Are We Sowing the Seeds of Our Own Extinction?

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On Wednesday’s show, we discuss the background of the Senate “filibuster” and the “nuclear option” with Constitutional scholar and Chairman of the Cato Institute, Bob Levy. “Josephus of Oz” author and Mercy College Professor Andrew Joppa and I discuss the impact on our culture of the degradation of our public education and we discuss his latest commentary, “Socialism is Nihilism” and “Education or Indoctrination.” We also visit with Endowed Professor at the University of Houston Larry Bell about his new book, “The Weaponization of AI and the Internet” and his latest “On Point” column in Newsmax “Are Climate, Energy, Enviro Justice for the Left Only?”

Please join us tomorrow morning with special guests including Florida Citizens Alliance co-founder Keith Flaugh, Orthopedic Sugeon Dr. George Markovich, the Founder and CEO of Less Government Seton Motley, and Naples Mayor Bill Barnett.

Please join us live a little before 7 a.m. or in archives at your convenience.

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