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Hi, everyone — Happy Summer!  I am glad to see that it has finally warmed up in some areas of the USA where it looked like that was never going to happen.  In case you are curious, it has been really HOT here in paradise and I found out today why — the Sahara Desert.  The sand has been traveling across the Atlantic and mixing up our atmosphere so a.) it’s hotter than usual and as a result, b.) we don’t get as many storms plus kind of puts a plug in any hurricane-type activity.  Bob and I have been beating the heat by going to the Pelican Bay North restaurant, Marker 36 (but it will always be the Sandpiper to me), almost every afternoon where it happens to be about 20 degrees cooler due to the fabulous breeze off the Gulf of Mexico.  I highly recommend their Blue Margarita.  :o)

Even though I apologize nearly every time I write a “Greetings” for being so late, I noticed that I am REALLY late this time.  But I have two REALLY good reasons.  One is that my American Express Platinum card number (yes, just the number not the card) was stolen and transmitted to somewhere in South America.  American Express alerted me when the thief tried to spend $800 on my card.  In fact, I got a text AND a phone call from AXP while Bob and I were at Marker 36 which was pretty cool and VERY efficient. Everything was taken care of within minutes and a new card was on its way to me right away.  What was AMAZING was that the rep at AXP told me that I could still use the CHIP on my card as that was already switched over to my new account number and my APPLEPAY was already switched over to my new number as well.  WOW!  What great service.  I can’t figure out how they did that.

My second reason I’m late with this is that our Miele washing machine broke — a leaky valve was the culprit.  Fortunately, our building has WaterCop so the water spewing out the back of the machine was stopped immediately and I was able to wipe up the water on the floor soon after.  Getting the repair guy in and ordering a new valve and not having a washer is the time consuming part….but we will be back in business with a perfect washer in a few days.

There is LOTS of news to get to so here is what I know for sure:

The former Ooh La La store on Neapolitan and 41 has been transformed into a new First Watch Breakfast, Brunch & Lunch restaurant.  The scheduled open date is this coming Tuesday.

The new Ritz garage….after what seemed like weeks of pushing dirt from one side of the lot to the other….is finally looking like something will actually be built on that site.  The workers have had to deal with some weather issues — a torrential downpour or two — so there were mud puddles galore in their work space. The project has been interesting to watch.


The Baker Museum

The Apple Store at Waterside (although I am told it could be sooner…with an unveiling of the massive glass frontage)

Oakes Farms Market on the corner of Immokalee & Livingston


Third Street Plaza (FINALLY) to make way for a new boutique hotel.

Sears in Coastland Mall to make way for the new high-tech theatre complex

The Naples Beach Hotel redevelopment project has gained final approval from the City of Naples and Collier County.  Not sure when the start date on that is.

The Mystique condo building has received (FINALLY) a temporary CO (Certificate of Occupancy) but looks from the outside that they have quite a bit of work to do.

K-Rico’s Mexican Grill has opened at Bayfront where Roy’s used to be.  We have not been there so I have no idea on what the restaurant offers or whether it is good or not so good.

Do you remember how I was complaining about the Naples Daily News?  Well, guess what they did now.  They fired the “In the Know” guy – Tim Aten.  Quite frankly, Tim’s column was about the only thing worthwhile about that paper.  What a stupid move on their part.  Mr. Aten did a really good job.

Finally — Waterside — where there is LOTS going on.  Not only is the new Apple Store going to be a HUGE plus when it opens, but there will be MANY changes taking place.  There will be another restaurant going in SOMEWHERE but I am told I cannot know yet where or what.  I will let you know as soon as I do.  A PELOTON fitness center will be going in between True Food Kitchen and Lilly Pulitzer.  Rolex will be taking over the DeBeers spot.  J.Jill will be opening in the Nordstrom’s wing next to Athleta.  SEPHORA will be opening next to Pottery Barn.  Perserico has disappeared and in its place will be Tourneau watches and Bulgari Jewelry will be where Starbucks once was.  Van Cleef & Arpels is closed for the summer to do remodeling and the new Louis Vuitton is taking shape quickly.

I will try to get back to you all sooner next time…..barring any other unforeseen circumstances.  As I have mentioned before, I (we) love being in Naples during the summer since there is so much happening….it’s very exciting.  Until then, enjoy your summer!

Cheers –

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