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Hi, everyone – Happy Saturday.  Traffic is picking up here in paradise, so it’s time to update you on the latest information.  There is a LOT going on around town, so let’s get started.  Here is what I know for sure:
Agave Restaurant is gone and in its place will be a place called “The Butcher.”  The new owners also own the swanky downtown restaurant known as “Sails.”
The Greentree Plaza is nearly done if not done with their reconstruction.  I almost never go in that plaza which is why I am not more precise on its condition.
SteinMart is going out of business and will close its doors forever soon.  Since the announcement of the bankruptcy and closure, the stores around town have had massive sales to get rid of as much stock as possible.
For what it seems like YEARS, I have been reporting on the “imminent” demise of the Third Street Plaza in Old Naples to make way for a boutique hotel. Nothing kept happening, despite being told otherwise.  FINALLY, I can report to you that the Third Street Plaza is right now in the process of being demolished.  Let me just say this one more time — FINALLY!!  I cannot wait to see that dilapidated corner become spectacular.
It looks like the new Baker Museum is also finally finished and it looks absolutely gorgeous.
The Apple Store is open again at Waterside (Bob Harden is now the proud owner of a new 27″ MAC as a result) by appointment only for now.  We are SO glad to have that store back.  All of Waterside is open — the restaurants are looking forward to snowbirds returning, I am sure.  Quite a few of the stores are on shortened hours — Saks is open from 12-6 — for the time being.
Real estate is BOOMING in SW Florida since so many folks from the still closed northern and western states just got fed up and are moving to Florida.  By the way, in case you missed it, Governor DeSantis has opened the entire state of Florida for business.  We are blessed to live here.
The former Nordstrom store is showing a bit of activity during the last few days.  ALL signs that it was a Nordstrom’s are gone, it is completely empty and when i walked by yesterday, there were 3-4 men walking around inside with clipboards.  I will let you know as soon as I hear anything more.
Bleu Provence has been our go-to restaurant during the last few months.  Jacques has opened the restaurant when others were afraid.  He and his staff have been awesome and the food there keeps getting better and better.  This past Wednesday we were there again and the restaurant was busier than we have seen it in ages.
Finally, in one of my more recent updates, I told you that Ruby Tuesday’s at the Marketplace at Pelican Bay was going to become Pincher’s.  Since then, the corona shutdown occurred and I am not sure whether Pincher’s is still a possibility for that area.  What I DO know is that the entire Ruby Tuesday’s building is going to be torn down.  I just noticed this morning that the green gauze had gone up around the Ruby Tuesday’s property so it will be very interesting to see what happens next in that location.
That’s all for now.  If you have any questions, let me know and I will try to get answers for you.  I will be back as soon as more news develops.
Cheers –

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