Defining Glory with the Wrong Story, by Andrew Joppa

Defining Glory with The Wrong Story

by Andy Joppa


You can sense a nation is in decline when it seeks to characterize its current reality only by its past accomplishments or previous moments of heroism and resiliency. This, of course, was on full display with our twentieth anniversary memorials for the horror of September 11, 2001.  It was appropriate to remember this act of wanton evil perpetrated on this nation and the lives that were lost.


Unfortunately, rather than making any meaningful attempt to discuss the fanatical murderers who killed thousands with “box cutters and planes,” and the Islamic ideology that drove them, the memorials took on the coloring of being something akin to remembering a hurricane, tsunami, or earthquake. It felt as if 9/11 was being defined as an act of God and not one of violent primitive men; violent primitive men who still exist in great abundance and, given the opportunity, will kill us. I have a defendable belief that has not happened in greater numbers for one reason…the Islamists have decided that, at this point, it would not be strategically useful in reaching their final destination. As they pour across our southern border, and now enter en masse through unvetted Afghan “refugees,” it is impossible to believe that they have simply not chosen to attack.


The jihadists who attacked us that day were successful by every measurement, then and now. It was our bureaucratic incompetence that allowed that event to occur in 2001 and, twenty years later, we are still so frightened of ISLAMIC Jihadists that we are unable to directly blame them for 9/11, and now, the unfolding events in Afghanistan. No, their victory was complete and permanent. We lost at that moment and we continue to lose to them twenty years later.


Did we learn anything from 9/11? Yes, we learned to be even more terrified of Islam.  G. W. Bush who launched the necessary response in Afghanistan, became an Islamic apologist shortly thereafter. That is still a defining element of American foreign policy. Islam, we are asked to accept, is a religion of peace…nothing could be further from the truth. Bush now believes that domestic terrorists (read that as January 6, 2021) are more dangerous than the millions who would see every America dead if it were in their power. I didn’t like Bush then…I like him even less now.


But…what about the incredible heroism of so many Americans on that day, and the resiliency demonstrated to overcome the after-effects of the Towers coming down? Both situations are certainly noteworthy and commendable, but do not create a circumstance necessarily defining a meaningful nation. While not creating a moral equivalency, we must remember that Japan, during World War II, had lost hundreds of thousands of civilians, and their major cities had been fire-bombed to the ground…without even mentioning Hiroshima or Nagasaki.   Yet, within ten years, most had been rebuilt and Japan was already entering the modern economic system.  The same could be said of post WWII Europe…hundreds of thousand’s dead, their cities in ruin, but almost complete restoration in 10 years.  It took us as long to merely build the Freedom Tower.


As far as heroism…whether it be military or civilian, that could be displayed in abundance across the world and during every war or national catastrophe…. anywhere.  A few of the greatest, and most heroic, fighting armies came from environments where we hold their governmental forms in very low repute…the Army of the Confederacy and the Waffen SS to name just two of many.  Other armies are certainly as heroic as ours…and, make no mistake, ours is certainly heroic, at least at the field combat level. The army of India and their battles in Kashmir are marked by remarkable acts of heroism.  The bravery of the South Korean army is constantly noted for its selfless actions. Warriors fight…because warriors fight…that is what they do. The quality of their “cause” is incidental to their commitment.


If resiliency and courage do not necessarily define a great nation perhaps that can be found within its technological accomplishments.  America has certainly had those in abundance but, during WWII there is little doubt that the technological world of the Third Reich and Japan were every bit our equal.


Even if we cite some of our most profound contributions, many were made by, then, recent additions to the American system.  The impetus to eventually put a man on the moon was driven by former rocket scientists from the Third Reich.  Much of the rest resulted from our having been the fortunate recipient of the contributions of so many of our Jewish citizens who had been forced out of Europe pre-World War II. I am not negating purely American contributions. I am merely suggesting they are not defining traits of a great nation.

I am also not signifying that the characteristics I’ve alluded to are not of any value. I am suggesting they can be found in great abundance in many nations, now and historically; many nations that are certainly not considered to be great…or good. Where then can American greatness be found in 2021…if it is available at all?


Let me explore a few elements that I believe must be considered:


·       We must look at the dignity and respect shown its individual citizens. America fails in these regards. If you’re not part of a leverage generating group, you just don’t matter.


·       We must look at the adherence that is given to its laws. America fails in this regard…including The Constitution.


·       We must examine whether it has honored its founding virtues and the documents that formed their nation. America fails in this regard…including the Declaration of Independence.


·       We must examine whether its borders are secure and well defended. America fails abysmally in this regard. A nation without secure borders can hardly be considered a sovereign state.


·       We must look to see if that law is applied equally, and in all comparable situations, to each citizen.  America fails dismally in this regard. Law has become little more than a political bludgeon.


·       We must assess whether freedom is constantly sacrificed for security.  America, once again, fails in this regard. In fact, it is contrived security concerns that has allowed the loss of many of our freedoms…this includes COVID, climate change, and Domestic Terrorism.


·       We must review whether the governmental institutions function without bias and are not driven by political ideology. America certainly fails in this regard. The D.C. bureaucracies have shown they don’t serve America but their own political ideologies. The FBI has become little more than the American Gestapo.


·       We must measure whether that government functions within its means. America surely fails in this regard. Simply…we are broke…we just haven’t yet had to pay the piper…but we will. If China becomes the world’s reserve currency…the quality of American life will decline precipitously.


·       We must consider whether a nations military has been corrupted by, and affiliated with, a political ideology.  America fails in this regard.  Milley and Austin…’nough said. Our military academies, already going in the wrong direction, will have their degradation accelerated as Biden has replaced 18 Trump academy board appointees with his own stooges. Does anyone care?


·       We must assess whether a nation’s press speaks truth to power…or…is it a source of biased political power itself? America, undoubtedly, fails in this regard. Our press is little more than Izvestia, Pravda, or Der Sturmer…at their worst.


·       We should evaluate whether a nation does what it can to ensure that it is able to function independently of external resources. America has willfully allowed that problem to come into being. The Left, using their tool of destruction, Joe Biden, has caused us to beg OPEC to increase oil output as he had absurdly suppressed our own.


·       We must explore the quality of a nation’s educational system and does it produce quality citizens?  America…yes…fails in this regard. At this point…we are probably better served if our kids never return to these dens of indoctrination. The Third Reich was loaded with PhDs at the top of their pile.


·       We must look at the state of degradation of a culture. America’s culture is in ruins. We are a hedonistic culture populated by absurd images of reality, and generally scared of every risk, regardless of how insignificant.


·       We must examine the role of truth in a nations dialogue.  In America, truth is almost entirely absent. It is impossible to find any major issue being discussed in America where truth even plays a role…except when it serves a political purpose of the Left.


This list could go on, but further elaboration would serve little purpose. In fact, there is no attribute of America in 2021 that would even remotely gain the status of greatness, or even ethical goodness for our nation. As I was compiling this list, it became glaringly obvious why we often seek out previous moments of heroism, resiliency, or accomplishment to discuss America’s greatness. Simply, there is nowhere else in today’s America where they could be found.


With that in mind, don’t let the hyper emotionalism over 9/11 distract and deceive you…America has fallen.  If it is to be brought back to life, it will not happen with typical Republican patty-cake politics. We are at war for the soul of America but only The Left seems to understand that’s happening. The Republican lack of vigor in response to the challenges of The Left look eerily similar to SURRENDER.


The moment of truth will be the 2022 mid-terms.  If the Republicans cannot control the legality of those elections, and I see little to indicate they will, then that will be the final nail in America’s coffin.  In that regard, I predict the Left will jettison Biden prior to that election and thus escape their being blamed for the damage he’s done. I believe that was their strategy from the very beginning. This I why it’s critical that we stop defining our problems as “Biden’s.” They must be defined as problems caused by the Democrat/Left.  If we succeed in this, then dumping Biden will not eliminate the fact that the “stink” was theirs.

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