National Labor Relations Board’s refreshing new position of the “Neutrality Agreement,” the effects of diminishing union membership, and the impeachment “political theater” with the author of “The Devil at Our Doorstep,” Dave Bego. We also visit with local author and business owner Jamie Ross.

Please join us on Monday for the Bob Harden Show when we visit with terrific special guests including the Founder and Publisher of Marc Schulman and Professor at Mercy College and local author, Andrew Joppa.

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