An Up to the Minute Snippet

Hi, everyone — Happy late August.  I bet you thought you had heard the last of me.  It’s been a long time, I know.  Bob and I have been BUSY this summer….the last event being our fabulous cruise to Alaska.  I have also been VERY busy attending to things which needed and continue to need my laser focus attention.  However, I have some big news and even though I meant to write this last week,  better late than never.
THE NEW APPLE STORE AT WATERSIDE IS OPEN AND IT IS BEAUTIFUL!!!!  AND IT OPENED AHEAD OF SCHEDULE — by at least six weeks.  The store is so big and so gorgeous that I cannot wait for you all to see it.
Also at Waterside – the newly redone Louis Vuitton store has reopened as well and it is SPECTACULAR!!
A new eating establishment will open at Waterside in the not-too-distant future.  It is called the Santa Fe Cafe and it will be located next to Max Mara — where the former MAC cosmetics used to be.
Here is some quick news and then I have to get back to the other issue which is occupying my time the last few days.:
1.  The Sears store at Coastland Mall has been demolished to make way for the new, fabulous theatre.
2.  Charming Charley’s has gone bankrupt and will be closing all of their stores…including the one at Mercato.
3.  In case you were NOT aware, a 17.1 foot Burmese python was found swimming in Naples Bay within the last few weeks.
4.  Patty Baker, our Naples friend, Broadway producer and philanthropist, has been asked to speak at the United Nations in November at the Women’s Entrepreneurship Day Summit — very cool.  Many kudos to Patty.
5.  More Waterside news — Brooks Brothers is undergoing a renovation  AND a new store called 120% Lino, an Italian clothier, will be going in where Hermes and more recently Louis Vuitton, used to be.
That is all for now, folks.  GO SEE THE NEW APPLE STORE AS SOON AS YOU CAN!!!  I PROMISE to be back with more news very soon.   Until then –
Cheers –

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