C’mon Joe, It’s Time to Concede, by Andrew Joppa

C’mon Joe, It’s Time to Concede

by Andy Joppa


Let us presume for a moment that America is entirely populated by a freedom loving people, who only use truth, legality, and morality, as their decision-making criteria (OK…no snickering from the back of the room).  What would tomorrow look like?


An official request should be sent to Joe Biden that he concede the election.  He should be advised, for his sake, that he should try to remove himself from the illegal entanglements that now implicate him in their tawdry criminality.


He should be counseled that if he let’s this play out to its logical and legal conclusion, he will not only lose the election, but he may, in fact, lose his personal freedom.  That he is the centerpiece for a clearly illegal process that is tantamount to a coordinated coup that has been generated by measurable acts of treason. Mr. Biden should be warned that he can only extricate himself from that legal “end” by conceding the election to the president and that this will not represent a negative for him, as it would merely produce the result that a legal vote certainly would have generated. So, c’mon Joe…man up. If you confess and name names it will be a lot better for you.


Now for some commentary on this event and its aftermath:


Biden has become a partner in crime with some of the most vehement anti-American criminals in this nation’s history.  He may have done so inadvertently because of diminished capacity, or he may have done so by volitional commitment.  Even then, it must be asked if his reduced intellect may produce an innocence of the type that would be afforded a child. That will be for a court to decide.


Of course what will have to also be considered are the money laundering schemes he was so deeply involved with…this again will only complicate his situation and, I believe, only his concession of the election can minimize the damage he faces. He should be very worried about the possible emergence of Sidney Powell as Director of the FBI. He will no longer be protected by his partners in crime in that organization. Try to remember Joe, you’re not the president. You’re not the president…saying it does not make it so.


Going forward, a major problem we will face as a nation is the scope of the crime.  Obviously, the organizers of this election theft must be indicted and tried.  Of course, there were also thousands of lower level operatives who assisted the illegality under their orders. This includes those who knowingly assisted in the processing of illegal ballots, those that barred access to legitimate poll watchers and USPS employees who changed cancellation dates, to name but a few of those groups that supported this illegality. All are criminal felons. The numbers in the final count will be staggering.


We must also give immediate thought to enforcement.  The number of federal police officers necessary for this criminal identification, round up, and incarceration, would more than strain the personnel available.  Local sheriff’s officers may have to be deputized as federal enforcement agents.  Although this can be done, the logistics will be extremely difficult…but critically necessary to maintain some semblance of law and order.


Of course, the major problem that will arise is the street terrorism that will surely emerge.  Even the first moments of the inevitable pushback against the Biden illusionary win, will be met with extreme levels of violence.  This will far exceed anything that occurred during the entire 2020 year. Make no mistake…our courts are fully aware of this and are terrified…personally.  They must be given the confidence that they will not be abandoned. They will be vilely threatened by street thugs, as will their families. As the process of fraud exposure becomes deeper, and it is seen that a reversal of the election is going to occur, what will happen in the streets could only be related to as an armed insurrection.


At this point there will be only one answer, the U.S. military must be deployed. The number of incarcerations and detentions could be dramatic; numbering in the many thousands.  There will be serious injuries incurred by law enforcement with, of course, deadly force being met with deadly force.  That will be unfortunate but necessary. This process will go on for weeks if not months and will result in extreme levels of property damage and associated loss of life.  Once again, unfortunate, but the cost of freedom can be steep.


This provokes perhaps the most profound question in this discussion, “Can the military be relied on to fulfill their oath and their constitutional responsibility?” During the term in office of President Trump, there have been high levels of military criticism directed at the president by both active and retired military officers. This is illegal within the military code…and it has been violated, throwing their future choices into doubt. Many of the top-ranking officers are Obama appointments and it is unknown as to whether they will perform as required or will they themselves become part of this illegal process.  However, I do not feel that rank and file military will follow the illegal orders of their officers and therefore the havoc may not be as dramatic as might be imagined.


Having presented in skeletal form what should happen and why and the circumstances that will unfold, I must talk about the political Left.  They are relying on the fact that you will accept anything rather than go through this necessary process for freedom and truth.  They believe you will accept their voting illegality…that you will accept the worst horrors that their full control of our government would create, rather than pay the price that has always had to be paid in the life and death struggles for freedom. From the comments being made by supposedly conservative commentators there may be an element of truth to this position. Many are unwilling, or have been prohibited, by those who control their salaries to even broach the issue of voter fraud.


The Left believes you are a coward and will put your comfort and pleasure ahead of any other value.  I do not believe that.  I believe you will rise to the occasion and become warriors for truth…warriors for law…warriors for decency.  If they are right and I am wrong, then America is dead and your life as a free person will come to an end.  You will also turn your back on one of the great Americans who sacrificed all that he is for your well- being…I don’t believe that’s who you are.


But first, Joe, let’s hear your concession speech so you can get what you say you want…unity. You know the elections been stolen.  It’s time to enter the American confessional booth and lay bare your sins. You’ll feel a lot better for having had that moment of legal and moral clarity. We will forgive you and, quite soon, forget you….that will be the easiest part of what we must do.

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